Maserati dealers in Rome to、At that time Japan unannounced new Ghibli tour!


Nights in Rome、While in Rome Mitsukoshi shopping tour、Ask tour operators, the precious free time for、Us couple is distinct, taxicab、Maserati dealers in Rome was visited by all means "SAMOCAR"To! As the Maserati owners dream of Italy! There you can pass but to every step in the Italy。However,、Italy dealersGoogle MapI searched all over but、Unfortunately in the area we visited during the trip plan、Turns out that stylish dealers such as Japan does not exist。Among them、The company only and was located in Rome、We visited today!


The General Manager will have access to the front of the showroomGiampieroLet's us show! We can speak only smattering of Greetings is Italy.、And Italy and English and gestures MIX、THUMP my grin"We is a Maserati owner of Japan。Japan is still unreleased new Ghibli wanted to see, and how we have been doing! 」And using the translate feature in iPhone、And managed to take a communications、Jean clown I staff very gentlemen! (I)


In the showroom、Not to mention the Maserati on the floor and spacious hall even Ferrari showed up in a stately atmosphere!




Visited here、In the last year201311-winter.。At this time、In Japan still not announced the new Ghibli、At this time is for the first time to see the car! With it you can enjoy in the Maserati of Italy、Kindness in words say no excitement up remember、Watching the new Ghibli was changed to innovative design did not keep his feet in the way (laughs)、Remember musta just sigh.




After enjoying the tour Jean Piero who took us to our own office desk! (Surprised) and、From the mouth of Mr. Giampiero ' 000 Acqua? "And asked ' Acqua? I? Acqua! "And 聞ki直shita about three times the word is perhaps simply"Water"The carefully (laughs)"Do you how it is the water?"And she had so。Excitement yaranu because it was thirsty in the State、Decided to get the bottled water do not hesitate! And、While using the translator and talk、Jean clown got the stuff from PC data showed the、What I was surprised! Hollywood actorSylvester StalloneYou and two friends shot and Giampiero's are! "I'm a valued customer's! "And gladly let me know.、To commemorate the US print out the photos! (Surprise) is that while I've been、Still being frank and friendly hospitality in Italy who are great... and there by realized。Your refund on a trip to Rome、Those interested in the Maserati、Maserati dealers in Rome come as Mr. Giampiero "SAMOCAR"To! Now you can enjoy Maserati dealer of、Next tour, joined the canzone dinner!


Via Pinciana, 65, Roma RM, Italy

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