Suvarnabhumi International Airport flights on domestic flights from Chiang Mai International Airport


6March 23, (Tuesday)-6/27 (Saturday)までの5日間
The weather is good even in spite of the rainy season.、無事に過ごすことができたChiangmaiでの日々
Now、Looking back, it's really quiet and people are warm and good.、I'm sure you'll want to come back again.、Such Chiang Mai。
6March 27, (Saturday)-7/2 (Thursday)for the remaining five days until、To spend time in Bangkok, capital of Thailand、
Thailand international airlineIn "Chiang Mai International Airport' From 'Suvarnabhumi international airport"What、
Return at approximately 1 hour flight!


5Over the days、チェンマイの観光名所を案内しながら日本語ガイドをしてくださり
Daily shuttle service to
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"The local guideGlory.
Staff polite and helpful responseChengmai happy tourIs it to ask
I was really good!
The tour company, we can recommend 'Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour' Is!
代表取締役の越智剛(TSUYOSHI OCHI)さんをはじめ
グローイさんノーイさんエッグさんピューイさん、Thank you ♪ (thanks)




Thailand international airline check-in counter

The free baggage allowance of the Thailand international airline economy class baggage (suitcases)、
1Per case30kgUp and is regulated。
A suitcase bound for more than just piling up weights up.、Souso as30kgIs not。
Otherwise, it is、Carry-on baggageThat would be、Baggage in the cabin that can be、
In other personal belongings (handbags, cameras, eyeglasses, canes, etc.)、
3Sum of the sides115cmWithin、Size W56cm x H45cm×D25cmFor within the baggage of which1PiecesAnd then、
The total weight of both7kgShall not exceed。
Carry-on baggageThe restrictions are、Especially womenLiquid carry-on inCosmetic products (lotions, gels, creams etc)The note is required。
Liquid、Each100ml containersTo put the、All of the containerWith a resealable transparent plastic bag(Total 40 cm below aspect bags) in the storage and、
1L withinThere are provisions to。
Checking is less.、Be prepared to defend the provision.

Click here for Thailand international airline checked baggage or carry-on baggage!


Safety inspection station entrance

After you put in the luggage (suitcase)、Facing the international departure gate、
The possessions of the passenger and baggage screening at security check point on board passenger security checks。
Hat、Take off your jacket、Shoes and belts with metal fittings, metal, etc.、Not use 外shimashou responds metal detector accessories。
Like digital cameras and notebook computers、You must make separate tray desk。
Allow the smoothly、Choose a simple attachment/detachment flight clothing。
A safety inspection station:、So is the insertion tube review (exodus)、Please present your passport and airline ticket staff who!


On this day、直ぐにボーディングタイムを迎えたため
At the boarding gate have them verify your passport and flight ticket gimpp!


This timeThailand international airlineFor domestic flightsG107便は行きと同じく国内線は比較的古い機体のAIRBUS A330-300It is。




On this day、12Time 20 minutesの昼のフライトの予定でしたが
30分ほどの押しがあり12Time 50 minutesに出発となりました
Suvarnabhumi international airportThe pick-up taxi operated by Japanese "City car rental」さんを予約してあるので
こういう時こそ海外Wi-Fiの「GLOBAL WiFi global WiFi"And is a great help to me!


Sawasdee crack ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:สวัสดี ครับ / help)
Good bye
Reeu ja Marr My Clara ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:The son of a

Come back!


That would be about an hour flight from Chiang Mai、On Board will be served drinks and snacks。


This is in-flight meals on domestic flights.。


Bangkokでの旅も天候に恵まれるようお祈りし、When it comes、"Suvarnabhumi international airport"To!

Chiang Mai International Airport

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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