Nagoya French Open "Reminiscence" To the world of lingering and memory that put the cooking of each dish


The East "Quintessence"ofKishida SyuzoChef、The West "Hajime"ofHajime YonedaUnder the chef、
Young chef training in the prestigious East-West restaurantKuzuhara Masaki.、The Nagoya located exactly halfway between Tokyo and Kansai、
In the 30-year-old's birthday2015On July 23.The ripe、French restaurant "Reminiscence"Has been opened。
Place、From Nagoya Station on the Higashiyama subway line 1 stationFushimi stationOn and off、Hotel Nagoya's leading educational facilities (City Science Museum and the Municipal Museum of art)、
Green overflows "Shirakawa Park"From a very close、Include comfort along the Sakae Bldg. 2f Higashi-Shirakawa Park Street。
1On the floor is、"Delicious bread in Japan 10"To have chosen luxury life bread shop"Nogami"In。
Open original、First floor of this building are empty stores、
If "Nogami"You must move、Some shipping companies have moved as we had plans、
If you emphasize the landscape、1And businesses involved in the food and drink on the floor and on the second floor、I think that was a result of。
At the time、Daily constant matrix "Nogami"And、
Future、Foodie in Japan would be in school "Reminiscence"
Of the tenants in the building、Each other each other drew attention to the synergy that would be!


1Alone on the floor of the secret entrance to stairs rising mouth opening in the、
People who do not know the decorated hideaway approach might be gone。
Any one、Pale white repaint the walls of the staircase、Railings with wood、You will be dining with the same marble stairs。
Little by little as we advocated ideal for shapes、The change is fun also everyone in the restaurant.


"Reminiscence"The introduction of the concept

Live = wealthy life。
And abundant life、Harmony of the warm finish and an unforgettable memory、
I think that the range of。
Finish with storage。
By making meals、As well as the people's body to create food nutrition、
But the time we spent in reminiscence customers remain customers finish with storage、
Wonderful life in the form of memories remain。
The richness of the food、And can enjoy the pleasure of food、We believe life become richer。


Up the stairs and quickly opened the view space。
The number of seats、4-Provides total 21 seats 15 seats 1 and table seating 6 persons room。
Surrounded by white walls、True was a new and full of clean table cloth、
On the road side to side glass、Take advantage of soft natural light、Marble were laid all over the dining room、
Ceiling height may、Feel the refreshing feeling of openness.


Hans J Wegner "THE CHAIR"

Hans J Wegner name world famous masterpiece made "THE CHAIR"。
1950At the exhibition took place in Copenhagen in、
Also published by Johannes Hansen at the time Wegener's work had many manufactures、
At that time、Which described him as "the ugly duckling" and too simple for、Also the Chair did not sell at all,。
However,、1But the Americans、Attention to this Chair wouldn't anyone、
At a later date、To order 300 more than the contract for。
At that time、This Chair was handmade by a craftsman 1tsu1tsu、
So by the large number of requests、In the circumstances I must decline the order。
10 years later、1960In the U.S. presidential election year、And John f. Kennedy、Legendary television debates with Richard Nixon、
This Chair is used、And dashing feet, perched on a Chair、Kennedy won the debate's victory、
To attract attention from all over the world including the United States、It is a very famous story。
At that time、I have been a named chairs、
"The Chair in the Chair"" With respect "THE CHAIR"The became known by the nickname、
Will chairs be loved around the world。
The finger-jointed arm and back to the joint、Don't see other beautiful overlapping curves。
Finger joints become important features in this Chair.、
At the time the、Remained very own ugly and concealed in a cane that could、
After that、And rediscover the beauty of finger-jointing、Now, as one of the most important features of this Chair is。
Current、Have been adopted here is taking、
Eventually "PP MOBLER and Hans J Wegner (morphica Morfin)"The genuine new is we want seems.


Will be an elegant lunch while feeling the pleasant way on the Windows side.


"Reminiscence"The owner-chef kuzuhara Masaki ,

Nagoya from local chefsKuzuhara MasakiAnd it was after graduating from high school、
Nagoya "Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel"In when you start as a Cook, cut、
"You've got this world!"And it was moved。
In the Marriott "Michninagoya"In during the meal、"Mikuni"With humanity and wants to work、
In Tokyo "The Gran Shinbashi Mikuni"The students learn the basics of cooking。
And、From the time aiming at the chef already "30Years of age"In the independent and determined、
Widen specialties as well as、For the more experienced、And consider the practice location where you、
In Tokyo "Quintessence"、And、Osaka "Hajime"That represent the East and West
Select the two-Michelin-star winning restaurants。


"Quintessence"ofKishida SyuzoProvided photos from the chef。




KuzuharaThe chef、"30Years of age"The stated goal to be independent of、
20In the early thirties、There was absolutely no detailed plans and 仰imasu。
And no matter what store、What to do in may、At that time still didn't have no clue of what is。
Then one day、"Quintessence"In the days of training over 24-year-old、
Kishida SyuzoThe chef "Leek Sea Urchin"The moment he ate food、
In my head "Afterglow"The words float clear、The rest of important keywords in the corner of the memory have been、It has haunted。
At this time、"In my life the most important thing is lingering."And be sure、
Food concept and concept of space "Finish with storage"Will you cherish。
I might be only 1 dish of changing people's lives。
KuzuharaChef is the desire or chest、The name "Reminiscence ~ memories ~"And was named、
Envision in the words、"Afterglow、Memory、Memories"Would lend 1 plate of food.。


"Hajime"ofHajime YonedaMr. moreKuzuharaI received the pictures and the chef。

HAJIME.planet earth



KuzuharaIn the 27-year-old chef is Osaka "Hajime"In theHajime YonedaIs going to encounter、
Impressions and professional cooks who ever too far apart to、"It's rediculous!"And shocked、
"Can also Cook give people hopes and dreams!"And it seems impressed。
At that time、HajimeIs it to meet the、Proud to think that really went on this way、
Not only in the art of cooking and how to make、Attitude towards workHajimeSankarea et al had told。
Food and space、Expressed through interaction with the Earth "Hajime"In and absorb more、
Towards independence, the initiative will continue to ensure。
Well as food、Through space and time、Can help you to become a rich life、
But "Reminiscence ~ memories ~"The、
"Want to become a part of the rich life of the guests"And、It seems strong.。

Kuzuhara Masaki profile
2001(16 years old), Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Pergola part-time
2003(18 years old) the Gran Shinbashi Mikuni
2005(20 years old) zetton 20 abenewdshampagne
2008(23 years old) Quintessence
2011(26 years old) ENOTECA PINCHIORRI Nagoya
2012(27 years old) Hajime
2014(29 years old) Horaiken Part time
2015July (30 years old) Reminiscence Owner-chef


The first opened、Was open only for dinner、
2015/SeptemberStart a new lunch、Every day is a success State。
The course is、6,500円のワンコースのみとなります。

Lunch(6,500And taxes.)Excellent dishes and desserts with 8 plates before and after meal + drinks + snacks
Dinner (12500 yen and taxes.)Excellent dishes and desserts with 12 plates before and after meal + drinks + snacks

[Lunch wine]
wine course standard 6,500円(glass Champagne 90ml、wine pairing 50ml 4杯)
wine course half 40ml 5杯 4,800円(glass Champagne 90ml、wine pairing 30ml 4杯)
wine course short 3,500円(glass Champagne 90ml、wine pairing 40ml 2杯)
[Dinner wine]
wine course standard 10,000円(glass Champagne 90ml、wine pairing 50ml 7杯)
wine course half 40ml 5杯 7,500円(glass Champagne 90ml、wine pairing 30ml 7杯)
wine course half 40ml 5杯 5,500円(glass Champagne 90ml、wine pairing 40ml 4杯)
* Is the set price of champagne and wine pairings。

Of course、Because we provide wine、Soldered ask staff who wish it would!


The course is、Lunch、Dinner "Afterglow、Memory、Relief、Revisited"The Assembly provides。

[Chapter 1]~ Afterglow ~
From cooking to conjure the rugged life story、背負i込manai an extra simplicity and simplicity、Chef's sincerity appears。
Enjoy the taste is expressed from the 1 plate 1 plate flow。
The first chapter、Produced by harmony of fresh flavor and aroma、Enjoy up to taste。

[Chapter 2]~ Storage ~
Chapter II、Complex information with no eyes and tongue、A simple configuration utilizing the qualities of the food ingredients。
Among them、Still burning to the ingredients in focus。Use charcoal and far-infrared temperature fridge in the exquisite texture guests we provide to our customers。
Condensed flavor in simple dishes you can enjoy。

[Chapter III]~ Relief ~
Chapter 3、In food as well as in the best restaurants、Offers freshly made desserts。
More fragile texture unique fresh and cold and the temperature difference between the temperature、Guests will deliver relief and soothing discomfort。
Using seasonal ingredients.、Ten people who favor a different flavor variations you can enjoy。

[Final chapter]~ Memories ~
The final chapter、We provide tea cake。Also、Were carefully selected to provide coffee。
Use coffee beans specialty shop gimlin coffee set up shop in Nakagawa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi、Carefully we put in handmade nel。
Specialty coffee aromas ease of coffee beans and crisp flavor and deep aftertaste。
[Finally] without conceited technology and sincerity.、We aim to feel and our cosy restaurant。

In the message written in simple、Stating the only ingredients used for menu。
This is、KuzuharaWorld chefs wanted to express "Book"In the image of the、
"Afterglow、Memory = memory = album-BOOK "and then associate、In the table of contents introduction、1Chapter、2Chapter、3Chapter、And the final chapter。
Actually,、There will increase another 1: around the spring of the next year、
KuzuharaTo express the world picture of the chef "Book"That is still writing.


The other day、Uslade-You will plan、
Architects in the Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu Lugu "Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning"Space filled with warmth of trees produce、
Among ceramic artists attention from around the world famous chefGaku SyakunagaAnd it's out with a
"Shakunaga Gaku Ceramics Exhibition in Hamamatsu"So far held 11 months at the end of、
KuzuharaThe chef、Using the holiday、More distant Nagoya、All Hamamatsu miss us!
Has astonished even to its ability to take action.、On the speed at the time of his intuition and decisiveness of his surprise, surprise!


Hand and ring plate of ceramic art exhibition、StareKuzuharaChef。
for was urging the event over and over again on Facebook、What had me watching in the photo、
And actually try to get、Unleash the strength、Presence like me feel on skin、
"This is amazing!"And、She put the order in the buy it now!
Current、"Reminiscence"For every"Kamachi Toho"Employed staff.、
Always seek for changes inKuzuharaThe chef、Just、So have looking for instruments、
At that time、This time、Gaku SyakunagaThe ladys instrument is。
Current、Gaku SyakunagaThe instrument is waiting for orders、Earliest delivery is approximately 3 months and is pending。
This time、We haveKuzuharaAlso chef "To travel with the series"The efforts to meet the、
Fit the new 5 plates of hand instruments "Reminiscence"To have、
One step ahead to has to be collaboration! (Thank you)
Current、Have been adoptedKamachiIn comparison with the personality, which is.


Shakunaga Gaku × Benichi × Hase Moriyasu
Event venue


Buddhism Yun Yong Yue Tao Show
Exhibition venue


Gaku Syakunaga
Black glaze plates、Ring thin bowl


Sanpellegrino San Pellegrino 750 ml

Red Star "S.Pellegrino"The logo is the Italy of the characteristics of mineral water。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Guests can enjoy fine carbonate and a mild throat、
It is ideal as a drink in food ♪


"Sea Urchin"

KuzuharaChef's in the ingredients、The most comfortable "Afterglow"Feel the food is、"Sea Urchin"And it's 仰imasu。
And ingredients had changed his life, and、
"Sea Urchin"The、"Reminiscence"In a seems to be indispensable among the ingredients you want to express、
The start of the first chapter of "Sea Urchin"As determined or was it。
KamachiThe first affixed to the dome-shaped white porcelain dish。
Under theGEWe used powder tuille、KuzuharaThe unique little chef incorporates humor (lol)
The texture crispy tuille、And to prolong the plump reverberations of the Sea Urchin、
His dishes "Afterglow"There many various gimmicks to enjoy。
Show up fresh sea urchin interest butt produced a beautiful face、Finely cut Lily bulb and small broccoli、
And herbs, served with、Sandwiched between potato puree in the bottom、Lay out the kudzu tuile。
Finger food for、As in hand let are almost always ripoffs!
Compounding ingredients in the mouth、Leaves a lingering, delicate harmony with the fragrance of the sea urchin.


Shakunaga Gaku "Black glazed thin bowl" x "Oyster"

Gaku SyakunagaThe "Black glazed thin bowl"Of the day"Oyster"And the US collaborate! (Thank you)
"Oyster"The、HajimeSankarea was widely taught technology、Has been burned in an oil bath core temperature at 50 degrees 2 hours。
Can a burned slowly at low temperature、"Oyster"The would be condensed into a surprisingly tasty。
Concentrated taste "Oyster"And crispy pan fried with charcoal"Oyster"The offers two、Separate flavors will delight!
Under the、Couscous and Green Apple、The mixture of Chervil、
Cardamom herbal oils、Enriched with lobster broth、Tomato dressing、Dairy products、Bud green onions、Fresh red、Ear shiso、
Spice smoked bubble、Seaweed and seasoned with olive oil、Dried homemade seaweed consists。
And、3Affect change and passion taste in the mouth when、The acidity of the lemon 1 piece so be endured!
The acidity of this、Very good essence and、Rest in a corner of the memory "Afterglow"I have been taking so long。
Really, 3 different from tomato "Sour"So I felt、As the speculation of the chef is carried、
After、You feel to say、"I did realize there?!"And was surprised。
Over heard in the actual ingredients、
To eat what tastes so much overlapping and wondered。
However,、One bite、Rush was born in every bite and food to the new texture and taste、
It's also bite、Also they go bite and chopsticks!
The first opened、The chef himself and staff members、To get used to this style、
Simply offering a taste of straight、The expression too much excess has been avoided or was so、
Stacked little emphasis on complex effort、It seems you're trying to build with various flavors。
KuzuharaThe chef produces dishes like this to、HajimeAnd I'm from the accept messages from 仰imasu。
There are times when、HajimeWho is it who told me。
"A beautiful deep yellow flower is very nice, but、
Yellow-flowered variety is 100.、On one side and it's beautiful.
"But it's nice to represent the taste of the ingredients straight、
Loved by combining various individual, complex flavors to give"
And、It is learned that during。
For that、KuzuharaBy Chef 1 dish、
Fragrance、Salty、Bitter taste、Sour、Sweet、Assembled the well-balanced flavor、
One bite、Is try to bite another flavor and it is。
Touching in 1 dish、Thanks to changing every bite taste、Had no idea it would create such a big impression!


Kamachi "Oyster"

Saga / Arita "Kamachi Toho"The used equipment。
KAMAZ porcelain 號舖 is the beginning of the Meiji era、But his first with began in a small kiln in sanpei、
1953Founded as a company in (0/1953) since the、 Hotels、Japanese restaurant、Ryokan、Banquet Hall、
With a Japanese cuisine restaurant "order-made production / Direct marketing "is expanding sales in style、
Expand the Japan national commercial kitchen light right rokuzaemon brand, has been developed。
Michelin three-star restaurant "Quintessence"Introduction、
Addition to the more famous restaurant earned a Michelin star and Japan's international restaurant、
High-sensitivity、Company history and track record of received requests from many professional in professional, high reputation in Japanese。
This time、KuzuharaFrom the chef "Reminiscence"In taking the concept、
Them to understand、Lingering memory from all "Instrument"Imagine a nice touch"Instrument"And、
The strong feeling "Instrument"、Natural、Flows to the sea and the River leaves、Design and images, such as the Earth、
Open fit all made me so!
Just recently got、"Specialty dishes"For as a 12 month theme"Instrument"That was in the spotlight。
Until now、According to the food "Instrument"I like a lot of chefs employed、
Now,、"Instrument"From the chef, dishes that are inspired by no less。
It's justWith even their personalityIs that!
Continue "Instrument"The、"Cooking"And"Cook"With relationship becomes more intimate、
As part of the representation of each of its restaurants、We believe that worked as a dish to complement the best supporter。



Bread、Located in Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya "baguette rabbit"ofKoito KazunoriIs it to get baked。
KuzuharaThe chef、Original homemade bread is good and seems like、
And that seems to be simply delicious bakery bread、
I focus on other staff would in time to to make my bread、
To better than 1 dish offer、
"Mochi is horses for courses."That can、Bakery I to it have been asked。
The kodawara to the organicRabbitThe bread、Offered in a warm State、
Domestically produced wheat in Mie Prefecture "Nishinokaori"And by、
A nice scent、How big is boobs click、Bread that tightens the kindness of a natural material can be!



"Cow"And from the chicken、Golden clear consomme, complete 1 dish。
Finished to get satisfaction "Eat soup"It is。
Baked, stewed tripe (Trippa)、Yuzu oil、Yuzu citrus peel、Lentil stew with sherivinegar、
Semi-dried tomatoes、Mustard、Decorated with chives。
While comparable complexity that I ever ate、All things goes better together、
By yuzu, feel faint、Has been appeals to the Japanese taste memory。
Actually,、Also Citron and also the acidity of the lemon 1 piece of another brain remains in the。
Accents of lemon as logo, air-conditioned、Live in a corner of the memory.


Shakunaga Gaku "Ring thin bowl" x "salad'

Gaku SyakunagaThe "Ring thin bowl"The fourth dish"Salad"And the US collaborate! (Thank you)
20Match the types of herbs and vegetables 9、
Finished, sprinkle the powder dried olive "Salad"It is。

KuzuharaThat the chef。
"Salad、Hajime [Earth] of the impression that it remains strongly、
Just in the first guests for lunch、I want to eat simple vegetables、
Hajime [Earth], such as taste and bright lights are not、
Offers to be reasonably available in the

Farm-fresh vegetables (sweet potatoes、Yam、Turnip、Lotus root、Taro、Burdock root、Red Ginseng、Maitake mushroom、Ginkgo nuts, etc.)
These cooked on charcoal、That brings out the flavor of the vegetables、Thanks to nature's bounty、
That the Sesame roaster with fun fragrance、I'm looking forward to the diced prosciutto and crisp、
Onion until thoroughly melted slowly sauteed in sweet fun、
Taste delicious sour smell of herbs and vinegar and oils rich in simple "Salad"The、
Neat "Reminiscence"More than a memorable not eat"Salad"The has finished、
Remember on here just got accent one herb flavor stand has increased in the mouth.。
Over and over again what flavor interlaced、Gomi (sour,Bitter taste,Sweet,Spicy,saltiness) on balance feel honest.


Kamachi "salad"


Hall staffIchihara ShunichiMr. a、Previous "Audi Audi"To have had been worked、
KuzuharaWhen chef and met by chance in the workplace、
Chef's passion and single-minded attitude feels、"And if he looks at interesting restaurants!"And、
Seems determined to change jobs from other industries。
Has long experience in the service industry as a、Is restless.、You serve a very smart!


Shakunaga Gaku "Black glaze plates" x "eel"

Gaku SyakunagaThe "Black glaze plates"The fifth dish"The eel"And the US collaborate! (Thank you)
A true eel alive、Pouring hot water on the skin、Remove from solidifying slime、
And salt、Remove paper, wrap any excess moisture、Skewered、Slowly baked in charcoal。
To see the exquisite grilled skin surface、I think it takes quite a nerve!
In addition、When grilling with charcoal、So bake it while Bordeaux Sauternes wine sprinkled with spray!
By doing so、"The eel"The body to plump and、
There are flavored detract fit well with wine pairing。
"The eel"The、4Expired offers、1 part in wearing just out of spice "The eel"Gaimasu。
Spice、(Cumin 1、Anise 1、Chopped fresh cilantro、Pepper 0.5、Oil dosage) of the mix at the rate、
In order to extract the best flavor、Each spice is the roast!
All、Enjoy the change of taste "Afterglow"To feel。
"The eel"The、Red onion slices、Red sprout、Served with micro celery。
And、As a fit white baking spice、I've never tasted until now composed、
Provides various condiments。
1One is、Smoked, celery root puree。
Is smoked by that complement the flavor of the celery root puree、Unexpected and surprising! With fragrant white baking is outstanding!
And、And accompanied by julienned celeriac tossed with Sherry mustard dressing than、
Be in existence to make easy white baking fat entrees, celery root salad。
Another one、Kumquat sauce。
By aligning with a subtle bitter and sour kumquat white baking、Resets and the palate!
In addition、Chive、Horse-radish。
The horse-radish、And mixed in the same white baking sprayed in Sauternes wine and soy sauce、
I have stimulated a rich mellow flavor is、And just, plain grilled、It is super delicious!
In the last、Previous spice oil with none。
This spice,、Did not eat order is determined、I think it is free in any combination。
At the time、The combination of horse-radish and celery root and white baking、Excellent new discoveries!
"Reminiscence"The grilled Spécialité (specialties) in"The eelExcellent new discoveries!、
Without being too hidezo oddities、However,、Also unlike any eel in eel shop we ever、
Fat feels classy、By aligning with condiments、Gang gang is thought not to appeal、
Deep, complex flavor is spreading.、1Enjoy the flavor out of each different、
Best gem overlap fun always go eat at!


Kamachi "eel"


Shakunaga Gaku "Ring plate (32 cm)" x "meat"

Gaku SyakunagaThe "Ring plate (32 cm)"The sixth dish"Meat"And the US collaborate! (Thank you)
Of 500 g of Ibaraki "young pigeon "Has been used、
Paint blood on the skin, balances、Dried fan、On lap wrapped in feel, such as the upper chest、
In the infra-red temperature fridge set at 65 degrees、About 1:30 over the burning。
Core temperature、46.5Degrees until、To remove the wrap Strip、Remove the body from the bone、
Salt、By setting the network as much as possible from the charcoal near only skin is burning at the moment!
At that moment、Keep an eye on that second even without、
Good time that qualifies with their own eyes。
The garnishes and sauces、Many idea portrayed is that、
Been efforts to be with impact、Content varies with the time。
At this time、"young pigeon "For scheduling the slightly while winter truffles、
And、Used with plenty of mushrooms purchased in large quantities in the fall, kept dry incense、
Trumpet, and filled with deep flavor and plenty of pull。
Cassis sauce、Chop the shallots, and saute、Cassisvinegar、Crème de Cassis、Made with Cassis。
To become familiar with the hue of the source、Served with beetroot also。
So、Brisket and chicken wings、And enjoy each lever parts、
Skin goes into beautiful knife with a beautifully crisp and。
During the past with exquisite lighting State、
I feel the blood of awesome "young pigeon "In so would I tremble!
I "What's the texture!"And I was yelling at the two (lol)
Even potions as yaki-Niku classy、Beautiful space with respect to the、
In 1 dish just feel like a work of art、Memory will continue remain clearly also a 1 dish.


Kamachi "meat"



Dessert first、In Kochi "Hotta of fruit and vegetables" Of "Satsuma Mandarin"Used、
Placed under the fragrant with orange peel and tea jelly、The sauce on fresh oranges 2 bunches、
Homemade Orange Jello with 1 piece、And、A little creamy ice cream with a small spoon's Cup、
Ice-cream with 2 tablespoons with a small spoon fresh 100%、Orange flavored with 1 piece、
Finally Orange freeze intact, using a micro plane、
Cut fresh fluffy texture and you、
Provides a fresh 100% Orange Granita。
And you mix、Every conceivable angle "Mandarin oranges"You can enjoy the。
KuzuharaThe chef、In the father actually come two small children、
Is always the children who stuff oneself delicious Orange Jello、When you ate what was happened to be frozen in the freezer、
And frankly I found that、The dessert here is come up with!
Lovely dish could I remember my childhood was well frozen jelly!


Shakunaga Gaku "Black glazed reversible dish" (28 cm) x 'banana'

Gaku SyakunagaThe "Black glazed reversible dish (28 cm)"Reversible dessert of the day"Banana"And the US collaborate! (Thank you)
Here is、KuzuharaChef's love "Chocolate banana crepes"Dessert was twist restaurant。
Banana rum flavored with white chocolate mousse、
Chocolate cream、Garnish、Gomatuisl、Served with freshly made crepes chocotuisl。
Ricotta ice cream with honey and lemon、Served with cinnamon、You must insure the rum sauce at the end。
Rum-scented、Little adults 'Chocolate banana crepes" Is!


Kamachi "banana"



This instrument is、KuzuharaIn order the chef、Gaku SyakunagaThe "Ring-plate' Is!
And match the size of tea cake、And suited to the natural space。
Tea cake is、"Revisited"That themeKuzuharaYoung chef was eating sweets are reproduced、
Now、Chocoball, giant corn、Include jam and cheese。
On this day、Two kinds of lovely size of giant corn and jam!
Only "Reminiscence"The theme、
The concept "Revisited"I want to experience、Tea Cake feel nostalgia are provided。
From the outside、Candy and the image of femininity while also、
Commitment to high-quality ingredients、In that simple dare without using difficult techniques、
While appeals to people's memories、With just a little humor、
Seems to have wished in the nostalgia you feel out there and。
I recall my childhood、
KuzuharaAnd try to imagine chef at was not this sweet treat around、
Thinking、Before eating Ho I end up with lumps and heartwarming "Teacake" Is!


Specialty coffee

The coffee is、People love having really good coffee, roasted to give out to beeing able to、
Coffee beans to change depending on the season、Genuinely like people could learn about coffee、
Espresso is not provided。
Coffee bean shop there in Nakagawa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi "JIMLAN COFFEE"ofSatoshi Nishikawa.、
Has been using made in Tanzania from monduli plantations carefully roasted beans、
"JIMLAN COFFEE"In a similar technique is provided to、
Carefully handmade nel has been brewed。
"Reminiscence"The concept"Finish with storage"In the appropriate、
Guests can enjoy tasting the beans of the coffee aromas ease and afterglow、
Was really great coffee and become familiar with the body.

Japanese tea

Japanese tea、The first opened、"MARIAGES FRÈRES"That had been adopted、
Japan make a delicious tea producers with out beeing able are sorted in。
Now、Several of Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture 5 gokase tea growing areas "Miyazaki tea room"ofAkira Miyazaki.、
Using organic Japanese tea is made by utilizing the same technique as the tea。
Japan Water fits better Japanese tea made in Japan、Said to be Japanese tea。
And the flavor gets in your body、Guests can enjoy slightly soft and natural sweetness.

Coffee & tea cups、China brand was born in Saga Prefecture in the Arita region
"1616/Arita Japan" Of "1616 / SB "Colour Porcelain""Cups & saucers series has been adopted。
Have a little knob is being systematized.、Shades of tenderness is so popular is away with good tension.


Finally we have let commemorative photo with the staff! (I)
From the left in the order、Wakao YoshikoI JongenYoshiyama, YusukeKumagai HayatoKuzuhara MasakiTakeshi SuzukiMatsunaga Shin-IchiroIchihara Shunichi

Wakao Yoshiko former Crown pastry (22 years old)
Lee JeongJun training with friends (25)
Yoshiyama Yusuke (22 years old)
Kumagai Hayato Sendai suddenly flew down from the Warriors (26 years old)
Suzuki Go Enoteca Pinchiorri service next year aiming at sommelier (22 years old)
Matsunaga Shinichiro "Esquisse" from Messiah (28 years old)
Ichihara Shunichi, a former Audi staff zetton is the stately gentlemen (38 years old)

KuzuharaChefs at the top、And four young kitchen staff、
Join forces with great staff experience and knowledge rich Hall 3、
I think that the future increasingly will be used!

In the last、KuzuharaThe chef reallyGaku SyakunagaThe impressions we try the instrument to fruition、So that you。
"Like to try with this new cuisine expresses his!"And。
Was probably marks the new year "Reminiscence"The new instrument will appear。
Please enjoy it!

Address:2-15-16 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture comfort Sakae 2F
Reservation TEL:052-228-8337
Contact TEL:052-228-8275
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-13:00(L. O.)、Dinner 18:00-20:00(L. O.)
Closed on Mondays:Basic Sunday
12Closed on Mondays of the month:12-6(Day)• 13 days(Day)-30 days(Water)-31 days(Wood)
(* Base、Has been closed on Sunday、May change by March、Please check Booking Calendar site)

2-15-16 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture

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