Chiang Mai tour planning in chengmai happy tour HQ


From Chiang Mai night bazaar so near "Hotel Imperial may pin"From the front gate to the South about 50 meters and a
"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"Mr.。
The surrounding、Is a peaceful town, and surrounded by restaurants。
Thailand language and English、In addition to Kana notation in sign so obvious。
This time、While in Chiang Mai as a local tourist guide、Operated by a Japanese tour company will take care。
If the original、On stage in booking sightseeing tour company、
Local guides with driver's got to even meet、
General public may be less opportunities that make a head call。
However,、Since the headquarters is located in Chiang Mai city、If、And if you need to speak in a sudden trouble Japan Japanese、
To take a local short tourist guide、It is consulted here and might be better.


It's who is in charge at the net book、President & CEO in JapaneseTakeshi Ochi (TSUYOSHI OCHI)San。
Been moved to Chiang Mai, 7-year-oldOchiIs it to meet、
Recommended tourist spot, Chiang Mai goodness, we ask。
6Month's rainy season may、Tourists seem less、
The famous festival in Chiang MaiPeng Festivalis11MoonTo and、That still seems to be high season。
This time、Us is that for the first time in Chiang Mai、Kindly recommend a typical tourist destination.


This time、5Coverage of the hotel for two days in staying in Chiang Mai day、
So can travel efficiently over the remaining three days、OchiLet's introduce who suggested touring routes。
All、Gas admission or transfer、Local guide interpreter costs into prices and will、It is a pretty great plan!
Chengmai happy tour, it's because the website has a guide to local sightseeing tours、
It is recommended that it is planning to。
We have、Restaurant wanted to goAnd to add, please、
Staff very flexibly.

[Chengmaihappy tourladeIn the 5 days have suggested that tourism plans]
1First day:Chiang Mai International Airport → chengmai happy tour headquarters to pick up
Visiting the temples of Chiang Mai's leading five → → lunch → Talat warorot market to duradevichenmichotel check-in.
Rates:950Like B×2 = 1900 B、Options:+250(Explore the local market) B = 2150 THB (Japan Yen about 7955 yen)
2First day:Duradevichenmichotel interview
3First day:Duradevichenmichotel → pick up DOI suthep Temple → lunch → Hmong village Royal Princess Hotel transportation
Rates:1,150Our B×2 name = 2300 B (Japan Yen about 8510 yen)
4First day:Transfer to the Royal Princess Hotel pick-up, elephant Safari (lunch included) → Orchid Garden → Karen village → arthouse
Rates:2,950Our B×2 name = 5900 B (Japan yen approximately 21830 yen)
(* 4 day rates in、Elephant Safari admission and lunch included、Orchid Garden admission fee、And Karen village entrance fee)
5First day:Transfers to Chiang Mai International Airport pick-up to arthouse
* Number of people or what price range is somewhat depends on the。


To the Office of、20 in Chiang Mai troops、Bangkok force with 10、
Many people will meet at the headquarters of Japan、With confidence, you can leave.


Before to start a local sightseeing tours、Currency exchange rate is the best in Chiang MaiI want to cash in the。
Next in line、Is the introduction of the currency.

Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour
105 Kampangdin Rd., T.Changklan A.Muang , CHIANGMAI 50100 THAILAND⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66-53-449562 (From Japan) 053-449562 (from the Thailand domestic cases).
* Japanese resident for、Japan language spoken。
Office hours are Monday-Saturday:8:30To 18:00(Japan time 10:30-20:00-
Sunday:9:00To 18:00(Japan time 11:00-20:00-
Songkran holiday holidays new year's day (1/1) (4/12-16)

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