Last Supper in the Thai Eat Tion in airport suvarnabhumi international airport!


"Suvarnabhumi international airport"On the 3rd floor in、
More than 10 stores to Thailand cuisine restaurants and cafes open。
Here is、Thailand restaurant "Eat-Tion"。
Price range、Still in the airport that there、It is Thai food a little expensive、
Easy-to-understand in English、The staff's service spirit, anyway thanks for、Is a pleasant restaurant.


"Draft beer, Singha" 250 THB (Japan yen approximately 925 yen)

In the airport、At the end of cheers!
With 'Singha SINGHA"The、
1933Born in Thailand in the year、Was admitted to the Royal historical premium beer。
It appeared in ancient mythology "Singha" and "lion"。Most are brewed from milking、
Beer joined the distinctive and rich taste、
Is the spicy flavor balanced unique Asian style.


130 THB "Or grounded pork, Egg Omelet with shrimp" (Yen Japan approximately 480 yen)

Crispy roasted toasted、
Eggs baked in Thailand during a hearty pot (kuai Chao Meserve)、Ideal for appetizers。
The jig、To choose either pork or shrimp、I ordered pork。
Will be multiplied by the salty chili!


"Spicy Fried chicken / pork or serioin with sweet basil reaves served with jasmine rice & Fried egg "250 THB
(Japan-Yen about 925 yen)

Favorite Holy Basil fried rice (pattgapao guy).。
Serve with jasmine rice spicy, full-bodied taste pattgapao。
And beams.、Fresh basil leaves pattgapao due to eating locally is different smells!
However,、Appearance of a fried egg、I think you want put on the rice with baked on one side it is (laughs)


Fried noodle with river prawn stuff fried egg thai style 350 THB (Japan yen approximately 1300 yen)

Here is my favorite Thailand noodles (Pad Thai)。
Wrapped in thin fried egg in Pad Thai comes out in a hotel、It is a beautiful presentation。
With the chewy noodles served with sweet and sour sauce fried with rice noodles、
If you like, squeezing tightly Manama、Mixed with raw sprouts and crushed peanuts and eat.。
Airport in may、The location is a little high、
Was able to enjoy Thailand dishes as a garnish Thailand last dinner!
Now、Next in line、And finally last Thailand trip articles、On the flight back to Japan.

Suvarnabhumi international airport

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