A formality with a name and a large Chedi of WAT Chedi Luang Temple


Situated about 10 minutes walk from tha PAE gate "Wat Luang teed Wat Chedi Luang"The、
High on one of the precinct of the Chiang Mai temples。
Is approximately 200 locations around temples in Chiang Mai、
Temple of approximately 62 is in the old town、Seems to be still counted not in Temple。
Visited on a tour among the many temples you always want to visit temples one is here.。
Tun-Huang and the scale of Navigator and it is sure to lose the words "enjoy the time!


Here is、1391In King of the Mengrai dynasty 7th sangmuang may
Died when reportedly, built in memory of the father。
And at the entrance of the temple decoration、And the splendor of the Buddha inside、Great temple priests,。
It's the same look、Introspection than for days and and maybe world awaits。


Looks like a dragon protecting the entrance of the temple snake sculpture、Regarded as the most beautiful in Thailand。
This Serpent God "Naga the serpent Nāga"Said.、The spirit of the serpent to have originated in India mythology、Refers to the Serpent God。
Overlap the three Serpent God, make up the stairs。
Live in the caves of the Mekong River and theNaga the serpent Nāga
The snake God and guardian of Buddhism are、Me defending when it opens a Buddha's enlightened Buddha、
For coming aboard the Serpent God when you get down to the human world and、How the temple's Naga has set up on the stairs at the entrance。


As when they visit a note、
The palaces and temples、Royal Family temple deep involvement in the、Try to give special consideration to。
Shorts or mini-skirts、Culotte、Admission in a tank top and scantily clad outfits are prohibited。
There are Temple enters the attire check at the entrance、
So here coat me can be borrowed free of charge、Be sure to put。


Stepping into the main hall and、眩ku、Fine in the Dunhuang and or? decoration and reliefs are reflected in the eyes、
Buddha statue in the back、It is a breathtaking beauty!


On the head、And hanging strips marked Zodiac picture of、People are prayers to the talismans。
A number of talismans and fill the side。
Chiang Mai is more a religious、Lots of people came to worship。
The bundle、Paying the alms, buy、Your Zodiac、Looks like even my birth day wishes write hang。
(In Thailand、Know you my birth day)
We also check out Sunday from the birth date and、IFriday (blue)、Her husband isSaturday (purple)We found that。
Friday was born in blueOf the I、Rice cake with delicate creativity、Workers at socializerIt seems!
Saturday was born in purpleOf her husband、Strong sense of Justice、1Late marriage type love!? With that (laughs)

In Thailand would be expected to last、You would know in advance。
Find the day of week from date of birth table

Chinese zodiac in Japan、 Rat、Cow、Tiger、Rabbit、Dragon、Snake、Horse、Sheep、Monkey、Chicken、Dog、Wild boar in、
Zodiac signs in Thailand、 Rat、Cow、Tiger、CAT、Dragon、Snake、Horse、Sheep、Monkey、Chicken、Dog、Pig Next、
In additionElephantIn some cases added、Will any support at all。


Here near the entrance、100THB (about 370 yen in the Japanese Yen)And alms giving、
Strips of color on the day they were born, one I'd、Write to your Zodiac and hang with a bamboo stick。


The temple was repaired in the Lanna style、Statue of Sukhothai in northern Thailand are enshrined。
The Dunhuang and and I are overwhelmed with your youthful appearance!


In the temples of Chiang Mai、For most of which consists of believers giving money、Have taken the admission fee, such as not。
There are、Unlike the temples of Bangkok may be。


And is now enshrined in the main hall、Dunhuang-Navigator and how systemic gilded Buddha statue。


Here、Alms giving 20 THB (about 74 yen for Japan yen) pass、
For visit 4-piece set Lotus Flower candles are line incense and gold leaf、The last thing。


Here is the offerings worship 4-piece set。


First of all, offer flowers and incense and candles。


So stick to open the paper, gold leaf、Is put on the Buddha statue from wrapped paper half fold、
Local guideGloryJust let me know!


The gilded paste their bodies what's wrong、I heard good and I hope to get over。
Even Japan、There is a practice of Homa fire smoke in the wrong body.


I、Is not bad for the stomach、Hungry fell was down I posted request! (Lol)
Because of how the poor?、Even my hand full of bling on!
GloryLet's seeFrom the money is good.、He doesn't take."And speaking softly to me so、
Waiting for nature to take!


"Wat Luang teed Wat Chedi Luang"The highlight is、Great temple architecture.、
A huge bell-shaped will appear behind itPagoda (Chedi Chedi)It is!
Wat Chedi Luang、Has been prestigious in Chiang Mai along with Wat Phra Temple、
And Chedi Luang、Chedi Chedi (stupa)Luang Luang (big)Is the mean.、
Said at the time that the tallest pagoda with this name。
At that time、Wat Chedi Luang erected a、Height 86 metres in height to。
However,、1545Some hasn't collapsed in the earthquake of the year end、
After、500More than years of repair and, through the years、1992Has completed repairs。
Restored by UNESCO and Japan government aid、Current height is 60 meters.。
Because did not register on the Lanna of northern Thailand's original、
Is there again, incorporating the Central Thailand style。
At the top of stairs、Hollow of the entrance portico type is provided、Buddha image is enshrined。
A small place in the recess of the front、Once、Here currently located in Bangkok's Wat Phra kaeo
It had honoured Emerald Buddha is also known。




The four-sided pagoda、The climb to the upper slopes are equipped、
Variance is an important object of worship to protect、Only 1 part of the eastern front。
On the stairs on both sides "Naga the serpent Nāga"Established、Are protected by。
That are embedded in the State was repaired many elephant、
Unfortunately hardly original、The existing original elephant feels even OJ looming power!


In the pagoda、Superb Buddha image is enshrined。


I was out from this small tunnel so that、
Women are the last to、It is dirty and could not enter。


Lined with pagoda、Another highlight is、
In Chiang MaiSymbol tree City Pillar。Yarn (tongyang in Thailand language:ต้นยาง) the tree is。
City PillarAnd the、Intended to protect the town of Chiang Mai pillar。
In the ancient tradition、This tree, the、Referred to as die than Chiang Mai。
That enshrines a cloth wrap a tree faith、Sounds like same Japan Customs。
This tree,、The Aboriginal runner dynasty earlier "Lawa people"What was revered as the"pillars of the village"、
After the Chiangrai Lanna dynasty founder of another temple built this wood country perspectives、1800Here it is ported to c.。
After being transplanted、This tree is sacred Chiang Mai、Colorful cloth is wound、Are enshrined the Buddha head is placed in the basal part。


The chapel here is small、Has become a very elaborate decorations in front of the building。


Sleeping Buddha Buddha (Buddhasaiyat Pha) is out of date、Lanna Kingdom no. 11's Muang-Kaew King in the age of what is。
Sleep in Chiang Mai Shakyamuni Buddha is relatively uncommon.、Sitting style sitting, standing style is the most common seems to。
Buddha head in the South、Face turned to the pagoda、Height 1.93 m、With a length of 8.7 m、1955Enshrined in the new temple was built in the year.。


Sanka JayBuddha said that the high priest。
This was to the Buddha, the FAT to round、There is a sad episode。
Because monk was originally very handsome、Is strongly wooing women、
In order to get rid of the woman and love does not allow identification of the monk Lu、That the gluttony and the fat.。
Seems to have been and hope that now that enough food to Buddha。


The built in Lanna-style wooden roof、Built in this way, the tile is laid。


"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"ofGlory.、
Easy to understand very carefully, because the explanation、You can enjoy crisp and visiting temples。
The first temple is still、In a lot of information, satisfaction level is high!
And beams.、Without any loss of time、Local guide who makes a big difference there, or not?!


Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy TourExplore in sightseeing tours of "
Old city of Chiang Mai's most famous "Wat Phra Wat Phra Sing"I introduce the ♪

Wat Luang teed Wat Chedi Luang
Location:103 PRA Pokklao Rd, Tambon Prasing, Amphur Muang Chiang Mai 50, 200⇒ Google Map
Utilization time:8:00-17:00Holiday:Free
Rates:Free (gratuities)

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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