Beautiful white stupa Temple named WAT suan dok garden, impressive

In Thai"Flower garden"The beautiful temple with meaning "Wat suan Dok, Wat Suan Dok"。
1383A year、From Sukhothai to missionary sect brought high priest Semana Terra left Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
For dedication to Buddha (Buddha's ashes)、6Second generation keener KingThe temple was built in Lanna Thai Royal Garden、
Original、From that it was built as a garden of the Lanna dynasty、Their names are obsolete now。
A beautiful lawn and spacious environment、Is the large golden Chedi (stupa).、
The white Chedi is surrounded by it、
Each ashes of Lanna Thai Kings are revered is likely。
Place、From Chiang Mai's old town in the West.、Located about 10 minutes by car from tha PAE gate。

White Pagoda-lined back、Has been erected conspicuously large golden Chedi。
Big Chedi behind the most is in a class by himself、
This is、And be included with the Buddha (Gautama Buddha's ashes)、Golden painted、Totally around the。


Stunning wide awake the white Chedi。
Here is the Chedi (stupa) remains of the Chiang dynasty Royal family from generation to generation。
What is that beautiful tomb、As far as side、We jumped in the white world!
The remains of the clan were scattered around the Chiang Mai、
1909Of the Chiang dynasty 7 generation in Chau intawitchajanon King
It is enshrined here, collected by the hands of no. 11 Princess dallaratsumi Princess。


On the ashes of the Buddha、In the oral tradition、
"Ashes are housed in natural to split into 2 chunks、1One is housed in this temple、
Put another one on the back of the white elephants of the Royal family、A shrine where the elephant stopped."As has been。
The elephant is、DOI suthep mountainClimbing、And was in the top of DOI suthep mountain where it finally stopped.。
The temple was built there、At a later date、Plan to visit
"Wat phrathat DOI suthep Wat Phra That Doi Suthep"That1080 m above sea levelWhat is a temple on the top of the mountain。


Wat suan dok Temple

On the façade of Golden Temple、Decorated with Tigers and Angels。
National flag of Thailand near the stairs are decorated、Known as "trailing tons (tricolor).、
Red (national、And team spirit of the people)White (religion)Blue (King)Represents the。
Yellow flag、RoyalRepresents the、Along with the national flag will be hoisted。


The huge main hall built in extensive grounds、Ceiling height may、
For the wall not open Lanna style building、Is the wind blowing very good comfort.


Placed inside the main temple bronze statue、500Years is 1 in Japan、2Said big top!
The sense of size just hard to convey in pictures、Keep for the visit really impressed!


The back of the sitting Buddha image、Is the figure of a standing Buddha image.、This is thrilling!


The most unique Buddha、Very rare decoration depicting the Buddha walking click here。
This is、Walking Buddha
In Japan、Buddha as the first hard is it!


Was fascinated by the appearance、TogetherWalking BuddhaPosing with style! (Lol)
Glory's field guide、Us try very shy!


Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"To wish with additional options、
Glimpse the lives of the people of Chiang Mai
"Talat warorot market and Warorot Market" introduction!


On the way、At the thirsty、Discover the real juice of coconut palms on the street stalls、
Chan may happy tour driverNoiIs it to ask, I parked my car、
40THB (Japan at approximately 148 yen)In the purchase。
The difference with the restaurant、Unfortunately it's not cold cold。
When、NoiClaus was chilled in a cooler in the car!
Really kind and always with a smile、Be considerate drivers it is ♪ (thanks)

Wat suan Dok, Wat Suan Dok
Location:Su Thep Mueang Chiang Mai Chiang Mai⇒ Google Map
Utilization time:8:00-17:00Holiday:Free
Rates:Free (gratuities)

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