"The Sherwood Taipei" Chinese Restaurant"Yi yuan" President Bush Set Menu devised for Bush


Altho、His delicate impressions、
There is a whole "Your Home Away From Home"And so it seems、And with top-class service、
Heart happy hospitality
"The Sherwood Taipei"The、
A variety of restaurants、
Chinese restaurant on the second floor as the main dining room "Yi Yuan"The、
Basics of Cantonese cuisine in original、Head ChefKo Kang FeiCreate new
Offers eclectic cuisine combines the splendor of Chinese and western dishes。
In the United StatesFormer President BushAnd in the United KingdomMargaret ThatcherAlso visit、Its flavor has raved!
Original menu was offered two became Hall of Fame、Even now has become a very popular menu here。
The last time "Mrs. Thatcher menu"Of course that was、
This time "President Bush Set Menu"Of course
I want to enjoy the dishes recommended mainly.


Private rooms、Four rooms have a variety and、
Dinner with your family and relatives and、Formal dining、Or in business meetings also are available。
This is in a private room here、Former President George w. BushWill benefit from、
Former President George w. BushIn order to let you devise original menus!
"Famous GM"Be referred to asAchim V. HakeIntroduction、
The Public Relations OfficerYvonne WuAnd the Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochSan、
And、Friends inRyohei HiedaWith both is the beginning of a wonderful dinner party.


With the support of God referred to specialty GM
Achim V. Hake


Was fascinated by the culture of Taiwan
Shinko Yokochi staff


Provide personalised support
Yvonne Wu


But I was wondering what cheers beers?、Think art isn't always the Taiwan beer、
GMOfAchim V. HakeFor we select beers born!
Germany in the Kingdom one of the world's 100 percent malt beer beer!


"Barre Pilsener"

German beer "Barre Pilsener"。
Small town of 20000 people in the North-East end of the North Rhine-Westphalia NRW、Brewery in Lübbecke (Lubeck)。
GMOfAchim V. HakeThe at was born in Lübbecke (Lubeck)、
Whats up, Ernst Johann Barre (Ernst Johann Barre) founded in 1842, Barre Pilsner
It is in a small, family-run brewery、But beer is generally not so much、
TaipeiIs not handled by the luxury Super。
And the bitterness of the hops and、Very easy to drink beer with feel the flavor!


The appetizer "Cold jellyfish and pork deep fried squid with celery"We will。
Crunchy texture jellyfish is love、Tangy and spicy taste is perfect to accompany your beer!
Here isMr.AchimOf my favorite dish there.


On this day、Head ChefKo Kang FeiWas to attend the event、
Sous chefRay HuangKindly go to say hello!


"President Bush Set Menu" 3000 TWD (Japan Yen:JPY 10800)

George familyThe three generations、Sherwood TaipeiThe foot has been carried、
Stay hereFormer President George w. BushThe original course menu designed to suit taste.。
Preferred meatsFormer President George w. BushOf for the course setup and、
For men has become well-seasoned firmly.


"Sliced Roasted Duck Breast with Orange Sauce"

Duck roasted served with sauce using fresh oranges。
President Bush earlier.、When was the Ambassador to Beijing、It was in Peking duck fan。
However,、And chips to serve as Peking duck、
Head ChefKo Kang FeiWas devised to President Bush
The thing with the new original Peking duck!
President Bush duck here called you like very、
Take-out orders are made on the last day of liked us so。
The duck meat was moist and feel the flavor、
Give the impression on the palate and a refreshing scent of Orange.


"Double-Boiled Superior Shark's Fin Soup"

Braised shark's fin soup、We last seeMrs. Thatcher menu"Of course,、
In made in Thailand clay pot (clay pot), that had been arranged、
Here "President Bush Set Menu"Now、Orthodox shark's fin simmered in、
That is a thick paste、We can experience the delicious look better taste of the base of the soup!


"Braised Whole Abalone in Oyster Sauce"

Soft steamed abalone、You put oyster sauce.、
While you feel the fragrance of ♪


"Steamed Fish Fillet with Ham and Mushroom"

Fish food slow cooked with steam in the steam、
Shiitake mushroom、In that fish repeatedly boiled ham、Fragrance and wrapping、We will put the source。
Coloring with Bok Choy。
Moist and fluffy finish fish and ham and soft you can enjoy flavor of shiitake mushrooms.


Yi yuanThe Manager help me while、Please support!


"2014 Chalk Hill Luna Shiraz"

Producing Australia's McLaren Vale Brewer "Chalk Hill"Make wine、
Grape varieties are Shiraz 95%、With a blend of Barbera 5%、
Because it uses the ripe Shiraz、Purple and Crimson、
Sweet, floral fragrance、Strong, spicy、Guests can enjoy a rich, full-bodied, powerful!


"Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage"

Pan tasteAnd the、With Chinese sausage found in the markets of Hong Kong S.A.R.、
Glutinous riceAnd the、Sticky riceGlutinous riceIn that it is。
Preserved tasteToGlutinous riceTogether with rice (or steamed) in rice、And Hong Kong S.A.R. and international overseas Chinese people's favorite things。
Glutinous riceThe rice was delicious texture, click、 Pan tasteEmits a distinctive scent at the same!


"Crispy Chicken with Sliced Fresh Pineapple"

Sprinkle the potato starch on the inside of the chicken skin from、Fill out the flavoursome squid Surimi、
At high temperatures from the breaded and fried chicken skin in terms、
Crispy chicken skin is crisp and sound comfortable、Become a fluffy texture with Squid、
Good sweet and sour pineapple accented。
"Mrs. Thatcher menu"The cuisine appetizers in the same recipe.、
Different source、"Mrs. Thatcher menu"The plain with salted、
"Former President Bush menu"That has been seasoned, such as sweet and sour pork!


"Dragon Baked Half Lobster with Caviar"

The lobster was wrapping a mild curry sauce、
Plump and tender texture to finish.、Served with caviar accent, enjoy!


"Red Date Pancake on Vanilla Sauce"

While Chinese crepes w/ sweet sweet custard、It's crisp on the finish surface、
Outside crispy while though. enjoying premium、Will be in vanilla sauce。
Accompanied by Taiwan fruit.


While enjoying a meal at all、
There's an accident it loose source、Her husband's jacket to catastrophe!
Just like then、Mr.Achimis、In-House Hotel brought me has turned into underground facilities、
One hour in no、Me come very clean!


To have stained!


Achim dash to the laundry!


Cleaning in about an hour!


Remove clean stain approximately 1 hour、The jacket back!
In the introduction to PV for this hotel、Have scenes end up spilling red wine in the white jacket women enjoying a meal.、
There was that fine dining to finish cleaning the。
Exactly what、Going to watch it live, (laughs)
Mr.Achim、Thanks for running sweat so quickly, thank you。
In a private room with private、Around a friend's delicious and enjoyable meal。
That was hit by terrible accident、Now there means an unforgettable experience!

Yi (Yi Yuan) hotel on the second floor
Hours of operation
Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 18:00To 22:00、Hong Kong S.A.R.-Dim sum (closed on public holidays only) 10:30-14:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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