Pompei ruins volcanic eruption overnight ancient Roman glory city beneath the ashes.


BC79 yearOfVesuvius volcanoBy pyroclastic flow eruptions overnight ancient city buried under ash "Pompei ruins"。Again this ancient city limelight as were the excavation proceeded18Beginning of the century。Now、By excavationAnd the public square、Public market、Amphitheater、Arena、ShoppingSuch a major part is open to the public (pay)、Citizens in the city at that time of life shake is just around the corner, you can see!


Vesuvius volcano




Marina gate


Abbondanza Street

Sorrento railway from Naples Central railway stationCIRCUMVESUVIANA circunvesviana line inPompei Scavi Pompei scavi train stationUntil takes approximately 25 minutes、Pompei Scavi Pompei scavi train stationLocated just 3 minutes walk from the。Closing it is possible to buy the tickets in an hour and a half before you。Admission fee is€ 11 * 2013-11-at approximately 1,540 Yen in (Japan yen)And will be。




142 m long、Width 38 mIn size it is saidPublic squareFrom、Vesuvius volcanoThat makes watching the face clearly。A thriving leisure places of RomePompeiiThe population at its peak20000 peopleAnd it is said、This site has"Pompeii、Archaelogical sites of Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata.The major part、A UNESCO World Heritage siteTo the registered。




In the main street of the ancient cityAbbondanza StreetThe、Lined with houses on both sides、TrailAndHorse-drawn carriage roadTo be divided、Consists of cobblestone.。Or are fitted with the drain rainwater to avoid the sides、Or place the stones can pass through the ruts of wagon、No light up at night、Buried in the pavementRememberBy night on the issue had set aside brightness can know the measure enough to civilization at that time with them。




And few in the ruins was originally a stray dog、In the current、It is kept as a guard dog to the Pompeii archaeological thieves drive away! Guide it says、That daytime napping and more、It hit the security guard at night。人慣れしてしまっている犬たちで多くの観光客が写真を撮ろうと近付いてもピクリともせず寝ています本当に警備犬として活躍しているかどうかは定かでありません(笑)火砕流で埋もれ犠牲となったポンペイ人のPlaster statueがケ-スに保管され展示されています激しくもがき苦しみ抜いた表情で見るに耐えない衝撃を与えますので閲覧注意。Here you will、Pompeii RedRich distinctive red tea called preciousFresco paintingもご覧いただけます


In ancient RomeSaunaAndBathingを見学男性女性に分かれた脱衣室冷水熱水温水そして床暖房まで揃い火照った身体を冷やす水場があったりと施設としては豊かです青銅製の大きな火鉢で浴室全体を暖めることが可能だったサウナのような部屋Tepidarium (room temperature)Now、壁の彫像を眺めてはゆっくりと談笑しながらサウナタイムを楽しむ古代ローマ人の姿があったのかもしれませんそれは今も昔もそう変わりはありませんね♪


Counter bar


Oven for baking bread


Drinking fountains

街には食料雑貨の小売店をはじめ居酒屋やパン屋様々な商店が400軒ほど立ち並び当時の街の豊かさが伺い知れますこの街は商業も盛んな港湾都市である一方で火山噴火までは葡萄の産地でありワインを運ぶための壺が多数出土されていることから、Main industry it suggests wine-making was。And、The Tavern at least200HotelsAnd I know too be、From the wine prices at that time were recorded on the wall、Wealthy Roman's visit in this area、Imagine that the wine had a pleasant time on the one hand.


In the modern times、Cities of pleasureBe referred to asPompeii。In this city、Whore HouseSuch has been excavated、And proof exists that's direction is object this way (lol) so far is straight-forward expression、Laugh the past more convinient and no。


Whore House


Mural depicting a fellowship of men and women


Private whore House and stone beds


Outdoor Amphitheatre Park Trail




GuideT. Sugino.、Finally gave me presents Guide to Pompeii souvenir shop。With pictorial guide Japan language version made motions with illustrations at the time。As well as article、Those without guides、Think fun tour click here to buy!


Pompei ruins map


Back before the city background also flourished in ancient Rome 2000、Try to travel you??

Pompei ruins
Via Villa dei Misteri 2 TEL:081-8575347
Doors open 8:30-19:30(11 January ~ March 17: closed)
(Closed tickets up to one hour and a half before purchase)
Admission fee:€ 11 * 2013-11-at approximately 1,540 Yen in (Japan yen)

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