Chiang Mai International Airport kindly、Polite、Chengmai happy tour reliable airport shuttle service


"Suvarnabhumi international airport' From 'Chiang Mai International Airport"In
Safely in about 1 hour flightMorning 9:20.To arrived.。
Chiang Mai, the capital of Lanna Thai dynasty known as the rose of the North。
Located in the high altitude of about 700 km north of Bangkok Chiang Mai、In the historic town of Thailand's leading、
Surrounded by nature, Thailand's second city。
The unfortunate cloudy skies but seems to be、It doesn't rain during the rainy season is not only thank you!


This time the、Chiang Mai International AirportIn the early morning of arrival may、So do not waste the time of hotel check-in、
Book tours in advance、To come to pick you up from the airport。
Normal、From the airport、Airport taxi or tuk-tuk、Sǎwngthǎew will、
So far as concerns will arise in language not English-speaking driver。
Guided tours but would pick up and prices、
Those that can afford the time、Intact until check-in time half-day tour and will also recommend!


Here、Doled out by sticker at the suvarnabhumi International Airport domestic line users or international wire users?、
I were international flights、You will be directed to the right。


According to the staff who directions、Turn left and、Get off the escalator。


In the luggage delivery Hall turntables、Let's wait for their luggage to。
When luggage、Make sure make sure that corruption is not。
Just in case、Damage caused to suitcases、Also if you lose your、
Near the staff will let you know。
If damage or loss、To guarantee、Will require reporting in the local。


In the vicinity of the exit、So are many awaiting transfer staff、
The tours are reserved、Look for my name placards。


There was! Greatly written and easy to understand "Possible roles as' (Laughs)
This time、He served as a local guide in Chiang Mai's、Click hereDuangduan Thaiyanto (commonly known as:Glory)San。
GloryJust to belong、
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"That
Sightseeing guided tour company operated by Japanese living in Chiang MaiIt is。
Chiang Mai、To the English-speaking world than the capital of Thailand, Bangkok、Who were my interpreter is very useful!
Chengmai happy tourMr. a、
Is the visibility of the website.、Reasonable price and abundance of tours、
FlexibleWith that we have chosen!
GloryMr. a、39At the age of husband and coincidentally in the same year。
At Chiang Mai University and learned the language, so the study Japan、
Daily basis conversation course、As a tour guide as well not Japan language spoken fluently。
The Chiang Mai、Thank you thank you!


Although the clouds、Partly sunny to look just a little while、The warm sunshine of the Chiang Mai welcomed us.


Chan may happy tourThe driver of the wagon and written、Commonly known as:NoiSan。
NoiMr. a、The Japan language I don't speak、So was tiny、In kind、Always smiling and fresh men.。
We alsoNoiAnd I of seeks in its favor hard in Thailand of communication efforts.。
Local guideGloryIs it to get interpreters while、Fun tour begins!


Wagon train is very large and comfortable、Also carrying two big suitcases behind、
6 people who skillfully secured to ride。
2In this wagon is loose in luxury!


Riding in the car, immediately、NoiAnd I than chilled mineral water there! (Gusto)
Represents the iconic lion logo is exactly what came to Thailand, now!


Thankfully、NoiAnd it's on the wagon、Due to the cigar lighter socket charger adapter USB、
Staff let me charge transfer car。
Facebook updates without problems it can be done!


Bangkok is the difference.、Chiang Mai is seeing traffic jams on the road、Peaceful atmosphere、
Feel time somewhere。
The temperature is、30° C is、Get us a fairly mild climate is comfortable。
Now、In front of the hotelChengmai happy tourIs it the Office in、
First of all,、To meet Japanese representatives who、Going to local sightseeing tours of this plan to fruition.

Chiang Mai International Airport

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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