Kanzanji Temple tohoen "and without flowers ' limited time drops of Strawberry's fine elegance as cool sweetness


Kanzanji Temple in tohoen "And without flowers (shizuhana)"Facebook and it says、Sold for a limited time only this time delicious Strawberry-Ichigo Daifuku "Strawberry drops"The too famous for、That、The eel is a Spring Flower Temple, I and I "had endured" next up Hamamatsu ranks third in popularity less popular products。Limited period there、In addition each one carefully hand made for、As long as a number of "Strawberry no shizuku、It seems sales depending on the day、1And sold approximately 1000 enough! However,、Per person and up to 50 due to the purchased number of maximum、Having to buy a lot in the family total putting out there。To buy over the counter、Opening times 9:00 late、It can be seen lined up from early in the morning about 7 a.m. in whichever comes first, wait! As (surprised) how to buy in advance、Stay closed on Monday、Days can be booked on the day other than Tuesday and confirmed by phone、1Than a month ago has been taken to order next month。For a limited time to feel like spring Strawberry shizuku、Popular with taste this year also boasts。This time the、Incase I's always been indebted to buy your family from early in the morning、Ask has been buying up 250 was said! Welcome to (terrible)、So there you have a I.


Packaging is one polite paper to it, it is surrounded!


The drop of the strawberry one 190 Yen、Spring wait tea 100 g 1050 yen

Foreground is cut vertically.。Strawberry (akihime) whole into one、Is a Japanese-style confection wrapped in white and habutae rice cake。Thin habutae rice cake is very soft.、Is there through the carefully-selected Strawberry、Best balance between sweetness and acidity. Ran was further refined later and sweetness、More tidbits、Visit Bliss peculiar moments。The tea is、The Kakegawa "Omura Park"And it's spring waiting for tea on the seasons limited edition tea I had。To enjoy the seasonal products during that time is always appreciated! I、Always treat you like it is!

Ministry of sweets and without flowers
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku Kanzanji-2335, 1F
TEL:053-487-6256 Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku Kanzanji-2335

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