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Located just a few minutes walk from Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station "Ristorante Belcore Ristorante Bellcore"Mr.。1998After graduation from years in Italy、1999"I Salotti de l'Hotel Villa IL PATRIARCA" restaurant in Tuscany, CHIUSI was working from the end of the year in 2003 as a second chef one star Michelin、Then in 2005, and teaches I Salotti as manchev、4Restaurant year Michelin one-star kept has belonged to Japanese chef furuhata Kei-Ichiro's than 3/2009、Find out the information that has been working as a chef at Bellcore's here、Shop great Japanese chef has been working with it、Without hesitation and Florence free dinner reservations here。However,、Unfortunately, furuhata chef、2013Along with his wife in March, had been active with arcades and、And then home to his hometown Kagoshima and the independent。After the 11/2013 were already stores visited by a US couple。Now、It is available the new Japanese women took over the furuhata chef taste chef。That new information is entered、We have food here while it was。


Shop、Calm spacious atmosphere with warm lighting also、I think breakfast was good。Just、But also a little sad because big shop this store was only a couple of us、It is a start arrived late from Italy time、I'm sure。And it's in the back seat during the opening and open your、Perhaps owner here who I think seems to。Here you will、Kitchen and Hall both staff and、More than anything else because Japan Japanese menu、It is possible to order with confidence!


'Sparkling wine'

"Thank you for your reservation! "And gave service with this sparkling wine! (Hee hee) I am happy these smart services.


Breads and Grissini


Vegetable soup


Borgo Chardonnay Italy Abruzzo white

Breed、100% Chardonnay。In the local "Casar taller.。Is a producer of Abruzzo, located to the East of Italy, Rome。
16Century nobleman、At the Winery is derived from taller home、1961In the year for the first time in Abruzzo、DOC wine production began。
Boehringer、Consistently sticking to the high quality of。Modern technology and without high quality produced by the experience gained so far remains now in Abruzzo, Italy's leading up to now。Floral scents of white flowers、Dry white fig、In the dry apricot honey-scented
Covers also a refreshing nuance almonds roasted fennel feel faint。 On the palate and very nice thick felt、The palate is dry.、In the exquisite balance of fruit and acid、Will leave a pleasant afterglow。


Antipasto Eggplant and mozzarella franc a little piquant tomato sauce "and" € 11 (Japan Yen at approximately 1540 yen)

Are neatly combines cute。Saute the Eggplant thinly sliced、And mozzarella cheese to a smooth fit。Serve with sour tomato sauce。


Antipasto "Roe marinated salmon tartare and sauce butter Rusk" € 12 (Japan Yen in approximately 1680 yen)

Marinated salmon cut into small and、How much sauce。We will put on the burnt crispy butter Rusk。Freshness is still Japan can't beat may。


Main course "spicy garlic tomato sauce or tomato sauce、Tuscan-style ragu with homemade pastapich "€ 12 (Japan Yen in approximately 1680 yen)

And pici、イタリアはトスカーナの伝統的なパスタで卵を使わないパスタでモチモとチした歯応えのある食感が特徴でやや太めです生パスタということで楽しみにしていたのですが食感がボソボソと粉っぽく生茹で。At pretty oily so not well emulsified。Be honest、I was surprised of、Manchev in order the Japanese female chefs have been kitchen as well as friend's floor (former staff? ) From that morale had a talk with Japanese people。Understand is there is a sous chef and Assistant、The quality of appetizers、And it's this pasta。No matter how much the tourists only us and the House that、I have become a little worried。Under such circumstances、Ask dish but unfortunately I will not be、Early withdrew。The chef very well-regarded in the information time、Now is has been active in Kagoshima of Japan、It is regretted that this information should know more soon,。Exploring unfamiliar first Italy、Was it disappointing results was most looking forward to free dinner、This bitter experience is also inscribed on one page of memories。That didn't discourage、Here's how to buy train tickets in Italy next time!

Ristorante Belcore Ristorante Bellcore
Via dell & # 8217s; Albero 30, 50123 Firenze ITALIA Tel:+39 055 211198
Hours of operation:Lunch:Saturday、Sunday 12 am:00 – 14:30、Dinner:Open every day 19:00 – 23:00

Via dell & # 8217s; Albero 30, 50123 Firenze ITALIA

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