Tom Yum Goong 'Tom Yum Goong' Thailand's leading specialty open terrace restaurant.



Thai foodSpeaking of、"Tom Yum Goong"。World top three soupsThe theory is said that one in there、ThailandTo visit again is authenticTom Yum GoongWhat you want to eat。"Wat chanasongkram (Temple)"From theKhao San RoadTo enter and、50mMore to seeTATOO"The Billboard next to the 'TOM YUM KUNG"And written、Shrimp and colorful illustrations will eye a big sign。Walked under the sign of this Alley is open terrace restaurant、Its name is "Tom yum TOM YUM KUNG"To a and o.


7-ElevenThe next stall products are、Proceed through this alley。TidyThe under cover t-shirt、Hung prominently Regal "Suitable"And t-shirt、How to buy exactly what is fun (lol)


And out of alley、Arrive to places such as open courtyards behind the brick wall.


This open terrace restaurantThai foodThe "Tom yum TOM YUM KUNG"It is。様々なタイ料理がいただけますが何といってもこちらの名物は、Name of streetTom Yum GoongIt is。Boil the "Tom (ต้ม).、The "Yam (ยํา).、"Mamoru-Kun (กุ้ง)" with shrimpThe mean。By Mac crew (Kaffir lime leaves) and bricken (a kind of green pepper)、Used car (a type of ginger) and other spices、Coming up with a refreshing acidity with Lemongrass、ナンプラーやナム・プリック・パオ(チリ・イン・オイル)などの調味料とマナオ(日本でいうライムのようなもの)の果汁で味を調え、Look mild in coconut milk, and、The mix of spicy and sweet、Has a complex aroma and flavor are uniquely intertwined。辛さはお店により異なりますが、Many become hooked once distinctive soup!


Shop、Outdoor and indoor seatingThere are、Hot during the day to、Is a popular way to avoid indoor spaces。Air conditioning is not、For big fans that circulate air、Keeping temperatures。In the Interior of the restaurant is the bar counter、Equipped with pool table 1。You may surely like alcohol in the evening while enjoying the darts.


With SINGHA Singha (large) B120 (Japan yen and approximately 430 yen)

With 'SINGHA Singha"The、1933 yearThailand to born、Was admitted to the Royal historical premium beer。"Singha"And the ancient mythology"Lion"Of that。Most are brewed from milking、Beer joined the distinctive and rich taste、Is the spicy flavor balanced unique Asian style.


Coconut juice B70 (Japan yen and then approximately about 250 yen)

Just Peel and make it easier to cut the freshFresh coconut juiceIt is。From the previous、Didn't have coconut juice, very good impression.、With so much trouble in Thailand、The correct answer was! As the Suns and refrigerated、In the gentle sweetness such as I can't believe my tired body、Soft and delicious coconut scent,。After you finish drinking、Which portion of the inner flesh with a spoon and eat。Coconut juice、In a nutrient-rich, yet almost no lipid perfected links、Good absorption into the body, such as electrolyteDrink dripEven if known。In the stalls and stalls of Thailand、B40 (Japan yen and then around 145 yen)As you are selling。Is such a delicious fresh juices if daily stock your fridge with to keep you want to!


Fried rice with Green Curry Chicken B120 (Japan yen and then around ¥ 430)

Have been piled in a heart-shaped cute。Fried rice with Green Curry Chicken (Thailand language:ข้าวผัดแกงเขียวหวานไก่)And the、Green curry pasteOf all flavor condensed into riceFried riceIt is。Manama (like a lime in Japan) will be squeezed and jerked。There are hot、Anything not taste it also becomes a habit.


'Tom Yum Goong (S)' B180 (Japan yen and approximately 650 yen)

Tom Yum Goong (Thailand language:ต้มยํากุ้ง)In order the smaller size。River shrimpThe stock took off the head and Pringle himself enters with plenty ofTom Yum GoongThe、In the mild flavor with spicy coconut milk、The acidity of the lemon grass and Kaffir lime leaves are fresh。Tom Yum GoongAs you like、I'd like that without first、If you would like such as spiciness or coriander may come、In order to tell it and adjusts the。Here is、Staff got on well、The menu isThailand and EnglishWith and representation、Photo for the foodsPoint at orderPossible and comfortable restaurant is recommended。Now、And is that filled my stomach as well、And stroll down the street on the other.

Address:9 Khaosan Rd, Thaladyao, Pranakorn, Bangkok
Hours of operation:11:00-25:00Closed on Mondays:Without

9 Khaosan Rd Khwaeng Talat Yot, Khet Phra Nakhon Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200


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