India Buddhist ceremony WAT Chet Yot green precinct seven towers


"Holy land in Chiang Mai"Even famous temple called"Wat Chet Yot Wat Chet Yot"。
The WAT Chet Yot、By Lanna Chiang Mai's ninth King of the dynasty at its peak tyrocarart、
1455Echoing Maher body Temple is erected in India Buddhism founder in Bodh Gaya Temple has been built。
Place、Located 15 minutes by car from tha PAE gate、Next to the Chiang Mai National Museum、Located along the highway。
Yellow fabric surrounding the pagoda "Festival"The order seems。
In Chiang Mai、1Throughout the year variousFestivalHas been made、
The most famous festival、
In Thailand、Loy krathong FestivalAre called、Loy krathong Festival in Chiang Mai、Peng FestivalSays。
As the milky way craton (lantern) Chiang Mai's Ping river flowing through water-borne in such a fantastic and beautiful festivals、
Tourists are also attracted。
Another one、Celebrate Chinese new yearSongkran Festival
Songkran FestivalThe、Beginning and called themselves originally monks doused in the temple, celebrated the new year、
Known as the "water festival"。


And "Chet Yot"、In Thailand, with seven (Chet) Spire (youth)、7One has a sense that the Spire of the temple。
Located within the historic symbolism of the temple made two wall statues carved stone pedestal。
That, is named in honor of that Shrine on a seven-。
This temple is also called sacred sites of Chiang Mai、
1477Depending on the historical events in 8 the world Theravada (Theravada) Buddhism "rally" held in。


Here is、Year of snakeThe order of the temple、Entrance is being fitted with a snake。
By Lanna、
And determined each shrine Temple related to zodiac signs (zodiac)、
There is a blessing to pray was born in their pagodas and religious belief。
Before tourism、It might be good to know temple's birth year?!


Arch-shaped entrance、Is Buddha enlightenment opened in the back。


Because it is modeled after the Temple of Bodh Gaya Buddhist holy sites in India、
Has been a friendly face Buddhist statues were plump and humane。


In the small entrance is located on both sides of the statue through the curtains、Hidden staircase that climbs to the rooftop Chet youth can have.、
Now、Decorated key、In General is currently closed。


On this day、Come see many students in Chiang Mai、Was studying the history of the temple。
This box is、Insert a coin and the flows。


Construction of the building is made of brick and、The wall had been plaster painted finish seems、
Now、Most Peel fall in、Bricks are exposed to。


On the wall、Furnished sculptures inspired by Buddhist art in India、
The relief of the gods of heaven around the Spire。


Is the damaged most of your sight、Your face is soft and graceful look and、
Beautifully and I would 零rete sigh。


Main Hall of WAT Chet Yot was built a few years ago.。
In extensive grounds surrounded by lush greenery and、6During the rainy season, that you may have、Tourists will be temple at least, relatively quiet。
Seems to want around the temple and Temple recommend.


Then in the temple's main hall、We will visit。
Thus surrounded by calm air and、In a quiet、
Visiting the temples with historical buildings in the golden age era background suggests is also nice。


Approach extends straight from the gate。
Here is、Many people used to Park、Gentle air flow.


Here is、In the temple there is lime tree and enlightened Buddha's travels、
India、And is said to be modeled after the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya、
From within the a bodhi tree、
Formerly known as WAT batram mehrarvihara (Wat Botharam Mahavihara)。
In the environment of trees、Each is written in Thailand, "teach"。


Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy TourExplore in sightseeing tours of "
A mysterious cave "Wat umong Wat Umong"I introduce the ♪

Wat Chet Yot Wat Chet Yot
Location:Super Highway Rd. Chang Puak Muang, Chiang Mai⇒ Google Map
Utilization time:8:00-17:00Holiday:Free
Rates:Free (gratuities)

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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