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Known as the city around the world backpackers from ancient timesKhaosan Road Khao San RoadKhao San RoadAnd the、In Thai"White rice"Got a mean、The old、In this areaU.S. wholesalersIs comes from many things。The width of the road approximately20mIn the more、Although the car runs.、Like pedestrian heaven somewhere relaxing and、Depth is300mAnd so on。Casual and trendy Street、Shop and order、Clothing and bags、Gadgets, such as uniform.、Restaurants and bars、Guest House、And the hotel staff、Is in downtown Bangkok.


Once a cheap hotel city of Asia is immensely popular pride、AlienBackpackersIn the flood was as substitute inKhao San RoadThe、2000 yearToLeonardo DiCaprioThe film 'The beach"For as the beginning of a journeyKhao San RoadFrom the time was taken up on the stage、Global fast-food and coffee chains started opening stores.、Such increases are also a stylish restaurant、That aspect continues to change rapidly。Now that many use as a date spot for young people in Thailand、Growing as a city everyone can play at ease。Now, though,、Accommodation feeB100And before and after the cheap dorm (shared room)、B2, 000Beyond midrange hotels to more than 100 hotels、There are various types。Khao San RoadSo say the middle class 'D&D INN"The room was、B650 in standard single (about 2,340 Yen's Japan yen) ~ B950 in standard double (Japan yen and approximately 3,420 yen)。The pool is on the roof、That seems a little resort experience、People say that strict night noise chirahora。Although the intermediate class、Is that the budget required to moderate resolution.


Khao San RoadThe Westerners are more、Open terrace restaurants and bars can be found here。Also enjoying the beer from within the sun sinks still more apparent、Charm City is the free atmosphere.


Inner-citySIAM Siam and SILOM SilomTo compare and、No odor, such as sewer、The stallsHealth aspectsAppears to be in good condition。Is responsible、Khao San RoadIf、I feel to try to stall possible。Khao San RoadThe standard can be saidPad Thai!To try it next time!


Khao San RoadThe accommodation offers、Unfortunately security aspects like remain somewhat anxiety、Passport and tickets、Keep valuables such as cash, walking with it's common sense。As a result、Many notable vendors large shoulder bag。ThailandThe symbol of happiness and well beingElephantAnd、ColorfulFlowersThe design and fabric bag is cute!


The endless summerThailandThe、There is a year round warm climate、Clothing casual, cool、Amenities include overwhelmingly, at a reasonable price women's clothing in the stalls。You cannot try on、The size may be large、Before you buy make sure sense of size?!


When it comes to revealing opportunities for climate、And there many ornaments also decorate the body、NEX less and bracelet、Pierce、And there are tattoo shop。If you play sealetatour cute、 2-Henna tattoo faded in recent weeks, easy to enjoy、From a genuine tattoo shop are users of the Europe and America people often is alive and well!


And walking Street、Because an empty stomach、Khao San RoadFrom going to lunch at a restaurant you're looking so far into the alley.

Khaosan Rd Khwaeng Talat Yot, Khet Phra Nakhon Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200


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