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"The Siam" Let's make a delicious Pad Thai cooking school!



Bangkok's leading luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"The Thai chef
Damri Muksombat (Mr. a.Hirose)Cooking teaches one-on-one
"Cooking school Cooking School"The last three items are、
Here are my favorite "Pad PHAD THAI' Is!
But 持chi上gerenai does it wok too heavy, my radish arms in one hand... OK? (laughs)
Pad Thai rice noodles for's、It is a race against time to put heat!


Heavy wok with one hand lightly and liftA.Hirose teacher
First of all,、Heat the wok、From the heat of it.、And could you tell me!


Use the oil for the first time in Thai。
Think of it、Thailand cooking、Without using too much oil、
It is really listened to incorporate more vegetables and healthy!
Turning the oil to go around the entire wok。


First FRY and shrimp, the burning。


The material is、Peeled Shrimp、Dried shrimp、Egg、Bean sprouts、Chinese chives、Red onion、Thailand tofu、Peanut, etc。


there、Tofu red onions and Thailand、Pickles、Put dried shrimp。


Egg on crack


Mix with the egg quickly


Pad Thai noodles (sengchanh)


Pad Thai noodles (sengchanh) and the ingredients are well mixed so、Continue heating the wok waving!


Go there、Pad Thai sauce was mixed in advance (PLA、Tamarind juice、Palm sugar、Chile oil) on the。


And、Swing the wok at once pretty quickly、We'll mix!


Pad Thai noodles are wilted and once、Finally, bean sprouts and Chinese chives、Peanut was in addition and FRY。


To rather quickly during completion of the Pad Thai! It is too early!


"PHAD THAI Pad Thai"

Using a pad Thai noodle noodle called sengchanhA.Hirose teacherThe Pad Thai is、
Sweet and sour taste is rich, is rich.、Is a very good finish.


2To the item、2One and then use the fire、But at the same time making、
The Pad Thai、Quickness becomes the premise for、A.Hirose teacherMake, model and、And I challenge。
Very heavy wok THUMP my whole body、Game time is a challenge!


Somehow lift up with both hands、Was able to complete!


ayaco film "pad PHAD THAI" instrument:Tree-ring series

The Pad Thai、"Gaku Shakunaga"We have a collaboration with tree-ring series of!
And sprinkled some peanut、Presentation of the dishes and give a little twist、
A.Hirose teacherWhats the words of praise from... (Gusto)


A.Hirose teacherThe Nice guidance、3You could make the dishes take about 1 hour!


"Rape gay LARB GAI" instrument:Raven series
"Pad PHAD THAI" instrument:Tree-ring series


A.Hirose teacherThe 3 dishes made me and I made 3 dishes、Sampling time along with the husband!
At the same time can be made using the same ingredients for、It's very easy to understand、
I think that cooking school enjoyed very good atmosphere!

In the last、Using the original apron became the present、Could you have with a recipe book of the a.Hirose teacher! (I)
In this、Also in the House "THE SIAM"The Thailand cooking you can make it!
Even Thailand cooking enthusiasts、So enjoy that little good cooking cooking school、
Right or wrong、And try it!

A.Hirose teacher、Thank you for the wonderful cooking school! (thanks)


Now、Very fun cooking school and tasting、Just、Has been closing the check-in time。
Farewell and the staff was very kind people would!

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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