2015 winner 7th Thai restaurant "nahm" of Asia's 50 best restaurants


BangkokSathorn, Thailand Sathon Tai RoadFrom a into hanging、
This stylish design hotel "Metropolitan by COMO"There。
2003 yearThe opening "in Bangkok hotels the most radical" as of earned the title、
In Bangkok will certainly continue to evolve is the epitome of the Star 5。
MRTLumpini station Lumphini StationThanWithin a 5-minute walkIn the located。


Under the British-born hotel brand、In COMO group run by founder、
Singapore who took the nickname "Queen of the Bond StreetChristian onIn 1991 started hotel business.。
Nurtured in the fashion industryChristian onThe aesthetic sense、
In Bangkok "Metropolitan by COMO"Even with a breath、Timeless design using themes。
Without being overly trendy、Universal design without fading may therefore feel calm relaxation。
Hotel COMO group eco to consider、From the staff to focus on、
Often, the renovation of existing buildings rather than new、
Hotel is was originally a YMCA。


The look is a simple modal、Step foot into the hotel and、The stylish lobby greets。
"Como Hotels and resorts COMO Hotels and Resorts"Deal for this hotel.、
In London "The-Halkin by como The Halkin by COMO"The staff
"Giorgio Armani by Giorgio Armani"The similarly dressed in school uniform、
Here "Comme des Garçons COMME des GARÇONS"The staff members clad in a body design that is watched。
The first uniforms、"Yamamoto Yohji Yohji Yamamoto"Design。
In the 171 guest rooms hotel、1Is to maximize one guest satisfaction、
Hotel ownerChristian onThe commitment is。
1200Square one space from traditional Thailand-therapy wellbeing massage、
Comfortable and relaxing treatment rooms、Yoga Studio、Ranging from a health club、
Offers a full range of services to fulfill guests ' well-being and beauty。


We met in the lobby of the hotel、Japanese woman living in BangkokSachikoSan。
She is、A nice woman in Bangkok is active as a jazz pianist.。
She know about Japan、This time、For talking in Bangkok、Together "nahm"Lunch and continue!


2003 OctoberRestaurants in Thailand "nahm"In the hotel。
Since it first opened、Thailand cooking for the first time Michelin star one star won in London "NAHM"For attracting attention as a second branch、
"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the、2014Sparkle at the top of the year、This year 2015 is ranked seventh.。
Australia-born chefDavid Thompson (David Thompson)Mr、
And to say that "a man who knows Thailand cooking Thailand than"、Thailand culinary greats。
David Thompson (David Thompson)Mr、Now lost to old recipes of a Thailand deeply profound、
So intimately to the stalls。
Reputation of superb traditional cuisine of Thailand been handed down from generation to generation, raised in the modern sense。
And closed the shop in London、David Thompson (David Thompson)Until he moved to Bangkok、
Bangkok carrying into orbit "nahm"。
Now、Head ChefPrin PolsukProvided by Mr.!


Shop、With a stylish design the image of Ayutthaya、
A nice balance of black and green tea、Simple, yet makes you warm。
Click here want to be booked in advance、Luxury urban resort hotel in advance
"THE SIAM"The staff recommend booking。
In the after noon、As was populated with seat logo。


The menu is、Thailand language or English.。
In the à la carte or course because、
On this day、Good balance from the à la carte、Staff's instructions while listening to the recommended、
Likes to assemble、I have chosen to share with us!

By this time, yukata with the instrument to travel planning、Permission to store, we wear yukata
Since the general yukata there are many places of NG in Japan of restaurants
Yukata is recommended to be worn, festivals and fireworks in the。


"Amuse Bouche Ma hor"

Will be done first to amuse、Major Ma hor
Will things accompanied by miso sweet Thailand's shrimp and nuts on the top of a pineapple in bite。
The match is a Thailand-style miso is sweeter and juicier taste of pineapple、
And the crunchy texture of the shrimp flavor or nuts、It is an article opens up the various taste in the mouth。


"blue swimmer crab with peanuts and pickled garlic on rice cakes" 330 THB
(Japan-yen approximately 1220 yen)

Served with crispy fried rice cracker on a tangy and spicy crab。
Join the smells of food and herb gatiamdorn (sweet and sour marinated in garlic)、Thailand food taste。


"steamed coral trout with bang rak yellow beans and pickled garlic" 750 THB
(Japan-yen approximately 2780 yen)

A simple steamed fish to cook at low temperature。
Ginger and soy、Abundantly with garlic、He wishes the smell of sesame oil and oyster sauce.。
Spread accented with scent of coriander、Rice fits even better。


"coconut and turmeric curry of blue swimmer crab with banana blossoms and asian pennywort" 700 THB
(Japan-Yen about 2590 yen)

Fresh noodles made from rice kanom jeen (ขนมจีน), eat crab Curry。
Coconut milk with mild finish、Curry spicy turmeric。


'Kanom (ขนมจีน)"

Fresh noodles made from rice flour kanom jeen (ขนมจีน)。
It looks like vermicelli、Vermicelli and is absolutely different in your throat, not the。
Rice flour for texture soft potato there is feeling。


"hot and sour soup of chicken, prawn and wild mushrooms "370 THB
(Japan-yen approximately 1370 yen)

This is the Thailand food standard Tom Yum Goong.。
Boil the "Tom (ต้ม).、The "Yam (ยํา).、"Mamoru-Kun (กุ้ง)" with shrimpThe mean。
The mix of spicy and sweet、Soup has a complex aroma and flavor are uniquely intertwined.、
The shops offering、Taste a variety of Naam Tom Yum Goong、
Nice and classy taste fit the Japanese tongue。


"Sweet thai wafers with poached persimmons and golden duck egg noodles" 320 THB
(Japan-Yen about 1185 yen)

Waffles of longan and the Golden duck noodles。
Complemented by luxury dessert pastries popular in Thailand stalls "khanom Bouin.。
In Thailand there caught a glimpse at traditional sweets、1Photos10THB (Japan yen approximately 40 yen)As it was selling。
Once、It is compared also taste local。


"Americano" 160 THB (Japan yen approximately 590 yen)

SachikoMr. from、You can visit Thailand culture、You could spend a very pleasant lunch!
Just、SachikoAnd it's pianist friend
"The Peninsula Bangkok"The lobby、That have always been played with。
On this day、After lunchPeninsulaTo would like to look forward to for checking in。

SachikoSan、A wonderful gift and valuable time、And、Thank you for a good time!

TEL:+66 2 625 3388(Reservation required)
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-14:00、Dinner 19:00-23:00
Closed on Mondays:No

Metropolitan by COMO
27 South Sathorn Road Tungmahamek Sathorn Bangkok 10120 Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 2 625 3333

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