Popular street called lamb try load back Khao San Road and spend some quiet time


Known as the city where backpackers around the world、A lively day and nightKhaosan Road Khao San RoadAKhao San Road areaThe、Khao San RoadGo to the one North、ThereBehind the scenes KhaosanAs a quiet town full of exotic called the popularRAM Buttri Road lamb tree StreetI want to introduce so.


Khao San RoadParallel with the presentLamb tree StreetTo go to the、It is possible to go from the small alley。Khao San RoadAfter thoroughly exploring、One of many souvenir shops and massage parlor "Susie Waking Street susiewalkingstreet' Of alleys let's move on!


Khao San RoadThe stalls lined and also taste a little different in、Skinny Alley is also because of the ease of viewing、ThailandIt seems to get souvenirSusiewalkingstreetThe、Brightly colored clothing and bags、Handmade crafts of ThailandSuch as in a shop、Massage shops can be found on the other side.


Dishes from the Interior、Accessories、Affordable rustic and casual tastes, such as incense and candle accessoriesThailand GeneralAligned!


Can alleyLamb tree StreetOn arrival it is!


Behind the scenes KhaosanBe referred to asLamb tree StreetThe atmosphere is、In a quiet, unhurried time passes!


And many have large open terrace with restaurants and cafes、Foreigners enjoying tea and relax the eyes.


Lots of interesting resides in restaurants and cafes by bizarre figurines and statues that often。Standing at the back of the restaurant3mSo too is the existence of a huge statue of、Though it is impressive and terrific、Osaka is somewhereBillikenSaid want an impression strongly still (lol)


Walking down the street、It is fun just watching、Would be nice you would like to enter the shop!


Khao San Road's famous Pad ThaiThe stalls are、Still more often。The ingredients、Shrimp、chicken、Choose from eggs、You can choose from four types of even the type of noodles。The price depends on ingredients、B30 ~ B50 (Japan yen and then around 110 Yen to 180 yen)And will be。Side dishes spring roll has reached、B10 (Japan yen and approximately 36 yen or so)And is o安。Make this cute sisterPad Thai Pad ThaiIs because I had a really delicious smell、Hesitated whether or not to eat until the last minute (lol) on this day was the last day for、Stomach hurts during the flight of hate... and I gave up talking in。Next time、In Thailand stalls to taste! Best goal!


Lamb tree StreetToo many stalls、Among them、Popular Japanese backpacker "Mr. Wattana ramen"The Japan-language signs and landmarks stand、B10 (Japan Yen about 36 yen)The Ramen is so you。Does not miss the information frame husband、Firmly refused, saying no (laughs) well、Next in line、Lamb tree StreetThe let your shop clean massage store.

Rambuttri Road,Banglampu-Bangkok 10200, Thailand


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