SP chicken and whole burnt Thailand Northeast cuisine prematch famous shop



Not only locals and tourists feel welcomed and popular "SP chicken Chicken SP"Mr.。
Northeast cuisine of Thailand "Kai Yang ไก่ย่างIt is a famous shop。
For us who like chicken、You won't be able to remove this shop! And、Click here for the next restaurant of Chiang Mai Ladder Sake。
Shop、On the south side of Wat Phra Sin in the Old TownSamran Street SOI 1 Samlan Rd.Sio1Just in the middle of the、
It's behind the famous Oasis Spa.。
Moved here from the previous shop、"SP Chicken"The yellow sign that says is a landmark。


At the entrance of the store、Charcoal roasters are installed、It is grilled with a whole chicken in a long skewer.、
The fat melts and melts、The fragrant aroma reaches the road.。


The inside of the shop is bright.、It is an atmosphere like a common dining room.。
The left hand becomes the kitchen.、4There are more than 10 wooden tables available.、
20It is almost full even in the time stand.、Anyway, it is full of people.。
On the wall、Recommended dishes are written in Thai on the board、"Prematch Cantonese 80B-1 150 BIt is presented with。
Price range、It seems to have been raised little by little little recently.。


The order is、passed the menu and order slip、I put the circle frame of the side of the dish name and order it.。
There is also a Menu in Japanese and English.。
What about customer service?、I miss feeling it in business without being amiable and not seeing one smile.。
Is it a feeling like Tente's old dance because I'm not busy every day?。
I was particularly concerned about、It is the Buddha's top face of the owner's mother who has been sitting on the table next door for a long time (fear)
I tried not to worry about it as much as possible.、Because it comes into view、There's no way to do it.。
If、I want to enjoy a delicious and fun meal.。


"Singha SINGHA (L) ' 70 THB (Japan yen approximately 260 yen)

With 'Singha SINGHA"The、
1933Born in Thailand in the year、Was admitted to the Royal historical premium beer。
It appeared in ancient mythology "Singha" and "lion"。Most are brewed from milking、
Beer joined the distinctive and rich taste、
Is the spicy flavor balanced unique Asian style.


"Som Tum" 40 THB (Japan yen approximately 150 yen)

What is Somtam?、Thai papaya salad.。
In Thailand、It seems to be basic to eat somtam (papaya salad) and gaiyan together.。
What is Somtam?、Local cuisine in Laos and northeastern Thailand (Isan)、It is eaten like lying all over Thailand.。
Slice unmature blue papaya、
It is like a mortar called "clock" and crushed with kidney beans, tomatoes, garlic and lime.、
Nampura and chili peppers、Season with sugar。
Other peanuts and dried shrimp、There is also a case to put the swamp crab, etc.。
The palate is、I can't say anything about the crispy texture of papaya.、It is a salad that the hotness becomes a habit in the exciting!
Some shops have some hot and spicy、
In order to seeSpicy do (my-tons / year)"And would be good to tell you!


"Prematch (half-)' 80 THB (Japan yen and then around 300 yen)

It's also a specialty dish of this restaurant.、Prematch。
What is Gaiyan?、In one of Thai's Tohoku cuisine、Whole chicken marinated in sauce overnight baked over charcoal。
In Thailand, seeGuy ไก่Is a chicken?、"Yarn ย่างrefers to carefully baking large ingredients.。
Charcoal grilled whole chicken、It is a yakitori in Japan so to speak.。
2It comes with a seed sauce.。
1One is、Sweet Chili Sauce、Another one、Spicy sauce with chili peppers.。
It's freshly baked.、There's no reason why it's not delicious.、Maybe our expectations were too high.。
Even japanese yakitori、If anything, we like salty taste.。
As soon as knew the greatness of the salt to come to Chiang Mai is (laughs)
Now、It's also a little sobering.、Let's go back to the guest house while strolling with Tech!
Next in line、A delicious bowl specialty store that I ate the next morning.Jokes & son pet Jok Sompet"Is it's introduction!

SP chicken Chicken SP
Address:9/1 Sam Larn Soi 1, Phra Singh, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:080 500 5035
Hours of operation:11:00-21:00

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