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"Mandarin Oriental Taipei Mandarin Oriental, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Taipei"The Chinese restaurant"Ya Ge at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei m. Islands(Yang) "at dinner time!


Chinese restaurant "m. Kaku (YA GE) in the hotel、French 'Café Un Deux Trois at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei(Cafe en de Troyes).、Italian restaurant "Bencotto at Mandarin Oriental Taipei(Venkat) "of the three restaurant、These restaurants are designed by New York based global space designer Tony Chi、All dishes served China fuelled its unique design skills、And we figured the feeling!

The Chinese restaurant "m. Kaku (YA GE)"、Invited to the veteran chef with a craftsmanship from Hong Kong S.A.R. put、In addition to Wong Wing, the talented Manager (Nitro Wong) And I pick up、The order establishes a comprehensive system、2018At the "Taipei Michelin 2018" was announced in March, fine we won stars one!

In addition to the ornate main dining room、A variety of events and conferences、Provides a large number of private rooms available for families、Ample private secure!

This can be private、For each guest at a restroom、Enjoy a meal slowly, very useful! On this day、4Incorporated, a new menu for、Will the special course!

(1) "the duck, green leaf roll"
The first shaft、Peking duck to freshen up and wound up in a green leaf、You will be in a gentle taste of homemade mayonnaise! Eating one bite、Jussie with crunchy, one might enjoy the appetite!

(2) "appetizer (m. Islands products taste panels).
Roast suckling pig, enjoying the sweet gravy filled with crispy type Calipari skin surface texture and foaming and、With Sesame jellyfish in the form recommended、Using Kagoshima Berkshire pork, the meat moist and the caramelized、Mishina BBQ pork flaring flavor you honey-flavored sauce.

Wine、 Rong y. WONG (Wong Nitro) manager and then let in red wine, Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2014!

Italy's Veneto Red、Varieties and blends mostly corvina、A rich garnet-red colour、Red berries and chocolate、Enjoy the aroma reminiscent of spices、A round, plump body、Chinese sweet fits even better!

(3) "porcini mushrooms and Matsutake abalone soup (Pliocene of beef liver, fungus himematsu mushrooms Braised Abalone).
An elegant soup called Phantom of mushrooms and Matsutake and fragrant porcini flavor brought out、Includes a refreshing scent of orange peel as an accent、While moist fleshy abalone soft cooked filling.

(4) "lobster with fermented black beans sauce (Shrimp Fried soup Dragon Ball)"
Fleshy lobster in the Taiwan island "Penghu (Hoko)" 漁reta is、For hidden knives are placed over、While enjoying a moderate elasticity and firmness、On the tongue are also easy to eat lead! And been fragrantly fried with beautiful color and green onions with a sweet pepper and green pepper、Bean sauce is my favorite!

On the way、The entire drinks Division to clamp down on SommelierAlex TsaiBusy in the event、We took to greet me.、Was served! With the same combination of restaurant staff permit (Alex Hsu) Taka-Kun was great! (Lol)

(5) "grouper with soy sauce (macular decoctions sea, drum oil emperor Yu).
Crispy skin surface from、The grouper with bitterish-sweet sweet soy sauce、Body thickness can also enjoy fresh feeling! Whole hokku (s) along with the cooked garlic and sweet spring onion!

(6) "asparagus chicken bouillon (Qing Ed Lu 筍).
In the season a respectable size of green asparagus and cooked in chicken broth! The dish a perfect snack to enjoy the crunchy texture and freshness! Is artisan made so simple dish!

(7) "Yang special fried rice (fried rice with m. Kinkaku)"
The exquisite flipbook fried with dry shrimp and if the size of a lobster、Pingtung 唐墨 using luxury、It is magically stop the chopsticks of fried rice!

(8) "(Almond almond) almond oil.
Instead of just almond、In almond almond flavor、Not too sweet in taste、Even after being made and delicious!

(9) "Katsura flower jelly、Pineapple cake.
The petits fours、Finish with rich pineapple cake mix jelly confined Katsura floral scents and two species of pineapple and Pu-Erh tea! Loud as well as yaki-Niku、Stomach knowing the sauce with a classy Chinese、Are you inviting a restful night's sleep!

After the meal、Stroll around the hotel, 酔i覚mashi。

Under the Moonlight、Hotel in the beautiful night sky is lit、Represents a further fuelled the profound sense of style!

Return to the room、Upholstered in hot water in the bathtub、With Herbold heartwarming birthday、It is a bed while enjoying the afterglow!

Yang ya Kinkaku (YA GE)
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-14:30、11:30-14:30(Soil、Day、Public holidays)
Dinner 18:00To 22:00
TEL:+886 2 2715 6788

Taipei Mandarin Oriental (Mandarin Oriental Taipei)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei
Location:No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

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