"The Sherwood Taipei" Chinese Yi garden Thatcher Mrs. menu and ultimate: blown away soup!


Altho、His delicate impressions、
There is a whole "Your Home Away From Home"And so it seems、And with top-class service、Heart happy hospitality
"The Sherwood Taipei"The、
A variety of restaurants、
Chinese restaurant that has been prepared on the second floor as the main dining "Yi Yuan"The、
Basics of Cantonese cuisine in original、Offers eclectic cuisine combines the splendor of Chinese and western dishes in new。
In the United StatesPresident BushAnd in the United KingdomMargaret ThatcherAlso visit、Its flavor has raved!
Original menu was offered two became Hall of Fame、Even now has become a very popular menu here。
This time the、"Mrs. Thatcher menu"I would like to enjoy the recommended cooking in the center of the course


"Yi Yuan"The、There was a spacious main dining hall and four private rooms、
It is possible to use even small groups or organizations。
Authentic Peking duck、The finest Cantonese-style seafood、Authentic Cantonese-style dim sum、Equipped with various types of soup, etc.。
Court and contemporary styles mix、It hadn't been so able to Western-style Chinese cuisine、
A guest to be a very popular restaurant from overseas ♪


Maine dining


10Name for private


Private rooms for small group


Private rooms、Four rooms have a variety and、
Dinner with your family and relatives and、Formal dining、Or can be used in business negotiations。
This time the、Cells here in the United KingdomMargaret ThatcherWill benefit from、
Margaret ThatcherThe order and original menus devised a Public Relations Assistant Manager
Head ChefKo Kang FeiTo carefully as you will find here!
This time we are、Head ChefKo Kang FeiEven
"To travel with the series"The efforts to introduce、
Brought from Japan "Gaku Syakunaga"The 6 dishes including new show、
"Yi Yuan"The decided to collaborate with food! (So thanks! )
Creating the Head ChefKo Kang FeiThe food is、
Very delicious Cantonese dishes ever received in one of the most elegant taste、
Beautifully delicate and beautiful、Collaboration with a very nice finish and broke!


Head ChefKo Kang FeiThe 54-year-old in Hong Kong S.A.R.、Sherwood TaipeiTo come, already twenty years is likely to be、
It is coming like very much feel the richness of the Taiwan life。
Have experience in the Hong Kong S.A.R. restaurants and hotels.、Has also been published of Dim Sum dishes。
As a result、You can taste the authentic Cantonese cuisine at this。
Head ChefKo Kang FeiThe "High' = 'GAO"And to pronounce、GAOWith known。
From a welcoming warm and friendly personality、
It seems to be familiar to many people from the staff to guest ♪


"Lady Thatcher Set Menu"
3000TWD +10% (Japan Yen:JPY 10800)

This is for the visit in 1992 and 1996, United KingdomMargaret ThatcherTo a menu designed specially to give、
WesternMargaret ThatcherEasy-to-eat meat bones, etc, so we will be prepared。
Head ChefKo Kang FeiOf food begins、Delicate and refined taste is characterized by、
Thatcher is also seems to have been very pleased ♪


"Combination of Suckling Pig and Crispy Chicken"

"Gaku Shakunaga / black glaze with dish (28 cm)"

Sprinkle the potato starch on the inside of the chicken skin from、Fill out the flavoursome squid Surimi、From breaded、
From the skin of the chicken fried at high temperatures、
Crispy chicken skin is crisp and sound comfortable、Is a fluffy texture with Squid!
Baked roasted piglet、Texture of skin surface lipids collagen quality, with plenty of、
Middle Chinese jellyfish、Crunchy is a platter of 3 types of appetizers to enjoy.


"Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh Pineapple"

Gaku Shakunaga / black glaze reversible (28 cm)

Slice the pineapple black glaze with respect to fresh, vivid color、To serve one dish、
Keep the contrast of hue、While directing the Visual glitz、
Plus scent of fresh pineapple、The more tasty sweet and sour pork!
Soft-fried pork and peppers、Red pepper、Green onions、And using of pineapple and Red vinegar、
Intersect it with the good taste of sweet-and-sour sauce, complemented by。
Here feel classy Thatcher sour sour very favourite called was like。
Sour taste of sweet and sour pork is delicious not good husband ! And I was eating unusual sweet and sour pork !
My favorite sweet and sour pork is so、I was very happy!


"Stewed Half Lobster Wrapped with Bamboo Pith"

"Gaku Shakunaga / áge thin bowls"

Lobster meat and bamboo shoots、Shiitake mushroom、Carrot wrapped with mushroom、Steamed, then、
To make a cooked ham and chicken with crab meat and pig tail lights 8 hours-based broth、
With egg, bean will be multiplied by。
Body thickness to the sweetness and texture of lobster and puritsu play、
Bamboo shoots、Shiitake mushroom、Become a good carrot texture accents、Goes good with mellow bean flavor.


"Steamed Fish Fillets with Ham and Mushrooms"

Shiitake mushroom、Jinhua ham over steamed fish、We will put the source。
Coloring with Bok Choy。
You can enjoy crunchy and Jinhua ham and soft shiitake taste in wall thickness of the white a resilient!


"Thai Style Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup in Clay Pot"

Of the Thailand style、Tatou, and seasoned with spices of Thailand is not meant、
High-quality shark fin with scallops Scallop and shrimp、
Using a pig tail and Jinhua ham and chicken soup 8 hours、
To have cooked in clay pots made in Thailand clay (clay pot)、So has been named。
That is a thick paste、The flavor of the soup base stand、Taste delicious!


""Braised Sliced Abalone Layered with Seaweed
and Squid Pasta in Oyster Sauce"

Abalone thinly sliced marinated a little old oil、Stacked shrimp paste on the abalone's two manufacturing、
Abalone and top and bottom、Sandwiched between the seaweed during that time included steamed、
Served with steamed as well as lettuce、Garnish with hot oyster sauce。
Soft steamed abalone、Feel the scent of fluffy and ISO、
the lettuce sweet of you can enjoy together!


"Fresh Fruits and Ice Cream"
"Sherwood Dim Sum"

"釋 Yong Yue áge (Aju) 32 cm、Thin glass

A cup of drinking too much "Thin glass"By vanilla ice with"áge"At least gave us collaboration!
Package bean jam rice cake steamed rice、Bun sprinkled with coconut milk powder。
Fruit of Chinese wolfberry and Lily roots、Red Natsume、Dragon's eye with stewed with Lotus seeds、Complemented by herbal jelly。
The sale is also the popular pineapple cake、
Soil acidity a little is made in the southern part of the Taiwan Pineapple paste contains。


In the middle of meal,、
"Famous GM"In Germany people referred toAchim V. HakeOur present!
Head Chef of the hotel's historyKo Kang FeiOf achievement, such as ask or、
Also、"Restaurant André"ofAndre ChiangChef young or younger when、
Sherwood TaipeiThe memories story French restaurant, which was on the second floor will have access to protrude、
In addition、2014In April,、In the masters of Chinese cuisineYuji WakiyaThe chef come one and、
Head ChefKo Kang FeiWith culinary creations to announce、And deepen the Fellowship、
At that timeWakiya'sSome include the Taiwan relations that existed with the original menu of the chef's、
Sherwood TaipeiIt became more deeply know good chance a new charm ♪


Head ChefKo Kang FeiOf the specialties can be said
"Buddha Jumps Over the Wall"、Called "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall soup"Is finished!
GAOChef will segregate themselves.


"Top class floral glue abalone fish bucchoutan (commonly known as:Buttobi.NET soup)
"Premium Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maws and Dried Scallops" 6 persons
* May 1。

This is 12/1/2015-2/5/2016 new year special is prepared take-away menu、
As a treat for the Chinese new year of the hugely popular "Top class floral glue abalone(Commonly known as:Buttobi.NET soup)」!
Best abalone is whole with、Other flowers collagen (fish bladders) and dried abalone back.、Dried sea cucumber、Achilles tendon、Scallop、Dried shiitake mushrooms、
Chicken、Pickled quail eggs、Jinhua ham、Indeed, Chinese wolfberry、
Approximately 10 different high-quality ingredients are used in abundance、It is indescribably gorgeous soup!


There are also wonderful ingredients、
What to say、So much beauty amber color shine clear soup and its aroma、
I about had involuntarily leaned !
8-hour braised in broth、So is Braised with the ingredients, then put the pot of 2 hours。
"Bucchoutan (aka:Buttobi.NET soup)"、
Fujian dishes dry and subject to various luxury ingredients, Cook a couple of days the traditional luxury soup。
"Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup"The、Monk's "Buddha"、Jump "jump"、"Redwall" has the meaning that walls and fences。
The name "Come jumping wall of the temple even in the monk in the delicious scent of too"That seems to have been originated from!
Some popular gourmet cartoon "Oishinbo"But"One of the ultimate"As there was introduced!
Contrary to the clear and clear soup、And more familiar with the body is deep and subtle and tender taste、
Include a bite、Just feel the ocean's bounty delicious treasure trove!
Carefully selected materials as well as full because of the depth of flavor、
This ultimate tastefully finished, carefully, carefully pull out the flavor soup、
Ever received "Bucchoutan (aka:Buttobi.NET soup)"With that comes close!
This fascination、Head ChefKo Kang FeiThe "Bucchoutan (aka:Buttobi.NET soup)"The、
In the contest has been held annually and won many times、
This year win in 2016.That would have been! (The Amazing!-
Saying priests should taste pleasant is here.、Rare、I have refills many times many times.


"Fried rice with Cantonese style"
300TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

Is a flipbook of Cantonese-style chicken with fried rice。
I felt a little bit not too familiar with unique spices、What was that about?
Because it is a hearty、It is nice you share!


"Deep Fried Pork Spare Ribs with Chili and Salt"
120TWD (Japan Yen:About 430 yen)

Chile flavor of pork ribs is one of the small dishes、Here isMr.AchimFavorite dish !
Tangy and spicy flavor is perfect for beer to accompany ♪


"Steamed shrimp Dumplings"
130TWD 4 pieces (Japan Yen:Approx. 470 yen)

Shrimp dumplings、A thick body and carefully with shrimp、
In vivid colors, and encased in the thin skin、Guests can enjoy a tender texture and sweetness.


"Shanghai xiaolongbao (Steamed pork Dumplings, Shanghai Style)
300TWD 8 pieces (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

Lion of hot fresh dressing has been carried、
Fold folds up 18、Beautifully furnished.、Skin is slightly thicker than I dust can also enjoy feeling!
Travellers not to tear skin of the Xiao Long Bao is tip grab gently with chopsticks.、Gently lift up the butter in Milk-vetch.


Also gone is SIP sipping soup and click peels out、As his and will be in one bite!
With the potato skins and meat paste with soft harmony、The soup is delicious for、Soy ginger nor anything at no additional charge!
Please leave nothing without taste、Enjoy the taste of home!
Click here alsoMr.AchimThe is also a favorite dumpling、
Dawg "Ding Tai Feng"The owners and
"Plays both Taipei one dumpling?!"And so there is also competed several times!
To be made to order、Takes a little time、Would you order first!


"Pitan and roast pork Pie"
120TWD-3 pieces (Japan Yen:About 430 yen)

Dim sum Dim sum dish of the meal and it is。
During the baked in flaky puff pastry、Packed with plenty of sweet humble pork bean、
Crispy pie texture moist and bean paste can be enjoyed ♪


Ko Kang Fei Head Chef and the staff of the photo! (Xie Xie! )
Good taste of Mrs. Thatcher menu、
Of the best "Top class floral glue abalone(Commonly known as:Buttobi.NET soup)"Said.、
All、GAOTell-based chef creates delicious
It became a deep flavor of Guangdong lunch time I am allowed to very satisfied with the cuisine !
The next time、Any food, and fun!


Ask for late check-out our、
After lunch to、Once take the luggage in the room to go、Check-out is at the front.


Sherwood TaipeiThe、
By the staff of the Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochAnd I'm getting、
Because Japan staff、
Even if you suffer from anxiety in language it is possible hotel stay of peace of mind !
Also、Mind and feeling of hospitality、5One-star hotel fully equipped with、
I can feel attractive enough to jump over even the language of the walls are full of everywhereSherwood TaipeiThe、
It is recommended at the hotel seems like to be sure to revisit !
Now、Helped meSherwood TaipeiYour goodbye、Go to the next destination.

Yi Yuan (2nd floor)
Hours of operation
Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 18:00To 22:00、Hong Kong S.A.R.-Dim sum (closed on public holidays only) 10:30-14:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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