Bangkok's Gaggan relocated to 50 best restaurants in Gaggan Anand

Gaggan Anand closed his Bangkok restaurant, ranked No.4 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019, at the end of August. November saw the world-famous chef’s new incarnation open in a foliage-clad site in the south east of the Thai capital. 50 Best enters the secret garden
The gregarious Kolkata-born chef Gaggan Anand made no secret of the spat with his previous backers that heralded his original restaurant’s ahead-of-time closure. Fuelled in part by ‘vengeance’, he sought a new site, completed a root-and-branch refurbishment of the building and curated a new menu in just two months. 50 Best was one of the first through door to sample the new menu and answer the key questions for you…

「Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 50 Best Restaurants in Asia: Gagan Gagan in Bangkok, which has held first place for the fourth year in a row。It was an impressive restaurant in various ways, but it closed on August 24, 2019 last year.。

There were rumors that the pro-Japanese Chef Gagan Anand would open his next restaurant in Japan, but eventually gagan Anand Restaurant Gagan Anand, a restaurant bearing his full name in Sukhumvit, Bangkok、2019It opened on November 1, 2009 and is attracting attention.。

Gaggan is not just one of asia's 50 best restaurants、"The World's 50 Best Restaurants was also nominated for "50 Best Restaurants in the World"。

The 50 Best Restaurants in the World、Elected by vote of the Board including the Chairman of the world 26 area 36、Asia's 50 Best Restaurants、The ranking was extracted from its ranking in Asia only。The influential Western Council、From there often visit Asia、Asian restaurants will not be reflected at wants it because、It is said that it became shape to vote for the best restaurant in Asia by the councilor only of Asians from the middle.。As a result、Rankings at "50 Best Restaurants in the World"、Some restaurants have been ranked in the "50 Best Restaurants in Asia" rankings。

The best restaurants、That is a different direction with Michelin reputation ranking、This ranking is not evaluated as "is the taste delicious", but when you go to a restaurant、"How much experience have I had never had before"、Or, as Yurisawa's Yoshihiro Narisawa commented in the award-winning interview that it was a criterion that expressed "were you impressed"?、In recent years、Gourmet flavors as well、Unprecedented performance、For entertainment are、Restaurants as well as food, or how to produce the space becoming increasingly important.。

vision that is the five senses、Hearing、Tactile、Taste、Not only stimulates the sense of smell、What is the ideal way of a restaurant that resonates with the sixth sense that humans potentially have? The world's top chefs are exploring every day。
Gaggan、I think there is a great reputation for reconstructing and serving Indian cuisine in a way that has never been expressed before.。

2016What was your honest impression of the food we had at Gaggan in 2008?、Despite the fun and discover new combinations of ingredients and production、And are not equipped with the right balance of flavors、Such as those flooded with fire、Feel a roughness to the dishes themselves、Unfortunately、Couldn't feel "delicious dish" is straight。The absence of Gagan Anand may have somewhat of an impact.。Also、Top 50 Best Restaurants in Asia、Maybe I too have great expectations。Pork-based broth feel due to Japanese culture、Its delicate taste and technology、And if you ask for service、And beams.、I think we want to evaluate, and stronger now than Japanese chef's effort to remain having dinner。But not limited to the Asian future、I think cuisine is delicious in the world and continues to explore we want to。

Gaggan Anand Restaurant
68 Sukhumvit 31, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 thailand
TEL +66-98-883-1022

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