"Pet joke song" Thailand-style porridge jokes is a popular 24-hour Diner


Local people in Thailand who loves、Also popular in travel Thailand style porridge "Jokes Jok"。
The joke in long-established 24-hour sales offers popular shops "Joke son pet Jok Sompet"Mr.。
And guide books will be sold in Japan、At popular stores such as Gourmet magazine in Thailand must be introduced as、
When was taken to Chiang Mai、One of the shops we recommend!
From tha PAE gate in the old cityMoonman Street Moonmuang Rd.Along the walls to the North
Approximately800mMore and turn left at the corner of the walls is made、
There!400mSo comes into view on the left and orange building is marked with yellow signs.


Shop、In the open space、From yellow walls and ceiling light、
Tile patterns, such as retro pop and cute shop。
24Hours a day because、Early morning as rice and drinking alcohol at the last as locals often use。
Here you will、PopularJokes (Thailand-style congee)The other menu, and、None has popular delicious!


Take-out is available、Outside the shop and ordered at the counter、Local people to take his stance.


They make porridge in the open kitchen in a large pot gutsgtsgtsguts of。
Here is、The mush type make the mushrooms and finely crushed rice porridgeClaypots or congee the CongeeIs!


The word porridge、In ThaiJokes Jok、In EnglishOatmeal PorrigeI hope、
Normal in ThailandClaypots or congee the CongeePorridge is said。
Claypots or congee the CongeeMeaning、Is the mush type finely ground rice porridge。
In addition、On the menuSteamed rice soupAnd written and、In ThailandKhao Khao Tom TomIt is said、
Smooth type left the shape of a grain of rice gruel also、Here you will、2Guests can enjoy a type of rice porridge。
While watching the menu、To order, fill in the order sheet styles、
Staff do not know if going to directly ask!


"Jokes Jok (chicken)' 30THB+5THB (Japan yen approximately 130 yen)

Jokes Jok(Thailand-style congee)、So-calledClaypots or congee the CongeeThe、No texture of rice as a porridge of Japan、
Simmer until rice becomes mush、Looks like mashed potatoes have thick。
+5THBBecause it can be topped with eggs、Nice, crush the egg yolks and stir.。
Jokes Jok(Thailand-style porridge) is、
Sweet in the taste of the chicken base and the spices used properly while also、Improves the taste。
A Thailand-style porridge、Porridge of Japan more than good taste。
The White is accompanied by fried、With fried rice noodles、
Our mix so enjoy the texture and delicious!


30THB+5THB "eggs with grilled Eggplant (chicken)" (Yen Japan approximately 130 yen)

Khao Khao Tom TomThe、Same as a porridge of Japan、Rice shape as the Suns kept、Porridge of the smooth type.。
The palate is、Claypots or congee the CongeeThe dense、Khao Khao Tom TomThe plain as。
Both there and in the Ramen Bowl about the size of amount、
In the porridge of digestion difficulties?、Immediately makes empty stomach (laughs)
Now、The next guest house "Arte House Arte House"Is it to go back、
"Café Arte Arte Cafe"In the morning coffee and let's!

Joke son pet Jok Sompet
Address:51 Sriphum Rd., T.Sriphum, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
TEL:+66 53 214 103
24Hours a day
Closed on Mondays:No

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