An à la carte dinner at "Le Palais" Palais de Sin Cantonese cuisine with a gorgeous!


Nice train station directly connected to Taipei
"Palais de Chine Hotel"On the 17th floor
Chinese restaurant "Le Palais"The Cantonese cuisine in Central、
Dim sum and dim sum、Or the Teochew variety Chinese cuisine, Shanghai cuisine menu will be available。
Chen Wei Qiang (Chen)The head chef、In the famous hotel restaurant experience、
While responding to the various needs of guests、Always challenging new recipe、
Creates original menus.


"Le Palais"That since the opening of the 2010、This year celebrates its 6th anniversary。
Chen Wei Qiang (Chen)For chef's sincere belief and、
Many foodies and culinary creations to produce、Has received numerous awards。
In addition、Cross-Strait culinary culture forum "10Great restaurant"Now、2012And in 2013 has been elected two years continuous。
After that、2015Significantly redesigned menu,、
Popular Cantonese、Fuzhou、Sichuan cuisine in addition to intact new Shanghai cuisine and creative new menu、
Bring excitement and surprise to many foodies、Popular!


Beer bottle encased in a showcase at the entrance of the restaurant became concerned about、
Marcom ManagerWang ZaraAnd VIP Services Asst... Mgr... of theLydia YenToI heard!


Alcohol 65 degrees in the second high alcohol content beer、
Its name is "Armageddon」!
In the beer produced by the brewery, run by 26-year-old British young managers 2 people、
A new beer was developed in the United Kingdom、It is called buzz beer。
"Armageddon"That production、
Scotland avatineshar State brewery "Brewmeister"。
Unlike a typical beer manufacturing method、Leaving ice-free frozen wort in the fermentation stage in alcohol、
Are produced by frozen water to get rid of high-alcohol beer。
Really taste it's "amazingly smooth.、It is not painful such as Tequila or whiskey。
Current、Has been with the world's highest alcohol content beer、
In the new beer was brewed at the brewery、Alcohol 67.5 degrees "Snake Venom"Next I。
If you have the opportunity、I would like to try both!


Are equipped with the horse tank built the image of a horse watering hole in the entrance hall.、
In fact、Is the sound of falling water is cool。
Uses the design of a traditional house in China to build space.


Palais de Chine HotelThe、Themes on the design style of the Napoleonic era Europe、
Chinese restaurant "Le Palais"The、Giving out interior fusion of Western and Eastern cultures、
Shop、Maine dining, private room、Each room provides for、
Can you use to suit your requirements.


Colorful Phoenix painted on theme painting、The paper was printing a special statistic、
Much like as if made of authentic embroidered detail in three dimensions has been reproduced!


The main dining area、In the space and partition lacing、And provides a 6 seat round table。
Perched on a Chair in the velvet with tassel、Is possible around the food fun with everyone!


Image of person boat semi private room!


Mix up the taste of the West!


Beautiful mural in a modern Chinese style!


6 rooms are private and、Include private rooms available for up to 20 people。
Only in an open space near the window、Feels soft light poured natural light during the day、
Night Galaxy Navigator and I wonder if sheets the night view of Taipei.


At the round table、There are reserved for large group of people for appetizer assortment、
This is the last year.、And appetizers were made in collaboration with the chef invited from Italy、Is a kind of popular.
Guests of the day、California luxury wine "Opus One"Such was the、
Taiwan carry-on fees are very cheap、Here is one 500 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1800 yen) next I.


Time exactly facing at dusk、
I was showing the sunset from a private beautiful gradient.


On this day、Houseboat is the image that semi-private sofa seats and other specialties、
Chen Wei Qiang (Chen)The chef's cuisine à la carte will。
Continue to day、Is given as an interpreter was present、In the friends of Taiwan、Graphic designerAnd working with、
"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEE"LaunchedLi Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)It's cum! (Xie Xie! )


"Red vinegar.

A delicious aperitif or food while drinking Red vinegar、So, good acidity and、Links to increase appetite。
Personally I love a red vinegar、This special Red vinegar is also very delicious!
I am happy is healthy and beautiful skin effect.


Ingredients in green tea、Order the Pu'er tea prevent the absorption of fat.


Puer tea

Abundantly in the Pu'er tea polyphenols、
Remove the oxygen will oxidise the human body、May act to increase the function of the stomach。
Also、Preventing the absorption of fat、Because it contains no fat-burning effect、
As the tea is recommended in the food.


"Daikon radish cakes spicy" 320 TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 1150 yen)

And sprinkled the fried garlic、
A tangy and spicy radish cake、After both sides and fried quickly in oil、
The outside crispy、While even I dust enjoy texture、Of the beer is great, delicious flavor!


"Dry-fried Spicy Chicken with Dried Chili" 520 TWD (Yen Japan:About 1870 yen)

In Taiwan-fried chicken recipes、Sichuan Pepper, complemented by dishes of 4。
Using a floral spicy hotness、After a pull the taste!
Here is、For stimulating hot are relatively good at channeling that sense of satisfaction and、
By adjusting the spiciness is like spicy and good!


"Salt cod and potato hash" 680 TWD (Japan Yen:2450 JPY)

In a dish consisting of fried with eggs and fried with finely shredded salted cod and potato hash from、
Enjoy the crispy texture、The sweetness of the onions and cilantro flavor accents and、The best is the thumb!
This is、Is the food you want to mimic at home!


Taiwan beer

Largest of the beer industry in Taiwan "Taiwan smoke drink Ltd"Beer that sells。
During the occupation of Japan's manufacturers here、Founded by Japanese engineers "Takasago Brewery Company co., Ltd."That is the predecessor company、
After more than 90 years of history with proud、Will be representing Taiwan beer。
The palate is、Unlike the Japan beer、No bitter taste and drinkability is up for sale。
And sharp of Japan beer to anyone who likes a rich、Feels slightly pompous does everything but、
This is commonplace in Taiwan、Guests can enjoy a taste of light!


"Baked Barbecued Pork Buns" 120 TWD per unit (Yen Japan:About 430 Yen / piece)

On the surface is crispy cookie dough、Dividing the dome-like sweet melon bread, open and、
During the pulp of sweet pork bean contains plenty of!


"Crispy Sugar Barbecued Pork Cheek" 680 TWD (Japan Yen:2450 JPY)

Caramelized surface painted by、And a juicier flavor and crunchy texture to enjoy barbecued pork、
How to make fresh and sweet、Would you squeeze a lemon!


"Steamed Palais de Chine King Prawn Dumplings" 210TWD/3 pieces (Japan Yen:760Yen / 3)

It is a steamed dumpling with prawn from the special Red vinegar infused with a dropper。
Alternate contains two shrimp、Guests can enjoy a tender texture.


"Roasted Crispy Baby Duck" 1280 TWD (Yen Japan:Approximately ¥ 4600)

"Roasted Crispy Baby Duck"The food names、A famous poet in ChinaSu Dong-PoOf the poem、
"Bamboo outside the peach flowers Nr Saegusa、Harue water warm duck like
(Meaning:Bloom of peach 2.3 circle、Duck River drifts away spring to know) "from taking。
Use born 28 since month ago Ilan ran from little duck、
For a 未成長、Until the flesh less factory、Is characterized by soft, fleshy。
Signature containing Chinese medicine such as star anise sauce to 2、3Including soaking、Prepare to do the hanging、
Oil dropped and then roasted in the oven、40Minutes dry air something。
Before serving heat oil in, provides a warm and、The skin is crispy、Flesh is very soft taste。
Also、+300TWD (1080 yen)The additional charge as an option、After losing the meat like duck serves soup or porridge.
(* This menu is 2 days prior to reservation required)


"Roasted Crispy Baby Duck"In charge ofGemmy ChiengChef、
Quick、Makes great with scissors。
Flesh, bone, and soft、The thing with crispy and can be cut with the kitchen knife with scissors!


Very easy to eat, was cut in the offer。
Cartilage with a chicken breast and thigh and crunchy texture is、
Small duck, because fewer quirks、In the soft, fleshy and juicy、
Enjoy the crisp texture of a luxurious dish.。
Let's focus on giyugun and lemon!


"Stir-fried Baby Spinach and A Lettuce with Tofu Sheet" 380 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1370 yen)

By using the garden lettuce and spinach is not genetically modified soya bean curd stir-fry、
Light and、Coaxes out a mellow bean curd taste!


"Wok-fried Crab Meat、and Egg White Rice" 580 TWD (Japan Yen:About 2090 yen)

And use the slender Thailand rice grain、Finish and pushed。
The scallops Flash fried, sweetened condensed、
Enjoy with the texture of a crisp green beans is a simple taste of fried rice.


"Acid vegetables and Duck Soup" +300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

This is made after losing the meat like duck soup.、
In duck bone soup, it deals、And pickled vegetable soup。
Umami filled broth gently seeps into the stomach、Ideal to accompany fried rice!


"Almond Tofu Pudding" 180 TWD (Japan Yen:About 650 yen)

Almond smell、And wars flowing I and almond tofu a smooth texture。
Sweetness and very good taste!


"Deep-fried Sweet Cheese Pastry" 180 TWD per unit (Yen Japan:About 650 Yen / piece)

Use 2 kinds cheese is sweet and regular cheese、
Wrapped in puff pastry、Plump fried、What finally finished up with sugar powder。
The outside crispy and、During the melting of cheese contains plenty of、
Is the most popular in the desert turns to enjoy the sweet and salty!


"Baked Egg Tart with Bird's Nest" 210TWD/3 pieces (Japan Yen:About 760 yen / 3)

As the elixir of life handed down from the old bird's nest got plenty of
The bite-size pieces cooked Custard Tart、The texture and smooth custard
In the moist and tart!


Chen Wei Qiang (Chen)Casual à la carte menu to recommend chef to taste at all、
Very good dinner! (Xie Xie! )
And restaurant、On the same floor VIP lounge "Le Salon"At night you can enjoy、
In the nightcap for the wine and whisky、Can be comfy and sleep soundly.

Le Palais

Le Salon
All-day dining:7:00-23:00、
Happy hour:17:30-19:30

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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