"Palais de Chine Hotel" Check out the dignity full of appearance and hospitality rich hotel !


Located on the North to Taipei main station、Taipei City was built as a joint project with the Government of、
Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
"Palais de Chine Hotel"The、Connected to the underground station, Taipei, boasts a perfect location。
2010March 5In the opened、The hotel attracts attention、
Among the prominent architects and designersRay ChenHas been handled、
Décor oozes style of European design。
A red sign emerges around a bustling Taipei main station、
The logo image of stamp、In the name of the hotel "Your products"The characters are conspicuous!
"Your products"、"King of quality"Means and、Pale Decin's first hotel chain brand in Taiwan
"LDC Hotels & Resorts Group"Run is a 5 star hotel!


Colours and shades of dark tones filled with restless、
Using the walls quarried rock walls and chandeliers、And is the image of the European、
Better incorporating new design in a classic six-floor front lobby.


On this day、From Taipei main station in the southernmost tip of TaiwanKentingOn the head、Early flights。
After breakfast、In a room packed up immediately、
The front desk staffRuby ChangIn and asked the checkout!


At the hotel concierge counter、
Become a meeting place forTaipei station East Third GateTo the directions you'll!


Concierge.Wei HuangMeeting point、
Staff will escort while carrying luggage and ♪ (Xie Xie!)


This time was for long stays、And well over the 20 kg suitcase weight is、
And that's hard with this suitcase and go underground、
Taipei station East Third GateUp is that it takes 10 minutes to walk、Me to arrange a taxi.


Assistant General ManagerJennifer Chenis、
Us go on farewell! (Xie Xie! )
This time、Factors marked the stay at this hotel、It was located in Taipei train station directly connected。
Try to stay real、Palais de Chine HotelOf the building full of character to live up to the name and、
Hard surface concept to attractive natural are understandably、
Introduction to 6 year anniversary at this year's、I felt the novelty of various ingenuity that month does not feel too much。
Also、In terms of software、That bundling many hotels group company、Developed with the experience of hospitality、
And、In women's Manager and Assistant Manager standing on the、I feel attention unique to women。
In addition、Thoughts of the owner making andanalyzed 1人1人 staff、Providing services。
The charm of the hotel、All the same "People"In believe。
You can feel fully comfortable in there can、Mind now and stay warm!


Approximately 5 minutes by taxi、At the Taipei railway station arrived on the eastern front of the Mikado!
Taipei 3 day of good weather in the morning、
In the southernmost tip of Taiwan, boarded a train from Taipei main stationKentingOn the go!

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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