Taipei's wholesale district "Huayin St" this place is continuing a wholesaler to a variety of goods are aligned at a low price!


Located on the North to Taipei main station、Taipei City was built as a joint project with the Government of、
Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
"Palais de Chine Hotel"In the after lunch to、
Taiwan people's friendLi Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)Engaged in the
Pop-up coffee stand "EAVES COFFEE"For walking、
Called the wholesale district to go thereHuayin StAsk us!


Taiyuan road spread within a short walk on the West side of Taipei train station、Chongqing North Road "Huayin St"Region、
Called "Wholesale district"As referred to、
Is famous as a specialty shopping lined wholesale wholesale store featuring a wide selection at low price!


Area lined with wholesale、Each area divided into approximate genre、
Taiyuan roadThe、Mainly leather goods and bags、Lined with shops that sell packages such as plastic containers and paper bags at wholesale prices、
Chongqing North RoadThe、Accessories and fashion items、Craft materials、Gadgets、Focus and shops selling clothes, hats, etc.、
Changan West RdThe、Stationery and event decorations、Many a shop selling toys and party goods、
That the area around "Huayin St"And refers to.


This restaurant is made of plastic sheets and pipes、Bottle in plastic bags、Rubber sheet、
Silicone and adhesive tape、Raincoat、Boots、
Canvas、Sewing Cork、Rubber gloves、Rubber finger cots and so on are sold!

Sanshin glue co., Ltd.
Address:Taipei City South Harbor, Xinhua Yin Street 42, no. 11


Shop "CAI SL Okayama lamb"To be"Okayama"、Point out Street Okayama near Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan、
Of the ownerYellowWas born in Okayama is like Japanese wife。
The mutton is famous in Okayama、
"當 returned red meat and fritillariae"120 TWD、"Red meat noodles line water"Including 130 TWD、Guests can enjoy dishes made with fresh lamb.

CAI SL Okayama lamb
Address:Taipei City Tatung, Hua Yin district 42-5 No.
TEL:+886 2 2558 4856
Hours of operation:9:30-19:30


Popular pepper cake "Fukumoto pepper cake"The、For a juicier pepper come out piping hot gravy、
Allow time and presented to the Panel in front of the shop、It takes about 15 minutes。
In a popular restaurant is always fresh、LeePepper mochi-Kun would recommend!

Fukumoto pepper cake
Address:Taipei City Hua Yin city 42-19 號
TEL:02 2550 0356
Hours of operation:12:00-19:00


As to why young people choose a hostel (guesthouse), not hotel、
Inexpensive and fashionable、Many more unique hostel、
By using the shared space、Benefits should be easy to guests between the foreign community was born。
Click here "Star Hostel Taipei Main Station"Even one。
From Taipei train station within walking distanceHuayin StAnd along the、
Rates are580TWD-3000 TWD (Japan Yen:2,090JPY – JPY 10800)And it is very good!
Simple and compact room on bed、Sleep only to ensure enough space。
Living room to use as a shared space is overflowing Green、Clean and cozy atmosphere。
Shared kitchen space available、(Lodging included) breakfast will served at the Café!
Those who want to reduce travel expenses、Recommended dormitory-style (single room)、
Including a couple in the room、Includes family-friendly rooms。
Taiwan people's friendLi Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)Engaged in the
Pop-up coffee stand "EAVES COFFEE"The、
To actually have a booth on the shared space of the hostel、We will introduce later for more information.

Star Hostel Taipei Main Station
Location:TaiwanTaipeiDatong, China Yin city 50 no. 4 House
TEL:+886 2-2556-2015


As well asHuayin StDoughnut shop along the line makes sense "Brittle skin Sun Kong Tian Tian biosphere"Discovery!
In Taiwan long ago arranged contemporary old fried Donuts Donuts、1-20 TWD (Japan Yen:About 70 yen) in、
Large size hung with plenty of sugar and milk powder。
Outside is crispy, flaky、In a fluffy texture that、
In the taste to feel the nostalgia somewhere、Seems similar to image gentle Sweet fried bread。
Two shops and stores、Futaba castle town "Brittle skin Pliocene Kong Tian Tian biosphere sunny light general storeIt will be "♪

Brittle skin Sun Kong Tian Tian biosphere
Address:183th Taipei Huayin Street,
TEL:02 2550 9914
Hours of operation:11:00-19:30


Lined with shops selling leather goods and bags at wholesale prices、Stretching north to SouthTaiyuan road


Name of street、If you find a bottle or glass tubing containers "Lybottle"。
Is the name of the Taiwan many are straight is easy to understand! (Lol)
From plastic containers, such as cosmetics and medicine glove compartment of the glass tube, etc.、Variety will be available in large and small sizes.

Address:Taipei City, Taiyuan road 11-8 No.
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:30、9 weekend weekend:00To 18:00


Seemingly got to feel like 100 yen shop、
And while they see and、Surprise surprised unexpected location!
The assortment of products、Shake all containers will be available in high-bandwidth specialty stores.


We've had shopping arcade、Specializing in views、Stop shop would like to find、Library walk (lol)


You'll find various gift boxes and bags, packaging bags "c-r-packing」!
In Japan "Package Plaza"For such is a specialty packaging supplies。
Commercial from pieces in General, use of useable goods up for people working in a variety of scenes.

Address:Taipei City, Taiyuan road 11-6 No.
TEL:+886 2 2556 1551
Hours of operation:10:00-17:30


When you buy small souvenirs、
Comes with bag is very bland... that is so useful when packaging is filled。
Of course sell one copy for personal use、Available in priced packs sold any deals for business.


Huayin StTo and return、Let's take a stroll to the back.


To sell Taiwan the triangular-shaped snack "Chuan Tong old early rice"。
That is a kind of big in Japan、For triangular-shaped and triangular-mochi are。
One piece 25 TWD (Japan Yen:About 90 yen)。
Peanut and sesame seeds、Brown sugar、Butter、Guests can enjoy such as red bean flavor.


Changan West RdIn a back alley、Dress and hat、Line the grocery store and accessories shop.


Flaky and round and in about an hour if you can stroll "Huayin St"Area。
In wholesale bothers、Maybe to find a chance to meet!

No. 157-159, Huayin St, Taipei City, Taiwan

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