"Palais de Chine Hotel" Delicate detail that is different in the executive floor and the general floor!


Connected to the Taipei main station、Large shopping mall "Q square"In the bar
This designer hotel "Palais de Chine Hotel"The rooms are、
97 single rooms、175 rooms、Suite 12 rooms、
Presidential Suite and Vice Presidential suites, each one provided by guest、
Provides all 286 guest rooms、
Standard floor, 7th floor ~ located on the 12th floor、14th floor, Executive floor and imposes on the 16th floor。
On the Executive floor、Feeling restless filled with dark-colored thick cloth、
Wood is used in abundance、It is wrapped in a luxurious space。
In addition、Guests staying on the Executive floor、
In the VIP Lounge located on the 17th floor as rewards "Le Salon"You can use freely.


This falls on the 15th-floor Executive floor room, 1520 "Executive Deluxe"And it is。
We visited this time as usual if that season is、In showing the hustle and bustle of the unexpected、
And almost no availability status、"Suite"Such as the failed grade Wi-Fi tour。
Introduce the difference between the General floor and Executive floor and standard type rooms.


"Executive Deluxe"

37 m² "Executive Deluxe"The、
Classic modern furnished design rooms、Provides the space filled with restless。
Sharing with your room we are indebted、The only difference is built inverted。
Custom-developed "e Butler"In the system、With one remote control such as air conditioning and lighting adjustments possible and、
Most recent audio、Video systems are equipped、In spaces that are both functional and luxury comfort stay!
Mattress、English country office warrant honor given "Slumberland"And use、
In General and executive floors are separated grade mattresses。
In addition to、In the General and executive floors、Although not much different from design、
TV、Is loudspeaker manufacturer and performance differences.、Difference is seen in the attention to detail of the Interior。
For the antique-style furniture decorated、Spend a relaxing time!


The standard floor、And widely used khaki colours and fabrics、A light finish.


Here is room, 7th floor General floors in 707 "Superior" Is!


"Superior (superior).

General floor "Superior"And the Executive floor"Executive Superior (egzectivesuperior)"The、
Size 30 m² and the same comfortable life、Although not much different from design、
Grades of mattresses and TVs、Is loudspeaker manufacturer and performance differences.、
Furniture is installed、Difference is seen in the attention to detail of the Interior。
This would be twin rooms with single beds.


In relation to space、It differs from bathroom build。
Both general floor and Executive floor "Superior"This is about、
Will be integrated with a bathtub and shower design。
Standalone bidet toilet has rooms.


The tours of the Marcom ManagerWang ZaraAnd
VIP Services Asst... Mgr... of theLydia YenTo ask。

The space your sense of freedom and convenience、Architectural designerRay ChenOf expertise in、
By separating and basin boundary in the mirror one here a work desk、
Eliminating the sense of oppression by the wall and felt the depth。
This mirror is half type、You can light a small round lights on the mirror switch provided on the side、
Very useful when you make women!


In the desk drawer、Stationary goods also set、
For in the hotel all have free Wi-Fi、Is useful for business。
Rear mirror of your bathroom is on the door、
With a unique design that is connected with the living room to open!
The shy little resistance is there may be design、There's a charm (laughs)
To be useful、Provide outlets to the lead behind the desk、
Can cell phone charging while it is possible。
Or、By opening up the TV watching even though is not unreasonable as such (? )
I release a style I think.


Avail's difference between the images of every room、Decorated with black-and-white photos of the hotel。
Go trip is taking place?、Enjoy the shoot just like??
In tours、You can find the difference in attention to detail individual room、
Definitely looking for that, it is fun!
Now、Next in line is the sixth floor restaurant "La Rotisserie"of
Is the introduction of exclusive events during the week of the all you can eat lobster or King crab.

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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