"The Siam" with the Thai chef cooking school experience enjoyable!


Bangkok's leading luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"In the restaurant、
2015JulyUp had been operating "Deco bar&Bistro Deco Bar & Bistro"The、
8MoonThan、"Chung Thai Chon Thai Restaurant"And integrate、
"Chon Bistro Chon Bistro"A renewed and、
Thai foodie chef teaches cooking in one on one
"Cooking school Cooking School"It is a very popular optional。
The resort hotel、The optional cooking school can be seen better、
The one-on-one guidance、So seems like a luxury。
I also immediately、Participate in the cooking school、We will experience.


The location of the cooking school、Click here to be the venue for morning buffet room。
If the original、Choose your favorite dishes from the menu provided in making their、
The ingredients on the menu、Start the tour in the morning with the chefs go out shopping market.、
This day is no time、Skip to shopping、From cooking will start.


In the rooms of the cooking school、There was a simple kitchen、Chef thanks for waiting!
In the table、Enjoy meals after the finished set。


As a welcome drink、He prepared "Ginger punch"The drinks are、
Apple juice into the syrup and ginger、Split with soda water、It is a very delicious juice with sweet basil!
Even the ice、Made from Apple and ginger、Melts taste thin clogs no substitute! (Terrible)
Our juice recipe、As listed in the recipe book provided、Can make back home in Japan.


Cooking school teacher who served in a Thai restaurant's Executive Chef、
Very gentle, refreshing funDamri Muksombat (Mr. a.Hirose)It is!
A.Hirose teacherWith all conversation is possible in English or Thailand!

[DAMRI Muksombat (Mr. a.Hirose) View Profile]
Date of birth:1973Born March 25, (what! I am the same age is not it! )
2015 April,:Executive Chef、Siam hotels、Thailand and Western cuisine
2013March-4/2015:Executive Chef、Issaya restaurant BKK、Tai modern cuisine、
2011Years to 2012:Executive Chef、Santhiya Resort & SpaSpa、PHA NGAN、Thailand and Western cuisine
2011 year:Executive Chef、Malaiwana Resturant、Phuket、Thailand and Western cuisine
2010 June,:Sous chef、For seasons Sami、Thailand and Western cuisine
2010 August,:Sous chef、Mandarinorientardaradevi
2008Year-2009:Executive Chef、Camp chef、Fourseasonstentcampinggodden triangle、
Chiang Rai、Thailand and Western cuisine


First of all,、Thailand food teaches everything from the start!
Lemongrass, Manama、Green onions、Tomatoes,、From the familiar ingredients、I've never seen food sorting and、
You do not know、AllA.Hirose teacherCould you please answer the questions。
Is banana flower can be seen for the first time、Unusual ingredients is very exciting!
(Banana flower:Red flower on the left of the image)


So thanks for providing the original apron of the Siam、Don't worry about staining your clothes!
Eve Saro's staff was as apron!


A large kitchen knife in one hand、When it comes! Start cooking!
So I will tell 3 dishes of the typical cuisine of Thailand、1I went to introduce the products.

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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