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"Palais de Chine Hotel" "La Rotisserie" Being held weekday limited lobster and king crab crab festival!



Designer hotel of Taipei train station directly connected "Palais de Chine Hotel"The、
This year2016/ 6 year anniversaryOn the occasion、
Many guests to use、We'll provide the happiness、6-Floor restaurant
"La Rotisserie"In the event has been held!
"Lobster and crab all you can eat Festival!"And is、3Than a month Monday-Thursday on weekdays with limited、
Lobster and crab dishes, 12-15 and providing、
In the other food is our buffet、
Eliminating the time limit in hours, all you can eat!

Hours of operation
Lunch time 12:00-14:00、Dinner time 18:30-21:00
Alone like 2,178TWD+10% (Japan Yen:7840 ¥ +10%)
(All advance or on the day of cash payments:Discount of 10% service charge)


After the tours、Marcom ManagerWang ZaraAnd
VIP Services Asst... Mgr... of theLydia YenTogether we came to restaurant 6th floor。

Got this time was present as an interpreter of the、In the friends of Taiwan、Graphic designerAnd working with、
"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEE"LaunchedLi Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)It's cum! (Xie Xie! )


In the restaurant prominent architects and designersRay ChenHas been handled、
Oozes style of European design。
Use multiple mirrors、•The chandelier、
Exudes an atmosphere such as restlessness and a café.


Center counter、20And organic vegetable salad、
Grissini or cheese、Dried fruit, rich
Logs and hemp、Has been pretty CHOY, bucket、Has become a display was also nice!


An extensive organic vegetables!


And out of phthisis dessert!


A lot of Taiwan fruits and juices as well!


Monday menu changes every week and、
On this day exactly well Monday at the time was、Including the new menu 12-15 different dishes.


Behind the counter、Sushi counter seating、
To have your image of Japan、Gates are used as one of the display。
Hold per order、Enjoy funny performance.


Tremendous lobsters and crab Tower!

Other than the different taste of lobster and crab、Cooked in front of oysters and abalone、
American steaks baked in the oven cut on the fly、Luxurious restaurant dishes is a lot!


Fresh raw oysters on the Penghu Islands 漁reru corner is a very popular!
That is a staple of us squeezed lemon and gugut、
In a wide variety of original source plus changes in taste、Try searching your favorite taste.


In the shellfish scissors "V"And out of seafood was designed and decorated、
Mussels by shellfish、Dungeness crab and black tiger prawns are!


At the sushi counter、Vinchoumagro and lean、Salmon、Seared bonito, such as sort.、
If you like, can be ordered.


Variations of sushi rolls sushi、And balls are provided.


Click here "Rice croquettes with spicy cod roe"The、
Performance over the Orange brandy and flambé is a sight to see!


Heat the Orange brandy


Sprinkle in the balls


Blue flame in performance!


"Roe rice croquettes.

Rice mixed with cod roe and croquettes、The salmon will be together。
And flambé with brandy Orange、Delicately scented。
Served with mayonnaise、State of hot 頬張rimashou in one bite!


Along with lobster and crab、
And offers fresh crepes and toppings of your choice, enjoy!


A hearty fried crab legs!


Crepes with lobster!


Into the Red vinegar! Lobster dumplings!


Flambé with the brandy "Blunder love star"And
Saute peppers and peanuts in a spicy "Lobster pepper peanut sauce"And so on
Guests can enjoy various lobster recipes in!


To lobster chunks!


Brandy Rob star!


Lobster with Chili peanut!


New menu this week "Herb sauce crab"And
"King crab and mussels in tomato sauce"We will put。
King crab and mussel abundance using and、Fragrant herbs such as bay leaf whets the appetite.


"Crab herb sauce.、"King crab and mussels in tomato sauce.、"Japanese-style crab miso cocktail.

"Herb sauce crab"The、And new menu、We meet every week there are new menu?
"King crab and mussels in tomato sauce"The baguette, served with、
"Japanese crab miso cocktail"The、Japan steamed egg custard to taste.、
Shaoxing using accents for、Stand the sweetness、Vary the flavor.


"Lobster and oyster rice noodle"The、
Also said that Taiwan's food for the soul "oyster noodles"The vigor that would put the lobster!
"King crab clam kakizaki seafood congee"A rich seafood broth is Carpe diem!


Lobster and oyster rice noodle

The flavor of the lobster and oysters comes、Rice noodles is tangled often thin soup that is thickened。
Coriander flavor is accented.


Taiwan peopleRick WangChef (37 years old)、That had been a long practice in the United States、
Palais de Chine HotelThe return to Taiwan before opening、Has been working as a chef。
Learn French and American、Currently, based on Italian and、Conducts cooking mixed the spices of various countries!


In addition to the fish、Includes a patio where you can enjoy various types of meat!
American steaks and New Zealand grown lamb chops、
Like the BBQ skewers and enjoy!


ChefRickJerking off in the chef bustling open kitchen cooking shows!


American grown steak

Sauteed with grilled steak、Spicy garlic sauce.


"Chicken skewers.

Skewer the chicken and paprika、BBQ sauce!


Dessert corner、Phthisis on Easter Festival cake hits!


And a mousse made of sugar craft hens and chicks
Mousse decorated with colorful chocolate eggs with phthisis and sponge cake!
With a unique idea、Look whats the size and cute and delicious!


The all you can eat "Lobster and crab all you can eat Festival!"The very popular、Day and night are much better used。
Only crustaceans、Vinyl gloves and scissors and set on the table、
Along with the form stuff oneself in the intently、
The Australian dining pleasure because the constant smile time passes!

La Rotisserie
Afternoon tea:15:00-17:00

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

"Palais de Chine Hotel" Delicate detail that is different in the executive floor and the general floor! Taipei's wholesale district "Huayin St" this place is continuing a wholesaler to a variety of goods are aligned at a low price!
"Palais de Chine Hotel" Delicate detail that is different in the executive floor and the general floor!
Taipei's wholesale district "Huayin St" this place is continuing a wholesaler to a variety of goods are aligned at a low price!

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