In Rome in antiquity and tripped while indulge in a mood "Roman holiday" in the Trevi Fountain


Piazza played a central Rome over a thousand yearsRoman Forum Foro RomanoThe、Has already started construction on the 0/6。With the Roman Forum、Means and public square、Prosperous in the Roman Empire from Caesar's Republican political era、Political speeches held the Emperor and Arc de Triomphe、And where many citizens。19Restoration and excavation of the century is now gone、To visit the Roman Forum as important monuments that tell the history of the ancient Roman Empire a high-flying tourists to visit、Tickets the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and in the common12€ (Japan Yen in about 1680 yen)You will need to purchase。Book shop is in the next to entrance to Foro Romano、Japan language materials and ancient Rome with theme sells souvenirs and for、And tours if you want to buy materials we recommend。Bad footing in the ruins、So almost no shade、In the summer sun hat measures should、Legroom is shine a light attire!


You can see in Roman and common ticketsColosseum Closseo"When the Colosseum will fall、The Roman ruin、That when circles are also destroyed.It is Rome's first major entertainment said,。Is completed.、0/80、Age of Titus。At that time、In Europe becoming widely known is the vigor and sense of scale、In the long history of severe damage at the same time、Modern in,、Boasts an overwhelming presence。About 50000 peopleA passionate battle Roman citizens cheered it housed a huge amphitheatre、Human vs human、Or 血namagusaku, harsh though animals vs. humans。5He got a century、By Honorius and ban on mixed martial arts association、After that、The Roman Empire had collapsed and Colosseum are forgotten。19Century excavations is the beginning.、Will be protected and recognized its historical value。Scene around the former Roman citizens were enthusiastic to feel in the body?。


Surrounding the Coliseum brimming with tourists、The sad thing is many infested Gypsy。In fact we aimed at participants of the tour group walking in groups、Gypsy struck is the。Gabriella's local guide in Rome provide the quick wit and yelling in a loud voice、Gypsies drove by didn't have an attempted。Two women-if approached in three groups and parent-child small child requires care。Japanese tourists are particularly easy targets like so damn down!


Enjoy the eternal city to、You cannot remove this section。Fontana di Trevi Trevi FountainNow、Artistic sculptures、Historic buildings、Of water flowing from a large fountain shoots a fantastic view of the world from the goodness and the beauty。More than anythingFederico FelliniDirector of 'Sweet life"At performedAnita-portion of the EvergladesAndAudrey HepburnStarring "Roman holiday"As for as many films famous placesTrevi Fountain。In ancient Rome.、Once is the fountain of 212.、Many of the Baroque style characterized by motion rendition have left modern fountains、This fountain is one。




In the Trevi Fountain、Many people practice coin toss。In a lot of big and small fountain seen from the old Roman、And the Act of throwing a coin towards the fountain itself is divine、It is said to have derived from customs and soothe the mind of God enshrined there had been。In the modern times、1PhotosPitch alsoRome revisitedTrue、2PhotosThrowPeople who like and be with life3PhotosAnd it'sBe parted from my asshole husband and wife、It is saidTalismanHas become。Is the right guide, it says、The backward with your right to have coin-operated fountain、It's throw over the shoulder。One challenge I、I hope Rome revisited。According to the municipality of Rome、The coins were thrown、It is being donated to charity, is collected on a regular basis。You as a great try is freshly?!


Welcome evening and get dark around me、Such as hollow water and rocks、Placed throughout the spring light shine forth in different directions、We'll spread a fantastic spectacle。Shops around the light started.、Spread is a romantic world in there during the day with a difference、Will be a couple of great date spot!




In Roman holidayAudrey HepburnPlayed byPrincess AnneIs the location where you took the scene in beauty with short hair、Now, bag & shoe store "ANGELO"Has become。To gather lots of tourists to shop in this area、Merchants dressed as Roman Knights, using it and the momentum is approaching, and a photo with glue、If taken together、Of course they demand persistently chip be so please note! To Spain square there are 135-Spain stairs、And crowded with people sitting and enjoying a chat and use stairs rather than taking、Between the up and down is very dangerous。When Spain square feet to carry with you please!


Wanted shop, stop by when in Rome visit is this grocery store founded in 1889, "Chiurato chiurato"。2-minute walk away from the Spain square、Will be next to McDonald's.


In the shop、Lined with colorful, casual shoes。Even Japan products popular CROCS,、Sandals of Fitch walking as exercise can be started.、Rich array topic feature shoes。Travelers tired of walking on the stone-paved road may be recommended。In addition to、Mini version of the ingredients of Italy or sell magnet、Explore souvenir stuff to find fun shop!


In such、In this shop is looking for me、To tell the truth without shoes、This colorful and bright clean dishes!Real fruit and plant、Trapped in a acrylic shell, such asCage、Looks very bright light and durable material in order、It is exactly suitable for souvenir stuff! Orange and lemon slices、To include pepper-studded bright warm dishes、The leaves and fruit、Dish of barley and Bay Laurel leaves lined with earth tones、Cool plate embedded with starfish and sea shells,、You can enjoy seasonal shades are rich。Is this dish exists only in Italy、Is this shop boasts popular products! So pass in Japan、Your shopping even easier, however nice it is! Now、By using the free time in Rome is next、I go to see that car was still unreleased in Japan!

Chiurato chiurato
Via Due Macelli 61 Roma TEL:06-6780914
Hours of operation:10:00-19:30(Monday 11:00~、Sunday 11 pm:00-19:00-
Closed on Mondays:Holidays

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