"Sherwood Taipei" Specialty Butler called Presidential Suite exclusive butler!


"Your Home Away From Home"The concept that、To provide with its warm cozy
"The Sherwood Taipei"The、
Not only just 1 room superior room "Presidential Suite"The present。
Heads of State and political、A special room is graced by businesses to be exploited
This time、Could you let me visit.


There rooms have a special VIP guest room、Exceptional and the service is provided。
In this room、The thing with exclusive Butler also arrived in 24 hours!
Approximately 20 years serving as the exclusive ButlerAlan TanThe、
And many other accomplishments, praise and、In TaiwanSpecialty Butler "The ♪ is known as


Sherwood TaipeiOf the representative artPresidential SuiteThe、
Last time I introduced "Sherwood Suite"And as well as、
Will be provided only 1 room only hotel special room。
Have an elegant space in the area of 263 square meters (80 square meters)、A gorgeous well appointed with elegant、
And bright, soft colors and tones、Design of high-quality wood with lots、
Dadonghai worthy of goodness in a calm and cozy and first-class hotel suite name.


Sherwood TaipeiThe、"Famous GM"Be referred to asAchim V. HakeAnd
Serve as ButlerAlan TanIntroduction、
As you introduce the last、Never leave the table are not behind the scenes work
Mothers will repair clothing and laundry Manager、
Founded long here working here feels like a lot of the staff。
Opened in 1990,、In the year 2015, greeted the 25th anniversarySherwood Taipei
Perhaps、Not only feel comfortable guest visit、
Anyone engaged in here.、Sherwood TaipeiPossess attractive
What is not that we live.

Exclusive Butler'sAlan TanWhile showing a commemorative photograph with famous people who stayed in this evening、
I was able to hear a wonderful memory story.。
a film actor from Hong KongJackie ChanAndChow Yun-fat
of the opera singerPlácido Domingo
Four-man R from England&Group BBlueAnd so on、
It is taken a commemorative photograph with a wonderful celebrity.Alan Tan
By the way is、I've been to you several times in the past.、
When the king of a certain country stayed for a week、The average sleep time is about two hours, so that you can take the fighting system at any time.、
Take off only the jacket of the tailcoat which is a uniform and take a nap, etc.、He was dedicated to serving!
"To respond to each VIP guest、Everytime there is a challenge!"And
With shining eyes, let's talk about usAlan Tanis、
"And let me serve you next time come!"And you hung your voice with a refreshing smile、
Could almost taste the Princess!


Here's too spacious living space、
Celebrity interviews and press conference、Also used for events、
Even to this day in certain shooting was used for、The installation of furniture is removed.


To respond to rapid business、
1 room provides study unleash the restless working desk、
Creates a comfortable space.


At the back of the dining、Equipped with spacious independent kitchen room、
4Heating of cooking in the microwave、And、Full-sized refrigerators and becomes complete.、
Cast products、Simple meal to enjoy in your room、Equipment and cutlery are provided.


To open the back door and、VIP guest guards and Butler、
Are available connecting rooms can serve him at your side at all times!


In the bedroom、There are interior with particularly high-quality materials、
To give the impression of soft、Unleash the restless。
Wrapped in a bedspread embroidered Egypt with King size bed、
Would be a good night's sleep!


With luxury marble bathrooms。
In the handmade and、Equipped with Jacuzzi features、You can relax both mind and body、
Standalone bidet toilet and shower rooms are equipped。
The washbasin provides dual in a separate、Excellent functionality!
Provides top-class brand toiletries and bath item、
The distinguished VIP guests、Embroidered name with bathrobes provided,、
A special service is also provided.


Symmetry of framed


Powder room


Equipped with a comfortable bathroom with bidet


Closet with mirror。
In the room、Our time-honored art with color space、
Like small museum.


A special room in the hotel room。
Are the stately atmosphere、Become a noble who is worthy of your room、
Could be a very valuable experience.

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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