"Palais de Chine Hotel" Introduce a functional facility who cast the latest equipment to artistic beauty space!


"Palais de Chine Hotel" Of "Your products' = 'The dignity of Cesarean section"Means and、
"Palais de Chine"And the Chinese"China Palace"The image is named。
In respect of European art of design
By interweaving China taste、Luxurious feel than the fusion of Western and Oriental is a 5 star hotel!


Marcom ManagerWang ZaraAnd
VIP Services Asst Japan speak... Mgr... of theLydia YenTo ask for interpreter、
Recommended tours.


To appear all over the hotel "Horse"The、Hotel desire want and、
Retailers such as car "Horse"That was an essential means of transport for、
This hotel "Falstaff"And shall、Stay in the stable with offer、Also"A journey around the world"The implications, including、
As a symbol of the hotel "Horse"That is widely used and。
Owner himself in place of self promotion "Hotel owner"And that does not mention the、"Hotel Lord"And it has been claimed。
Owners of the trendy spirit of Panasonic.


Is displayed in the front "Horse"The、LadyHas been named、
We have real Lady-like an elegant appearance。
Wood antique the history of about 200 years ago, antiques、The long long journey was brought from Europe。
Built on real horses in life-size size、
For the horse's mane uses real horse mane、In reality there are tons。
That is possible、When it comes to riding "200 year old, it is withhold for old body"And of that (laughs)
That part of the mouth and jaw move、How long for antiques.、
Please make note of is rough to touch.


In the elevator Hall、Now installed on an unused fireplace。
Also on the 6th floor restaurant "La Rotisserie"The earlier
Fireplaces are installed、Seems to be running and there is still cold to greet。
The wobbling and wavering flame of real、With the warmth it give me peace!


On the sixth floor at the front counter has been installed、
That building, so no change in day and night of、
French classic in the stately and luxurious look、
You can take an extraordinary Castle landed what would!


In front of the front counter、Business center seating、
Guests 24-hour system freely available will enable。
Here is the image library of the University, is designed to、Are giving the tranquility and serenity。
On this day、That was used at the meeting, we、
Charter also seems becomes possible by appointment.


Descended to the hotel 5th floor、We visited the banquet and meeting rooms。
Also at what level、The aroma of pleasant aroma、Makes you feel relaxed mood。
Here is、Palais de Chine HotelThe original (a blend of lavender and pine trees) are burnt in、
Be healed in a soft pleasant aroma。
Actually,、It made scented with an aroma of original Hotel Group。
研gi澄maseba smell、At the original flavor of each of its hotels、
Will be revived memories when you revisit.


Banquet halls reception counter


Banquet reception、China Eastern Jin politician and calligrapher in "Wang Yi," Of "Orchid Pavilion preface"Obsolete and、
Written on screen has power。
"Yonghe nine years beginning in late spring Guichou"With manual start、
Eastern Jin 1383 (353 years) 3/3、In shanyin County County, kuaiji (present-day Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing City)、
In the history of the County, kuaiji rangedWang Yi,The、After performing the ritual at the time of celebrity "Sontaku, Choan" et al 41 people and God、
It is played, making a lined poem flow。
As a preface of the poems of this collectionWang Yi,The wrote that、"Orchid Pavilion preface"To be。
"Orchid Pavilion preface"The is written in"Hiroyuki"Of the different characters are all written、
Wang Yi,The composed and taught.


In the corridor leading to the ballroom and mixes Western and Eastern cultures and、
Antique key fits the theme, such as decorated.


For here has a garden concept.、Are equipped with a work of art to the image of the fountain、
Decorated with fountains was drawn to the tapestry.


Banquet room "Grand Hall (Ryo)"

The banquet hall "Grand Hall (Ryo)"The、Will be used as a wedding reception halls and banquet rooms。
Here is、And image of the same construction as the Paris Opera、Door seems heavy.


Banquet room "Grand Hall (Ryo)"

"Grand Hall (Ryo)"The、3Can be divided into two、
By removing the partition becomes a banquet hall that can accommodate up around 300 guests。
Full ceiling height、Conspicuous、The sleek design ceiling、Designed with images like picked "drape"、
And paste the thin copper over wood paneling、
A chandelier or light diffuses affixed over copper、Unleash shine so beautiful。
Even to this day had become a banquet place settings、日本のような新郎新婦のひな壇はなく
In addition、披露宴では日本のように華やかな正装をされることは少なく
Cook、At the round table provided Chinese cuisine、It is also occasionally incorporate elements of the ocean, such as the French。
With the reception in a hotel in Taiwan、Here also seems to be very popular.


Banquet Hall "Grand Hall (Ryo)"On top、Under the curtain in the owner's fatherKousukeWas that written
The teachings of the Tang dynasty are decorated on both sides、Has become a pair of。
Lydia YenThe I heard meaning is written.


' Large ' hearts world of Yohei and heart of country things "
Have a broad mind、Vision is spreading.、You can get a wide range of knowledge、Keep calm mind and to discuss the merits。

"Ischemia and heart research world of constant and heart stress wreaks changes.
Have a humble heart、Explore the world of、Mind set, fits all!。

KousukeAnd it is that calligraphy is not、Teaching handwriting, itself seems to be very nice.。
Usually during the party, wedding、Beneath the velvet curtain slipped into the screen is that it is!


The atmosphere of the corridor leading to the meeting rooms and also unusual changes、Unleash the calm colors and designs are used。
Material of walls throughout the hotel is decorated with oak、Luxurious space for trees was used in abundance.


Most recent audio、Provides 4 conference rooms equipped with video system、
Conferences and seminars、Training、In many ways, such as a press conference location!


But interesting、That philosopher by the name of each conference room。
France-born philosopher、Mathematician、Among natural scientistsRene DescartesAnd
VoltairePlaywright in France and pen name of poet、Historian、Philosopher François-Marie by、
Mathematician in France、Physicist、In religious philosopher.Pascal
Switzerland-born thinker、Writer、Composer、Political theorist
In one of the representative figures of the enlightenment FranceJean-Jacques RousseauThe name is
Engraved in each room.


A conference room has been given the name of prominent philosophers and thinkers as to the、
Great inspiration to produce、Become a perfect place as a business and if not.


On the 17th floor and top floor of the hotel、
A Chinese restaurant serving Cantonese and finest "Le Palais"There。
Fortunately fresh seasonal vegetables、Dim sum Dim sum、With sumptuous meals and an à la carte menu where you can feel free to、
Are available to suit your requirements。
Let me introduce detail information for later use at dinner.

Le Palais


A fitness center as well as provided on the 17th floor。
Giving out murals representing horse racing、Designed ceiling in the futuristic images!

Utilization time:6:30-23:00


In favorite things are patronized by the owners themselves have to click here、
The latest from the type、Rare item too hard、Equipped with a wide variety of!
Provide Panel described how to fly the fitness machines、
See if you do not know how to use it!


The VIP Lounge on the 17th floor is on the top floor of the hotel "Le Salon"Is prohibited for、
Will be only entrance。
And to welcome special guests staying in the Executive floor for Salon、
Breakfast and snacks throughout the day、Such as alcohol and drinks is freely available。
Owner desire although also contains part of the collection and a West filled with antiques、
Unleash the great age of furnishings and beautiful tonal music,、
Just stay there、Immersed in an elegant mood luxurious。
And bother you at night、A special wine while enjoying the night we felt like a Cup.
[Operating hours]
All-day dining:7:00-23:00、
Happy hour:17:30-19:30

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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