Singh "Wat Phra" golden statue, highly prestigious 1 Chiang Mai temples


THA PAE gate in the East of the old town entrance roads straight toward the West、At the other end is
The Temple in Chiang Mai was the highest and "Wat Phra Wat Phra Sing"。
1345In the Biru Kings、Is the temple started to put the ashes of the late father King Kam Fu Chedi (pagoda) built。
The temporary、But under the rule of the Burmese 寂remashita、And living in this Temple famous monk siewitchai monk、
Donations from a lot of people、Is a service, which revived Temple。


Main Hall of the temple which is beautiful wall decor!
Snake God with the head of the serpent at the entrance of the Temple "Naga the serpent Nāga"And in this、
Has become indispensable to the Temple of Lanna of northern Thailand also this style。


Filled with a sense of openness and Hall in the ceiling is very high and has。
"Wat Luang teed Wat Chedi Luang"And when compared、
Remains of plaster because column、Dunhuang and, although it lacked in bulk、Is giving restless。


The people of Chiang Mai、Very strong faith.、
Visit every day to worship、So many people get the monk preaching。


Statue of Buddha in the main hallTon tip Buddha。 1477In the casting of the year、Is like a Buddha statue in northern Thailand the most revered by the people。
Has been a gentle face、A quiet smile、Please wrap people warm hospitality。
Previous、1You see when I went to Bangkok "Wat Pho Wat Pho"ofSleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)Of and then we compared、
And features of the Buddha in Chiang Mai、I think wavering somewhat merciful deep tenderness!


Stop thinking、That was stunning、Here the monks only see real people!
Actually,、The wax doll of it is! (Surprise)
Enshrined in the famous high priest.、Too real for、
Quietly take a deep breath and、Pulsing body it can be seen as well。
Also try approaching the face side、A presence seem real to look impressive.、And a noble atmosphere!
Even before the high priest here、I watched many and kneel and worship that is。


Not in front of the main building of the golden statue of WAT Singh、
For installed in the small chapel of the left hand went to the back to、So many unfortunate tourists Miss。
By still guided by local guides、Do not worry about missing。
This area is、The old、It was a downtown market, and。
The Biru Kings、You were choosing a location to my father's ashes、Looking for the best place、
It was near the Centre of the old town market。


Beautiful chapel in the left rear of the main building "Viharn like"。
About 500 years ago this building、Not only the typical classic Lanna style、
It is mix of Sri Lankan style。
The front doors of carved wood painted gold、Feel the weight of history。


The Chapel、Red-painted walls and pillars is a picture drawn with gold、
In facing the changes and、A unique atmosphere。


Chapel "Viharn like"The、On the origin of the name of this temple.Golden Phra Singh BuddhaLocated in。
Built more than 1,500 years from now、One was brought from Sri Lanka、
Style conquered the demons that are。


The building is、Teak wood and is made based on、The pillars are painted Lotus、
Some squinting eyes, and watching the、It is painted pillar Phra Singh conquered the devil。


This mural is in the wíhǎan like。
This mural was depicting Lanna customs and Palace、
In original at the time、As is said of northern Thailand traditional art masterpieces。


As one of the characteristics of the Lanna style building、Thus the roof heavy layer that is seen、Curvy is great!


Towers at the back、A beautiful white stupas painted with plaster、The donations collected、Future、Little by little gilt seems to labeled。


Beside the temple、Is the school to become a monk.、
Can hear the sound of children playing depending on the time zone、A peaceful atmosphere。
Many foreign tourists for?、Many children have to learn English、Just good kids come you greetings in English please feel free to.


2One in place around the temple、Because it exactly reached the lunch break、
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"To ask for the lunch、
Chiang Mai specialitiesSoA famous shop "Hamdan"To go!

Wat Phra Wat Phra Sing
Location:Samlan Rd, Tambon Prasing, Amphur Muang Chiang Mai 50, 200⇒ Google Map
Utilization time:8:00-17:00Holiday:Free
Rates:Free (gratuities)

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour

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