Nagoya "Bistro Culture Western Restaurant" Old private house bistro lunch developed by a long-established Western restaurant

A long-established Western-style restaurant founded in 1983Cultural Western Restaurant"The、In addition to the head office set up in Ike lower、A long-established Western-style restaurant that has many stores in Nagoya, such as the Midlands and Meitetsu Department Store、one of the thousand "Bistro Culture Western RestaurantLunch time at]!

Within a few minutes' walk of 1000 kinds of stations, the Bistro Culture Western Restaurant has been renovated from an old private house.、It will be a Western restaurant that you can use casually while creating a calm atmosphere like a hide away house!

Take off your shoes at the entrance、It becomes a style to go up to the floor of the small rise、In a tasteful atmosphere that has changed over time、If you walk, you can enjoy the Showa retro atmosphere of the squeaky wooden floor!

124 table seats on the 1st floor、216 seats on the 1st floor、4 terrace seats、A total of 44 seats and a number of seats are well prepared.、With a structure that feels spacious between tables、Hand disinfection and acrylic parting are installed, etc.、Corona infection prevention measures are also being taken!

Here is、We are particular about ingredients such as organic vegetables from China and fresh fish purchased at the market.、Including "Kanikoro of culture" that brings out the rich taste of boiled crab over 8 hours every day、Hamburger steaks and original beef curry using three-way pork from Yamagata Hirata Farm are popular!

We love the atmosphere of an old-fashioned Western restaurant!
I was intrigued by the calm atmosphere of the old private house Renobe.、I entered the store between jobs.、After all, it is a popular restaurant, so you can see how lively it is!
From today's lunch menu、Select "Beef Curry" and "Three Kinds of Cheese Grilled Hamburger Steak" traditional from a cultural Western restaurant!

"Lunch set salad"

In the lunch set、Because you can choose salad or red dashi、We choose salad!
Plenty of coarse dust cabbage toyed with a gentle sour dressing、Mizuna and lettuce、Purple Onion、In a salad with tomatoes, etc.、There is a feeling of eating for the salad of the set!

Beef curry 880 yen

2A traditional curry made with an old-fashioned roux prepared over a period of days。The umami of softly stewed domestic beef is soaked in、You can enjoy the texture of torohororo、Curry rice with a mellow taste while each with the depth and richness of spices!


Pickles with a gentle taste of vegetables and root vegetables attached to beef curry、Daikon radish、Carrot、Sweet potato、It will be colorful and chopstick rest with paprika etc!

"Three kinds of cheese grilled hamburger steak" 1,320 yen

Mozzarella cheese、Gordashred、Using plenty of three kinds of cheese of Edam cheese、The cheese-baked hamburger baked in the oven、more than a clenched fist、I feel destructive power from the look! Grilled vegetables、Crispy and fragrant potatoes、Hohokuho no Carrot、Broccoli that left a colorful and beautiful texture moderately、1/4Sweet onions and vegetables baked whole skin by cut are also full of volume!

The rich taste of the cheese intertwined with the three kinds and the salty taste of good shioume draw out the taste of the hamburger meat、It is a well-balanced finish with a rich tomato sauce that feels a sweetness that goes well with cheese、You can enjoy plenty of sauce left in grilled vegetables!


Called the Magician of Color、19French painters active in the 20th century、It was lunchtime while being healed in a space decorated with art by sculptor Henri Matisse!

Bistro Culture Western Restaurant
Address:3-21-5 Uchiyama, 1000,Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00(L.O.14:00)Reservations not accepted、Dinner 17:30-23:00(L.O.21:45)Reservations accepted
* Please check the business hours under the declaration of an emergency directly to the store.。
Pets:Only terrace seats are allowed
Parking lot:No (there is coin parking in the neighborhood)

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