"The Siam" suburb of Bangkok's chic, modern urban resort hotel


Numerous present monuments to NPM Royal family Bangkok, Wyman makeup blush、
As a historical district Dusit's quiet district of Chao Phraya River
2012On June 12.The newly opened luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"。
Place、"Suvarnabhumi international airport"From become a distance of approximately 45 minutes by car、
BTSVictory monument station Victory Monument StationFrom a distance of approximately 15 minutes by car、
BTSSaphan TaksinTrain station Saphan Taksin StationFrom、Will 30 minutes by private boat。
In the previous Kingdom of Thailand formerly known as "SIAM (Susumu 羅sha n)"From the name、
Currently located in the center of BangkokSiam station Siam StationAnd downtown "Siam Square Siam Square"Such as the
New "SIAM Siam"The mean depth as both、
"THE SIAM"The、House of the King's House like dignity and elegance, plus、
Combines the chic, modern design of modern architecture。
Located in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok North、Do not exist in the surrounding accommodation for、
Unlike the atmosphere abound in the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok、
Even though adjacent to the city、Hopeful because staff along the River in the great is a five-star hotel.


Only 39 rooms suites and villas the Siam entrance、
Getting at the street sign.、Due to the secluded location、
The hotel conveniently overlook too、Exudes an atmosphere like the mansions hidden。
If the taxi、Please contact us!。
Bellman awaits me!


The owner of this restaurant、Thailand in Thailand several hotels owns and operates the prestigious "Sukosol family Sukosol Family"。
In the sukosol family female matriarch、Kamala sukosol, President、In the past Thailand's leading jazz singer、
Oldest son skiing, I was rock singer、Now he owns the record company、
The eldest daughter Marisa、Singer called the Diva of Thailand is.、
Visavateeranon Clapp's second son、Side to a famous rock star and film actor、
And served as the Creative Director of the Siam、
It is the great musical family of artists talented for all the family! (Terrible)
Hotel room design、World famous architects and designers "Bill bensley Bill Bensley"And as a result he、
Stunning antique collection of great design and Chris of fusing、
Made a great hotels such as museums.


Entrance to the inner courtyard with an open air fountain is、Is the Director of resort-style lobby。
Established set of tables in the fountain area open、Guests relax in elegant afternoon tea in his watch.


While in the indoor、An elegant lobby ceiling roof of an open garden style。
"Harmony with nature" as the theme of Mr. Bill bensley
He designed and filled with green、Let you feel comfortable!


In the corridor、Common sense good antique studded with、
Budding blot looks like museums there.


Antique or antiques collected from around the world、Bronze statue、Books、Paintings are displayed throughout the。
Just surprised at how many of that number?、1、2And can't do so watch all day in the exhibit number、
Of course all with genuine antiques, also worth、Without touching the、Would you mind to want to burn!




The antique inscription pieces in the hotel、And beyond the number 1000 points!、
2000Even dating back to the years of ancient Chinese antiques exhibited! (Surprise)


In the entrance hall of the front reception counter、Decorated with portraits of the King and the antique。


From the main entrance included.、You will see the entrance on your right at the front counter。
The check-in、Will loom cel check-in、Add reserved name here。
Soon、Butler will pick you up coming、Could you please take the room.


This time、Butler to take care of our surroundingsSUMET (a.k.a.:Angie)San。
AngieMr. a、Friendly manner、Keep on smiling、Is a man of great character.


ButlerAngieAnd I to was、And towards the wing man residence。


Spread in front of me、The shine of the surface of the water is a beautiful water garden、Tall huge great paradise group。
3From the spacious vaulted ceilings of glass on the floor of the Atrium、
And form a warm gentle natural light、
And、Is a unique atmosphere in the cool shade of green、
Here you will、It's like paradise。


1In the corridor to square-shaped structure from the floor around the stairwell up to 3rd floor、
1Library on the floor、Theater、Jim、There is a meeting room、2On the floor and 3rd floor are equipped Suite 28。


Elevator use.、This second floor room、ButlerAngieWith of followed by a fun chat。
To say、Because Thailand English or English-only conversation with him、Communicate properly balanced is anxiety was、
There is、Are now filled with the spirit of serviceAngieLet's us get here、
So he followed various helpful。
This excellent、Regardless of the Museum landscape、
Butler was escorted by 1人1人 of、Is evaluation service and hospitality is great!


Color scheme of black and white、And the symmetry attracted the attention that is chic and modern hotel、
Painting will take anywhere!


Tall suggests that with a high ceiling room door lock、And the card will be。
Here is、2Located on floor 6 rooms90㎡The range "Mae Nam suite"。
Now、I may be.、We become indebted in a 2 night room "Mae Nam suite" introduction!

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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