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Rome "CASANOVA Casanova" at the restaurant of chef and capricious pizza lunch



Vatican City to be located 500 m away "Casanova Restaurant Casanova restaurant"Mr.。The meat on the grill and Argentina cuisine、Authentic bin restaurant is pizza baked in a wood-fired oven。Stay fifth on the tour prepared us lunch、Will be in this restaurant.


Unlike the atmosphere of the entrance、I am surprised at the breadth of。In the spacious 1 floor、Each table and figure of people around a round table, with groups of、It is a very lively atmosphere。The large monitor is in Hall、With easy-to-event venue、2Includes floor seats。Many Japanese tourists also seem accepting、Menu is Japan.


Group seats and guide、Long seated at a table。Hall staff who each order a drink around,。The food was set up in the tour、The travel expenses are designed、Expenses will be drinks is natural。


"CASANOVA Vino Bianco" white wine 375ml € 5.00 (about about 700 yen in Japanese yen)

Whats the original restaurant of white wine in a bottle。Taste a refreshing and light taste to make water drinkable.


The tomatoes were marinated with plenty of large baguette "fresh tomato bruschetta.。


"Salad" balance often colorful vegetable salad。


「Capricious カ プ リ チ ョ ー ザ」

and capricciosa capricciosa、In Italy, "Whim"Means。Often translated into pizza chef's whim、 I feel like that day by day changes "chef's choice"。Cured ham、A simple whim pizza with mushrooms。Dough is crispy and light crispy Roman type。


Easy-to-understand sizes compared to face?。This is the 1、The Roman-style、Too thick cum so no lighter than a Neapolitan with dust、You came and made.


"Panna cotta"

Do not expect the smoothness of Panna cotta served with Japan like stiffer pudding (lol)。But、Plus a glass of wine from the lunch、Many people our meals is still fun! ♪ now、In the heart of the Catholic Church seeks believers around the world next time、Is Vatican City.

Casanova Restaurant Casanova restaurant
Address:Via Rodi, 18, 00195 Roma, Italy TEL:+39 06 9784 3500
Hours of operation:12:00-23:00

Via Rodi, 18, 00195 Roma, Italy

Rural scenery of the town in the sky is called the dying city "Civita di vagnoreggio' Think of real estate! FK2014 for rent monthly seminar
Rural scenery of the town in the sky is called the dying city "Civita di vagnoreggio'
Think of real estate! FK2014 for rent monthly seminar


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