Rome "CASANOVA Casanova" at the restaurant of chef and capricious pizza lunch


Vatican City to be located 500 m away "Casanova Restaurant Casanova restaurant"Mr.。The meat on the grill and Argentina cuisine、Authentic bin restaurant is pizza baked in a wood-fired oven。Stay fifth on the tour prepared us lunch、Will be in this restaurant.


Unlike the atmosphere of the entrance、I am surprised at the breadth of。In the spacious 1 floor、Each table and figure of people around a round table, with groups of、It is a very lively atmosphere。The large monitor is in Hall、With easy-to-event venue、2Includes floor seats。Many Japanese tourists also seem accepting、Menu is Japan.


Group seats and guide、Long seated at a table。Hall staff who each order a drink around,。The food was set up in the tour、The travel expenses are designed、Expenses will be drinks is natural。


"CASANOVA Vino Bianco" white wine 375ml € 5.00 (about about 700 yen in Japanese yen)

Whats the original restaurant of white wine in a bottle。Taste a refreshing and light taste to make water drinkable.


The tomatoes were marinated with plenty of large baguette "fresh tomato bruschetta.。


"Salad" balance often colorful vegetable salad。


「Capricious カ プ リ チ ョ ー ザ」

and capricciosa capricciosa、In Italy, "Whim"Means。Often translated into pizza chef's whim、 I feel like that day by day changes "chef's choice"。Cured ham、A simple whim pizza with mushrooms。Dough is crispy and light crispy Roman type。


Easy-to-understand sizes compared to face?。This is the 1、The Roman-style、Too thick cum so no lighter than a Neapolitan with dust、You came and made.


"Panna cotta"

Do not expect the smoothness of Panna cotta served with Japan like stiffer pudding (lol)。But、Plus a glass of wine from the lunch、Many people our meals is still fun! ♪ now、In the heart of the Catholic Church seeks believers around the world next time、Is Vatican City.

Casanova Restaurant Casanova restaurant
Address:Via Rodi, 18, 00195 Roma, Italy TEL:+39 06 9784 3500
Hours of operation:12:00-23:00

Via Rodi, 18, 00195 Roma, Italy

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