Drive with peace of mind at the airport transfer of "Tokyo Rent-A-Car"! Bangkok's last night snack at the airport lounge!

How do I charter a taxi from the hotel to the airport?、We have a transfer request by advance reservation to "Miyako Siam Car Rent" which is convenient to use even if you go!

Mr.NEDACHI came to pick me up at the hotel with a placard that read "Mr.NEDACHI"、Just like you're going.、Montree Sunantarat, 47 years old, a veteran driver with 7 years of experience working at Tokyo Rent-a-Car!


Five-star Luxury Urban Resort Hotel in BangkokThe SiamThank you to the staff of The Siam、It will be a good-bye!

About 20km north of central Bangkok,Don Mueang International AirportDeparture to (Don Muang Airport)!
It takes about 30 minutes by car from the hotel to the airport!

In "Tokyo Rent-a-Car"、Because there is a contact number of the Japanese direct、Even those who are not good at Thai or English do not have any trouble!
Also、Parking fee、High-speed bill、Gasoline bill、Driver's fee is easy to understand at a flat rate including all、Above all, for the company of the Japanese manager、It leads to the most peace of mind by the management system that consideration is attentive to detail!

There are many Thai taxi drivers who can't speak English, so there's a lot of trouble.、If it is a dedicated driver who has reserved a destination in advance, it becomes a comfortable drive and non-stress!

The Tokyo Rent-a-Car is a Japanese car、Clean, safe and comfortable inside the car!

The driver, Montree, was able to have a conversation in English.、You can communicate along the way.、The transfer to the airport was a safe drive!

[Tokyo rent-a-car transfer fee]
Airport to Hotel 1,400THB / (about 5,040 yen in Japanese yen)
1THB: about 3.6 yen (converted at the rate in November 2019)
Because the capital rental car is a charge of one car、Golf tours, women's trips, etc.、It is also recommended for small group trips!

Check ed at Don Muang Airport、Go through security checks!

Because There was room for about two hours until the boarding time、 Let's use the new Miracle Lounge, which was born on Terminal 1 International Flights!

In the lounge、It is unified in a calm shade of dark brown tone、By providing a lot of partitions, we create a private space.、It's a cozy atmosphere! (Space for one person is also enriched!) )

Diet、Hot dishes including Thai food、Salads and fruit、Desserts are also available!


Drinks are、Sparkling wine, red and white wine, etc.、Canned juice in beer、Mineral water is available in the refrigerator!

We want to warm our bodies、Chicken curry and corn soup、Served with fried rice as the main fruit and dessert in a bowl、It is the completion of the last night meal in Bangkok! Chicken curry is fragrant、Because it was very spicy and delicious、I've just had another!

Even if the boarding time is a little late, you can fly safely.、Popular late-night flights are crowded in full!

Taking a nap、When I suddenly open my eyes,、I was able to catch the moment when the morning sun rises from the machine window!

About five and a half hours on the flight.Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)"To arrive!

11The temperature in Japan in the middle of September was 16 degrees Celsius.、While feeling the difference in temperature with Bangkok、Thank you for welcoming your safe return to Japan with a peaceful feeling!
Also、Please look forward to lade's next journey!

Miyako Rent A Car (Miyako Siam Car Rent)
Address:1 Prompan Tower 2 Floor 2 Unit 207, Soi Ladprao3, Ladprao Road, Chom Phon. Chatuchack,Bangkok 10900
Direct Japanese:082-385-3555(Mobile Phone)
Sales:Monday to Friday
(Japan time) 10:30-19:30 (Thailand time) 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(Japan time) 10:30-14:00 (Thailand time) 8:30-12:00

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