"The Sherwood Taipei" "Yi Yuan" Presentation silk of a is Matsui Kigyo traditional Japanese crafts !


Altho、His delicate impressions、
There is a whole "Your Home Away From Home"And so it seems、And with top-class service、
Heart happy hospitality
"The Sherwood Taipei"The、
A variety of restaurants、
Chinese restaurant on the second floor as the main dining room "Yi Yuan"The、
Basics of Cantonese cuisine in original、Head ChefKo Kang FeiCreate new
Offers eclectic cuisine combines the splendor of Chinese and western dishes。
In the United StatesFormer President BushAnd in the United KingdomMargaret ThatcherAlso visit、Its flavor has raved!
Original menu was offered two became Hall of Fame、Even now has become a very popular menu here。
The last time "Mrs. Thatcher menu"Of course that was、
This time "President Bush Set Menu"of
Would enjoy dishes recommended focusing on course!


"Yi Yuan"The、There was a spacious main dining hall and four private rooms、
It is possible to use even small groups or organizations。
Authentic Peking duck、The finest Cantonese-style seafood、Authentic Cantonese-style dim sum、Equipped with various types of soup, etc.。
Court and contemporary styles mix、It hadn't been so able to Western-style Chinese cuisine、
A guest to be a very popular restaurant from overseas ♪


Private rooms、Four rooms have a variety and、
Dinner with your family and relatives and、Formal dining、Or in business meetings also are available。
This is in a private room here、Former President George w. BushWill benefit from、
Former President George w. BushOf to let the original popular menu is devised.
"Famous GM"Be referred to asAchim V. HakeIntroduction、
The Public Relations OfficerYvonne WuAnd the Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochSan、
And、Friends inRyohei HiedaWith both is the beginning of a wonderful dinner party.


We have、This timelade-Of the planning[Traditional handicrafts of Japan to travel the silk series]As、
Toyama Prefecture Nanto boasts a history of over 140 years in the city "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The traditional handicraft"Barge silk Pocket square"And
"SILK Fairy for Bath"Shisherwood TaipeiFor we have introduced to you guys!
We will introduce youMatsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Of the product、With excellent local products Japan should be proud "The Wonder 500"Also has been elected、
The other day、"Taiwan Design Expo 2015"But published in the exhibition
Brand new "Johanas"The silk (SILK) it becomes!

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Handle "Barge silk"、2Three silkworm weaves together power
Woven with miracle dupioni[Crystal of love of two]Give birthIs a great fabric come。
Before you travel to Taiwan from Japan、Japan celebrates traditional crafts of Japan-Taiwan relations better[Marriage]As possible.、
You choose the products, we have been awarded.


This time、"Famous GM"Be referred to asAchim V. HakeTo be awarded
Pocket ChiefMatsui kigyo sixth generationOfMs. Noriko MatsuiIs it to we we pretend。
Achim V. HakeThe Pocket Chief shines in a suit casually pattern of yellow tulips、
My husband was born in his hometownToyama PrefectureOf"Flower"And in the、
Flower of Tulip's [compassion]、And yellow tulips [fame] mean!
Exactly what、Achim V. HakeIn the sunlit flowers.!
This Pocket Chief、"Tufe×Johanas"The collaboration that delivers、
Works sold in Japan only "600BUN NO 1" Is!


And、Enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms "SILK Fairy for Bath"The、
In a deep sea water of Toyama Bay and containing minerals make skin moist、Guests can enjoy beauty and skin!
To heal the hard work of staff、
Enjoy the scent of cherry blossom silk bath salts in addition to white, let beautiful。
That's what I、Head ChefKo Kang FeiBy going to put Chinese dishes!

Yi (Yi Yuan) hotel on the second floor
Hours of operation
Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 18:00To 22:00、Hong Kong S.A.R.-Dim sum (closed on public holidays only) 10:30-14:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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