Roman "Antico Casale la carovana" dinner at the ecstatic home canzone


You've got a huge garden surrounded by olive trees and a pond、Restaurant of bins corresponding to restranwayding and a variety of events "Antico casale La carovana Antico Casale la carovana"。The shop name"Carovana"And the"Caravan ( a caravan"It seems to mean。The renovated historic mansion、Ristorante boasts a fantastical world and take advantage of the vast land, and come up in the paint.。Italy tour Rome-night dinner、We have been doing at that dinner in the restaurant listening to the authentic canzone!


Entrance and immediately、Boat and lavishly decorated with fish。An instant、Enjoy this seafood in it? I thought that、Tour schedule and the mushroom dish was written (lol)


1Floor as floors on the second floor are quite accommodating、Also the number of seats in the garden many set up here because、Would be ideal for the bigger events。On this day、1Floor is on the second floor floor is crowded with tourists tour!


"La Selva Colli Lanuvini Italy Rome

Ordered a light meal (drink Diet other than the pre-arranged tours, etc., all are responsible for)。Grape varieties:Malvasia、Trebbiano。




And set the number of minutes or more tables into the basket of bread、The course starts from the salad.。Pasta、Also thanks for whatever one is and has been carried by the platter、To less platter Buri was stunned! Want to see chefs make a 1度ni amount of pasta that much of what it is (laughs)




"Mushroom fettuccine"、"Chicken breasts with Rosemary butter sauce.、See custardmillfieyu.

Although the meal was scheduled to tour in the low expectations、The restaurant is especially delicious and hopefully better。How to boil pasta, seasoning with salt not bad、Chicken breast meat moist and you than you think、Staff source。I am happy hope this level of overall staff in the tour.


And marks the Middle staff、2Your two-way floor also was showing off perfect Cantante (singer) and accompanist of!


In rhythmic, hilarious canzone excitement at venue、Big applause while taking the rhythm at all!


The singer was this plump body、Fine enough in the store until the Encore including wonderful authentic canzone participated in voice! Live music in the raw canzone、Very nice rendition。Italy now seeming to enjoy our dinner and。The next time、Introduction of the tour in the best hotels.

Antico casale La carovana Antico Casale la carovana
Viale di Vigna Pia, 33, 00149 In Rome, Italy TEL:+39 06 55 777 58

Viale di Vigna Pia, 33, 00149 In Rome, Italy

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