Chiang Mai with Talat warorot market over 100 years of history's largest market


100History of the years you've got、In Chiang Mai's largest market、
Called "Gartland (great market)" in the dialect of northern Thailand, is known
"Talat warorot market and Warorot Market"。
King era of King Rama v (1868-1910)、
It is built in Chiang Mai from concubines Chao-Dallas Amy Princess of the venerable market。
And Talat warorot、Intowrolott kings ruled Chiang Mai
Named due to the provided per construction costs in the construction market。
Basement floor into a huge building, 3F、Perishable foods、Clothing、Arrange the hotels traditional crafts, including approximately 500 stores、
Of course local people、Attracts a lot of tourists seeking souvenirs and food unique to northern Thailand。
As one of the ways to enjoy sightseeing、Markets and supermarkets、
If you prefer to explore the livelihood of local people caught a glimpse.


Talat warorot market、Turn on from anywhere、
Here is、An intersection with eleven signals for pedestrians.、You can cross the road safely。
In it、Let's immediately infiltrate the market.


Basement floor ground 3-storey Talat warorot market、Everything is rich in uniform assortment。
1On the floor in the main、Are fitted with many fresh foods。
(* Fruit and meat、Be careful because there are limits to Japan)
2On the floor and 3rd floor、Fabric and garment、Shoes、Sales of apparel, such as goods have been、
3Some of the floor、Restaurant。
The total number of stores is approximately 500 stores both said、
Very much similar to a shop、The price competition is fierce for、Price negotiations are your skills!
In the market、Wide aisles、Though it is appreciated、Products are organized very easy。
To enjoy shopping and relax、I'm glad market!


Dry fruits tropical fruits!
The tasting also let me welcome!


Bamboo into the sticky rice and coconut milk, steamed a little sweet candy "color me"。
Or is the red bean and Sesame、Such is simply cooked with water only、There are all kinds、
Bamboo scent is mouth-watering!!


And Chiang Mai's famous Siwa (Chiang Mai sausage)、Cape mee (fried pork skin)、
As the name pricknum (make a big green pepper bake DIP)、
Specialty dishes unique to northern Thailand。
Hey look, flew the ingredients don't like.、
In Chiang Mai、Deep fried like a caterpillar is said to inhabit bamboo "lot Dean", as it is today (crying)
But we do not hate that, and neither did eat、Only this、I need a courage (laughs)


From fresh produce of fruits and vegetables、Up to dry、All Thailand ingredients here!!


Align, such as herbal tea。
As Chiang Mai souvenir、So famous is that Chiang Mai caramel coconut flavor and texture of caramel。
I personally、Peanut chili coating that looked delicious!


Clothing bags and accessories are matching、It is a huge supermarket with just about anything!


Wilchayanorn Street in front of the warorot market located just across "Ton Ramahi Ton Lam Yai Market"What。
In the market also used local people、Relatively many tourists go to Talat warorot market、
Is this tonyamurai market、More local liveability。

At this time delicious tropical fruits、
Passion fruit and longan、Lychee、Rambutan、Mangosteen、Mango、Papaya、Dorian,。
The smell of Durian area is a strange、Vantage (lol)


Yang also loved the beautiful fruit lychee。
Skin becoming polyphenol, vitamin C、Folic acid is contained abundant、
To the effect that warms the body、In the summer、Recommended body chilled by air conditioning, etc.!
I want to take home and lychee my favorite so much cheaper bundle is sold!


Here, too, like、And household goods、Clothing、Go back to market, including small。


Go to the back of the market in fruit and、Entered the markets of vegetables!


I thought the smell of fish、It was before the grocery shop!


Local people should be buying prepared foods shop。
Curry with bamboo shoots and cabbage Curry、Such as the flower of the banana Curry、Are various curries.


And seafood, such as crab and shrimp、Even meat, such as dynamic hits。


Brown rice、Thailand United States、Glutinous rice、Black rice、Red rice, etc、Other rice。


Ton RAM Yai market and、Pin along the river even where followed by flower markets everywhere。
Jasmine garlands of lotus flowers、Offering Marigold and beautifully made as a wreath of flowers becomes complete.、Directed by very good fragrance!


Here's three-wheeled bicycle taxisSamuro
Comparatively though sǎamláw drivers, it is、Like many elderly、Black, seem more slender。
This is in a single-seater tourist is not appropriate、It is locally available, shoppers return to the elderly grandmother.


Here's the time trackSǎwngthǎew
Often running fixed routes、Driver tells us where to go、If the same way you can ride。
You can also Charter。
Same as the tuk-tuk、Make sure before getting rides!


It is Chiang Mai one day only half-day sightseeing tours、
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"Is it the rtype better efficiency thanks to the、
First day yielded a sense of satisfaction are already enjoy 思ikkiri Chiang Mai!
Glory's field guide、Noi's driver、Koppunnkaa-(Thailand language:ขอบคุณ ครับ / help).
After this、23 days and nights of stay "Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai"To and for transportation、
2Days with there Dara Devi Chiang Mai Hotel interview、
The next time、Enjoy the pattern!

Talat warorot market and Warorot Market
Location:Tambon Changmoi, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai⇒ Google Map

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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