Arthouse Cafe drinking coffee 'Cafe Alte"Chiang Rai


Located in the historic center of Chiang Mai、A stylish guesthouse features a café and art gallery
"Arte House Arte House"Mr.。
ArthouseAnd I'm on night care becomes、Chiang Mai last day morning、
Let's enjoy the cafe offers a delicious morning coffee。
Here you will、Breakfast is provided in the morning guests can wake up to。
We have、Is the coffee after breakfast in Thailand like porridge.


Shop、6Cute cafes only seats "Café Arte Arte Cafe"Mr.。
Small, and、Always close to the distance between staff and customers、I can't help but feel at it somewhere.、
It's probably because it's a shop full of friendly and warm owner Pop's attention♪


The menu is、There was only the coffee on the board.、
Here you will、Chiang Raicoffee beans grown in、Cafe Arteblended in the original for、
We use freshly roasted coffee beans roasted at a nearby roasting shop.、Delicious coffee is served。
This time the、In to enjoy the taste of coffee beans straightEspresso Espresso"And
I wanted to eat something a little sweet.、
I'd like you to put espresso on the ice cream.AffogatoI ordered♪


Of the handsome barista to play an active part as a staff of this placeTonnyCommon name is thatTonoKun, you're、
"Japan Barista Championship Japan Barista ChampionshipHave the experience of participating in]、
That's why he came to Japan! (Amazing)
The staff is also a barista.、It's not always like he's there.、
The coffee he made was the best♪


"Espresso Espresso" 50THB (approx. 185 yen in Japanese yen)

Brings out a soft richness and moderate bitterness with an impressive aroma and flavor、
It is a delicious espresso that seems to be able to drink as many as it is in a refreshing aftertaste♪


"Affogato" 90THB (approx. 330 yen in Japanese yen)

Crushed coffee beans and mixed them into vanilla ice cream、Have an espresso.Afogart
The bitterness of the coffee and、Enjoy the richness of the melted vanilla ice cream with a moderate sweetness、
This is already the best adult dessert!
If you take a bite of vanilla ice cream,、The flavor of crushed coffee beans spreads.。
Have you ever eatenAfogartIt was the most delicious of the ♪


Arte Blend 250g 400THB (approx. 1,480 yen in Japanese yen)

Cafe Artebecause it was also sold in the original coffee beans of mr.、
We decided to bring it to Japan and buy coffee beans in Chiang Rai.


Just、ArthouseI heard the girls who were staying at the hotel talking in the next seat.、
Recently we visited in MarchTaiwanfound that he had come on a trip from、
I was excited by various Taipei stories and Chiang Mai stories!
Have been a yoga instructorPriya ConnieChan and、Ling LingTwo of you。
WEB Magazine ladewhile showing a photo album of、
Chiang Mai "Dhara Dhevi Chiang MaiWhen I talk about what I spent in、
PriyaChan, too.Dara DeviI just went to take a picture of yoga posing!
And、Show me the pictures on your cell phone.、Chance overlaps and it rises greatly!
ladeThrough、Not only in Japan、
I'm really happy to be able to connect with people in this way overseas♪


Until check-out time、PopI had a lot of conversations with mr. and mrs.、
Pop, who is also an artist、Was brought from Japan
A friend of Toyama and a potterGaku ShakunagaI saw the vessel of kun.。
Even the two of youIt's cool!!I liked it.GakuKun's Vessels。
And beams.、I realized that the good thing about the work is that it communicates with each other across borders!
GakuTo kun.、I want you to fly more and more to the world♪


PopSan、KhunSanPooh BearChan、Take care now!
Also、Be sureArthouseI'll come back to♪


"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"The local guideGlory.
Of the driver of the dayPuruBecause the pick-up of mr. has arrived、"Chiang Mai International AirportI'm going to。
Next in line、"Chiang Mai International AirportFrom the entrance of Bangkok "Suvarnabhumi international airportIt is a flight to♪

Arte House Arte House
Location:11/2 SOI 7 Moonmuang Road | SI Phum subdistrict, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 53 289 569
Cafe opening times:7:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:Free

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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