While enjoying the city of Florence in the popular select shop window shopping


1930Long-established luxury shops founded in Italy Florence "LUISA VIA ROMA Luisa via Roma"。Global luxury brands from the up-and-coming creator brand to align various items、Select stylish has gained overwhelming support from the world's fashion freak!


Also、Artistic, innovative store show window always has become topical in the industry。Keep an eye on expanding collaboration event with big brands and original products shop。Also、2004Overseas shipping to all over the world, including in the shop started from the year Japan、Personal imports can be shown now。number of users Facebook Facebook 1550000 over large shopping sites and is currently。Baby、Kids, boys、Is also of foreign brands, such as girls children's clothing store in、We sell a lot of shoes and dress in Japan, such as not selling absolutely lovely item!


The main handling brand

Yohji Yamamoto-DOLCE & Gabbana・jean-Paul GAULTIER・John Galliano・MARC JACOBS・Chloe・BALENCIAGA・LANVIN・ANN DEMEULEMEESTER・BURBERRY・CLEMENTS RIBEIRO・Alessandro dell’ Acqua・Rick Owens・antonio marras・collection Prive?-Gianni barbato and ANDREW McKENZIE and roberto cavalli and KENZO and MISSONI and BALLANTYNE and DIANE von FURSTENBERG and RENE CAOVILLA and Strategia, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, JIMMY CHOO and vanessa bruno and MONCLER and DSQUARED2 and JUICY COUTURE, Seven for all mankind and Rocco P., PUMA and Neil Barrett (men's) and Dior HOMME (mens) and GRIFONI (men's)-ZANONE (men's) and JOHN RICHMOND (men's) and CoSTUME NATIONAL (men's)-TONELLO (men's) and BRIAN DALES (men's)


No complaints on the brand image of the Peacock design。Alms for the embroidery and bijoux、Shades、Design and delicate material use、How very cute gets perfect score! Oh、Only as the price wasn't pretty (laughs)


I mentioned in my last article、Italy (European countries),、Almost no such public toilets in Japan、And common sense is to borrow the use of restaurant or Cafe。Roadside beauty window shopping and town, so、Chilling with the passage of time.、Yes (laughs) because it also was tired of walking so far、Plunged into the café with the eyes。Sitting on the terrace、Without the menu slowly "Caffe perfavore cafes pelfaboore"And the peace and order while、2That has been referred to as Cup、It is through!


"Espresso espresso"

Usually refers to the espresso in Italy is the Caffè。For drinks you want to rent a toilet every time at least 500-will pay about 600 Yen if you are near, McDonald's does not (laughs)、That told me cabin attendant and the toilet only to borrow no matter、I think that McDonald's does not exist。Than suffering cannot go to the toilet、Sipping coffee in a cafe、Italy popular minute to taste even better。Just、Even going to the toilet、To drink、Japan flawed near the toilet (lol) is quite good and grateful country these terms... and as soon as you realize it is!


Carrying a leg to Italy、The shop told me that her husband wanted to go here "-PNP"。This is a women's shop.


The main handling brand

· Be 10 0 Otto・alessandra Marchi・Avant Toi・Boris Bidjan Saberi・By Walid・Carol Christian Poell・Eleonora Niccolai・Fabrizio De Carlo・Goti・Guidi・Herve Domar・Laura B・Le Cuire Perdu・Lost & Found・m.a ・marilène Beneduce・Marsèll・Mendittorosa・Norwegian Rain・Nude・Nu_be・o.X.s・rick Owens Lilies・Rigards・Rosa Maria・Scunzani・Simona Tagliaferri・Strateas Carlucci・Ugo Cacciari


Men without overlooking the restaurant and noticed、And ask the store clerk (* of course iPhone using translation)、It is divided into two stores are men's and women's。Was guided to the mens shop located Regensburg was kind enough.。Black people with dreads updo hair、Tall slender's beauty shop、Very good well good excuse、Too too beautiful in walked the back streets of the city and。Probably because my husband is 181 cm、And do it over。While fallen for it to the rear of the car chase after the、Leg length difference made us laugh on their back because (laughs)


Men's shop "-PNP"。Her husband is here.、Carol Christian Poell and Guidi、Interesting stuff – Japan, M.A+, was so proud.。Men's shop clerk also left from a fashion magazine like twink Buri。Become a feast for the eyes, see her owner appeared to be a gentleman's dignity also!

The main handling brand

· Be 10 0 Otto, Adiciannoveventitre, Amy Glenn A147G and Avan Toi, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Carol Christian Poell, DRKSHDW, Forme 3 ' 3204322896, Goti, Guidi, Incarnation and Isaac Sellam and Label Under Construction, Layer 0 and Lost & Found Lost & Found | ROOMS, M.A , Marilène Beneduce, Marsèll, Nu_be, o. X.s, Poème Bohemièn, Reinhard Plank and Rigards, Scunzani, Simona Tagliaferri and Transit and Ugo Cacciatori and Uma Wang and Werkstatt München, Ziggy Chen


Central market in Florence introduced lastMercato CentraleFor in the shop、Shops especially in the Japanese had recommended "Enoteca salumeria Lombardi Enoteca Salumeria Lombardi' Is it's sisters shop is here also located in Florence city!


Click here also、Cheese、Wine、Salami、Cured ham、Balsamic vinegar、Porcini mushrooms、In Italy, such as Sun-dried tomatoes ingredients becomes complete.、Including the Tuscan wine Italy wine、Is the cheese pecorino cheese of Pienza in Tuscany and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.、Line of quality assurance with balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar。And、Because there are still also available tasting、It is also nice that you can buy to try from. Or why you should shop here、That it recorded last time staff's means are available。Without language barriers.、No doubt souvenirs you can buy, and then select one。Let's consult the shipping procedures to Japan are available。Now、After a day shopping in Florence、I'm heading to dinner reserved Japanese chef of Ristorante、Introduction there is a next time!

LUISA VIA ROMA Luisa via Roma


Enoteca Salumeria Lombardi Enoteca salumeria Lombardi

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