"So, Hamdan 2 ' 1 in Chiang Mai、2Fighting so famous



Everyone Speaking of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai specialtiesSoAnd tell。
As one of the so established、Be introduced to guide to Chiang Mai introduction、
The famous store "Khao Soi-Ramudo~uan"Mr.。
The Head Office of that venerable、Fay harm street called founded more than 70 years old so as to。
This time、We present to you here、2 new store "Kaosoi-Ramudo~uan 2"Her.。
I heard that the head office looks like a stall.、I'm surprised at the size of the second store.。
If this、It should be easy to find even tourists who visit for the first time!
On the front of the shop、There is room for parking space.、It is very convenient to be able to drop in easily even on a tour.。
Some of this sightseeing tour plan "Khao Soi is Please take me to good restaurantsI've been asking you to、
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"Mr. on、I introduced this ♪


On the storefront、You can see the inside of the kitchen in a glass wall.、
It's like Thailand.、In a miscellaneous atmosphere、The smell which seems to be delicious is drifting in the shop♪.


Shop、Spacious and、The table seats at moderate intervals are crowded with locals and tourists.。
Hygienic manner in is no problem restaurant with no atmosphere also ♪


It's a famous store.、The walls are full of photos and signs of celebrities♪.


The inside of the shop was also airy.、In the seat of the open terrace style in the front of the shop、
Mist shower is sprinkled、It was so pleasant that I decided to have it there.。
The menu is in English.、
Recommend Chiang Mai Happy tour of local guideGloryWe can order while ask to Mr. ♪


"Churn Chang"

You can also enjoy a luxurious beer from lunch、It is the real pleasure of the trip!
Of the most popular beer in ThailandSingha (via Singh)And beer make LGPL。
1998Won a gold medal in international beer contest、Is characterized by strong bitterness of the peculiar!


"Khao Soi Gai (chicken)" 40THB (about 148 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Khao Soi、Mild coconut curry soup with egg noodles called bammy、
It is a specialty dish of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to eat further topped with fried noodles.。
The ingredients are chicken (guy)、Pig (Moo)、Cow (Nua)、Spare ribs、You can choose from four types of (SeekRon Mu)。
First of all the、a bite from the soup。
Always、We are eating in Japan.Thai RattanaWhat is Your Khao Soi's soup?、
There was a thick, rather than a lot of、This one is lighter than it looks.、The hotness is also modest.。
A little sweetness wins first.、It's not spicy.、
I think that it is a taste that is good enough for the person who likes a light and mild taste.。
Soup、What! It is said that it boils for more than three hours and makes it.。
And、You can get this deep taste,♪ don't you?
We have、I love chicken.、Order chicken (guy)。
Chicken is very soft and juicy!
Squeeze manao、Add freshness、Raw red onion and bean sprouts、Let's put pickles on it!
The palate is、It is an impression of curry soup which was smooth、
Because coconut milk is the base、It is a taste that the hotness and sweetness live together.。
It's a famous store.、I think that the authentic Kao soi of Lamb Duan e 2 is delicious♪


"Khanom Chin Nam row (Chiang Mai formula Somen)" 35THB (about 130 yen in the Japanese Yen)

This is one of Chiang Mai's specialties in northern Thailand.、
Thailand somen said the kanom jeen、To make rice flour by melting and fermenting、
It is easy to cut without the waist like Japanese noodles.。
Because it is characterized by a sweet and sour soup based on tomato、It is recommended on a hot day.。
A lump colored like a lever、There's a blood-solid pig in it.、
It is a staple of Canomchin nam gyo、This is also delicious without smell!
This menu is、Because the volume of each dish is small、It is good to try various tastes♪.


"Mu-satay (Small)" 35THB (about 130 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Moussaye、Dishes that can be eaten in the southern part of Thailand、It's pork skewers.。
I'd like you to put a sweet and spicy pi-nut sosu to accompany you.、
It's tastefully flavored as it is.、It was softer and more delicious than I had imagined♪.


"Saiua (Small)" 35THB (about 130 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Siwa (Chiang Mai sausage) is one of the typical cuisine of northern Thailand、
Spicy sausage with herbs.。
Things spiral、As baked on the Web.、
Easy to eat bite-size cut and provides us with。
Is a unique spicy、It's a habit.、It's even better if it's a little more juicy♪


"Kuittiao Guy (Chicken)" 40THB (about 148 yen in the Japanese Yen)

I ordered this place of the noodle easily for the last bowl.。
The soup simmered chicken bones and fresh herbs、Vine, and will meet with rice noodles。
The lectin、It's shaped like the dumplings、Is resilient.、Full of flavor。
Spread the flavor of coriander-friendly chicken broth soup、Taste very stomach bleeding across。
Khao Soi would like to try other retailer while in Chiang Mai ♪

Now、Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy TourExplore in sightseeing tours of "
We will watch the seven towers of rare Indian Buddhist ceremony in Thailand
"Wat Chet Yoto Wat Chet yot" introduction!

カ ー オ ソ ー イ · ラ ム ド ゥ ア ン 2 Khao Soy Lamduang 2 Duan Khao Fa Ham 2
Mueang Chiang Mai District Chiang Mai タイ ⇒ Google Map
Hours of operation:8:00-17:00
Closed on Mondays:No

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