A mysterious cave in the Woods away from the bustle of "Wat umong" Temple


Surrounded by forest is located at the foot of DOI suthep Mountain Temple "Wat umong Wat Umong"The、
12Turn of the century、The Lanna Thai Kingdom first King Mengrai、Erected as a place of meditation monks invited from Sri Lanka、
14Dug tunnels at the turn of the century became the origin of the name Temple (umong)、
Buddha statues are enshrined in、Are monks who had meditated in a brick tunnel。
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、And the silence of the Woods、Even in summer on the brink and the tunnel will be best place to meditate。
Here you will、Buddhist monks seeking ascetic to gather more、It has accepted foreign training。


Various teachings simply using illustrations to the entrance, are expressed。


Gambling and drinking and driving、Illustration of the commandments become a dog once that bad。


In the environment、Chicken grows wild in every place、Lusty cry cm from various sources.、It is very peaceful.


Wat umong is、When Mengrai, founder of the Lanna dynasty created in Chiang Mai city、
And so you can train monks invited from Sri Lanka、11And donated by bamboo place is built according to the Sri Lankan style。
After that、You can practice meditation monks as anertammicarath King (1367-1387)
4Two have dug the tunnel entrance with。
Since the、Temple became known as Temple "umong (tunnel).、
Now、Merged with adjacent to four temples, has developed a training center called "Xuan-putta Tom"。
In the large precinct of、1949-1966, served as the chief priest of the templePanya nantupick Grand InquisitorBy
And put up signs written in Buddhist teachings、
It is has been aimed at monks want the ascetic Temple。


The Buddha in the depths of the cave.、The shoes have emerged from the cave, go through the cave and another in the back。


Going barefoot in a tunnel on the brink and the feel the stone tile flooring。
Feeling very chilly air in the cave、It is forgotten that the Kingdom of Thailand's tropical。


The old、Signs that described the information was watumorn what?。
Previous、This tunnel is、That it was finely decorated murals, tinted in bright, red color。


Image quietly away, enshrined in the cave。
Only enshrined in a mysterious place、It seems more like。


Dim、Minimal light is lit、The voice down the stone wall in the tunnel。


Go up the stairs of the small tunnel around。


Buddha statue quietly enshrined in several places in the tunnel。
The worship of man has come.、This is really quiet and I'm。


And still some innermost cave、Can ask the State birds and flowers are depicted。


Outside of the cave scenery。


Getting through the tunnel.、Coming out of the caves here。
For a while there in the Dim tunnel、
Outside the Sun is mostly bright even though it was empty I feel even。


The great stupa is on the roof、Due to the high mountains、
It is lit up at night hitting the plane。


Flame tree

In Thailand the beautiful great flower caught a glimpse "Phoenix tree Phoenix I (flame tree / ennju)"It is。
* People in general are called "flame trees"、Phoenix tree's name...。
For neat, dainty cherry blossom、Phoenix trees reminiscent of the voluptuous, passionate South is regarded as one of world's three largest flowering trees。
Thailand's hottest 4-like blooms in May when a fiery vermilion Red。
6At this time of the month、This was again around the end that is、
Still、Has a beautiful red brilliant、
Inviting far away eyes、By looking at was out of sight of lovely flowers don't get!


Go down the stairs、Here the Serpent God "Naga the serpent Nāga"Equipped with。
This is restored.。


Here is the original Serpent God "Naga the serpent Nāga"In the、Be enshrined near the stairs。
Because suburban Temple、Many tourists、Recommended to anyone who likes a quiet temple-hopping you!


Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy TourExplore in sightseeing tours of "
In Thai"Flower garden"Was named、
The white Chedi memorable "Wat suan Dok, Wat Suan Dok" introduction!

Wat umong Wat Umong
Location:135 Moo 10, Su Thep Rd, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50, 200⇒ Google Map
Utilization time:8:00-17:00Holiday:Free
Rates:Free (gratuities)

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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