Introduce how to buy tickets in Italy railway train and ride from Florence central station


Florence central train station、The official name "Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station (ITO:Santa Maria Novella)"、From Prato "HOTEL DATINI Hotel datini"To use the Italy Japanese national railways as a means of transportation back。May also be incidentally this is marked as "Firenze S M N..."。


Spacious and equipped the station、Even at night relatively users even more crowded, central railway station and just need to be。At the station、Or Gypsy pickpockets take action while watching。


How to buy Italy railway tickets、(1) on the InternetHomepage-TRENITALIA Trenitalia of Italy Japanese national railwaysBetter to reserve in advance。To buy at the counter of the station (2)。Using the ticket vending machine (3)。And there are three、(1) the、Schedules have been finalized to close in tough、This is (2)、(3) provides a way。(2) the Office (biglietteria virietteria)、Often crowded in the basic、Not when you have spare time so tough。At the counter、Even if Italy English words in "Destination (station name)"And the"Number of persons"And the"One way or round trip"And"1Such as vehicles or cars cars"Helpful give tickets then!

One way Solo andata (solo under to)、Reciprocating Andata e ritorno (under Ta e ritorno)
1Such as vehicle Prima classe (prima Classe)、2Such as vehicle Seconda classe (seconda Classe)


Prato central station from Florence central train station (ITO:Prato centrale) is the ticket。Unlike the small tickets in Japan, is the size of the notes more! (Surprise) on the right 2 ADULTI (2 adults) with、This one is with 2 tickets。


The departure of the train platform、Station boards in looking。Pronunciation of Italy station electric bulletin board timetables、Please refer to the following。However in Italy railway、Not to inform Japan in advance have to、Scheduled platform、Trains arrive on the verge of a change that might require attention。In Italy、Even though it has been improved from the previousDelayMany、StrikeAlso frequently now.。

DESTINAZIONE Destinazione (destination)、CATEGORIA category a (type of train)
ORE OLE (departure time) RITARDO retard (the current delay time)、
BINARIO Vinay Rio (departure home number)


Italy railway、In the automatic ticket inspectionsRide before ticket stamped (timbrare timbral)Need to be。Tickets purchased in small-sized machines installed at the station、Before boarding the mark。If you do not mark、Considered fare evasion、It would be paying fines。However、Variety of Eurostar、Inters tea plus if no stamp duty、Stamp is required even when using the print-out service。Note also if you ride without a correct ticket would be fine。


(2) the automatic ticket vending machine (biglietteria automatica virietteria automatic) is、Click here。In the recent、Many are the installation of automatic ticket vending machine、Because it often is not cash, money out of fishing in、You do not have the card has spare time, do it。The first is the language selection。The language is、5In the languages according to because it is included in the Japan language course、In the United Kingdom mark corresponds to。BUY YOUR TICKET (tickets) on the left choose。


Because the departure station (departure on) and Firenze S M N...、Let me show you the arrival station (train) spelling "PRATO"。


To turn off column displays a car、Press the SELECT button for a line of ride time。


ADULTS (adults) next to the + and-button sets the number and、Ensure the amount in the TOTAL (total)、Continue pressing forward of the lower-right corner to (destination)。(Note:The CHILDREN (child)、4Age-are listed as 12-year-old)


Check arrival and departure station and time、Continue pressing forward (to)。


PURCHASE (buy) button。


As a method of payment、Select either CASH (cash) or CARDS (credit card payment)。If cash payment、After pressing the button CASH、Put the cash into the insertion slot of the note in the lower right corner of the ticket、Tickets are coming out ahead, comes out after the change。If using the pennies at this time、Let's always put from the coins。In * unfortunately, Italy、There are sad people who aim to change this。Male and female couples and、Families (couple + children)、Women's groups such as the (Gypsy)、Sat beside the ticket vending machine、Will be calling out to help with the、"No!"And in the resolute、It is best to ignore was also。And please be sure guard to change。They've come out、It is aimed at。


If paying by credit card、Position after the press CARDS into the card on the screen display will guide you。


Mail merge with your available credit card、Put a PIN code with the number keys at the top of the purchase。


Is a train station in Italy、Because the departure Bell、I don't know when to leave。Once you have found the boards or the conductor on train、Even before the departure time on the wait is wise。And during the ride on the train、Is a sure way to get from point train showing the ticket to the conductor, make sure。Why is、Show ticket 指sazu train told the attendants to the first station, confirmed the departure platform、At that time taught home different from is (sweat)、Quite calm, something is wrong with the intuitive work.、While watching the boards again check the saved。Italy people、Apparently the neighborhood quite a rough it、Check at your own risk thank you (lol)


Surprise and delight。This train will move in 20 minutes。Italy railway ride when you have to be careful、That does not have the announcements.。Honest out if you doze off in Japan mean well (lol)、To rely on arrival from the possibility of delay is dangerous。Will no doubt understand the routes each station and。


Italy is a small town in Tuscany、Arrived in Prato。Is the home of the Prato Centrale (Prato central station)。


The atmosphere of the station。Still from the Florence central station or was a quiet、Night 22:00 as security is relatively no problem is likely。


The appearance of the Prato central station。


By taxi to the hotel datini from Prato central train station € 10 (Japan yen approximately 1400 yen) as of distance。Taxi driver it's most of them can't speak English。To play the game in Italy, for that is not、Destination (hotel name, etc) if presented properly、It is almost OK。However,、To prevent from troubles in the taxi fares、Just in case I went by taxi、First the meter and verify that、Check also whether or not properly working。Also、Look at guides, etc.、Would be nice to know about the main sections the price is how much?。Very neat、Car has a price list。We do not charge large sums of money、If you take a taxi、It is best to ride a taxi, hotel,。


To arrive to the hotel datini、1In the bar on the floor of the driverSilvio Santucci Silvio one lonely drinking。Calling with a happy smile "along with 呑mou! "And so was invited、1Decided to get only a cup!


Silvio and her husband red wine、For the limoncello after dinner is my cheers! Fun times while halting Italy words and English utilizing each other's personal stories go so fast、Met, yet driver day 4 I'm well enough regardless of、We are sociable and cheerful character of Italy who loves couples、So good I had to (laughs) this is the best part of the trip、Want to spread the circle of friends around the world! Well next time、Island in the sky Italy trip with the most fun and、Also known asTown dyingAt least is the introduction of the so-called Civita di vagnoreggio!


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