'Bistrodia' neo Bistro seasonal Hokkaido a taste of luxury in casual atmosphere


Fragments to elbow、I want to eat the chef himself! You want to make! Try to provide food and think、2011September, 29th.In the independent open and、As early as the3And a half yearsMarks 'Bistro Dia bistrodia"Mr.。MetroSakaemachi stationAndChikusa stationIn between the、Hirokoji-DoriOfHirokoji shinsakae 3The location on the corner of the intersection、Situated in the perfect location。Quality meat and vegetables and Hokkaido ingredients、And provide for safe and secure food at a reasonable price、Aiming at "high quality at rates Petit restaurant.、Neo-BistroIs called the。Born in HokkaidoOfMizuguchi, DaisukeThis attracts a wide variety of ingredients sent directly from the fishermen of contract farming in Hokkaido can be achieved because the owner/chef and Hokkaido。Nagoya, unusual seafood, organic bread, organic farming, using、Chefs who want to provide only the delicious feelings although incorporates。2013JulyThe、A sister restaurant in Toyota city, Aichi "Euro Dia-euro diamond"And I'm open。Bistro DayaMr. more、In a casual yet、And French and Italian restaurants.


Shop、In the open kitchen、Reflects the furnaces in the monitor on the wall, is plenty of presence and live。Sheen's wood in warm Orange Chair、Handy Cafe also on women popular。However,、In addition to female customers、Using high-quality ingredients hereVolume of plentyOf course taste at a reasonable price and the、But her male customers and very popular! Lunch menu、3,800CircleAnd5,000CircleThe two courses will、This time the5,000CircleOf course I ordered。On this day、Nagoya foodie friendsOriginal volume MihoIs it to ask、Just ask the shops、MihoAnd I introduced here too frequently are haunted!


BistroIn even casual、Recommend this10January and FebruaryFrom deliciousGame cookingAlso seems to have been adept at。And venison blue neck duck is well entrenched... bear, Thunderbird is done on a surprise lineup! Because unfortunately already been welcoming spring、Also in winter is fun!


On this day、We introduceMihoAnd it also applies to、MizuguchiThe chef suggests the story。Click hereDIAAnd I'm getting、Many popular book shop shopping center in Nagoya、Also because without referral, not、MihoIs going to introduce you around area is renowned for、Nagoya Rice's future has become so fun。However, it also、DIAAnd it's is equipped with a number of staff! Although Friday's lunch、On weekdays。That is the、In the kitchen 5、2 name and placed in the Hall、For complete personalised service to each table、Nice space。And actually the food is ready、Occasionally、MizuguchiChef himself brought to the table, can you explain?、Feel closer to chef's voice is also nice!


First is from amuse


"Gifts from the Earth in the North Sea-from everyday to extraordinary-
To Hokkaido from the surf clam and scallop natural one jewelry box.

Canning equipment, provided it is、On the Bouche of seafood、Surf clam、Scallop、Sea Urchin、Prawn、Caviar、And 20 varieties of vegetables are used in abundance、In the lower part、Adopts the turnip mousse。Menu name、With a finish like the jewelry box、Nice looking dish!


Homemade Focaccia with (Hokkaido lactic butter、Salt、Extra virgin olive oil)


'Hairy crab from Hokkaido Tartar cariflowermoose"

Chef's hometownNoboribetsuIn the rich crab cocktail made。In the lower part of Aichi Prefecture, covered with Moose、Enjoy the feeling of appetite Aoyagi (see)、Feel the spring kogomi、Caviar、Sea Urchin、And with plenty of。On the、Used accented by frying quickly brought out the sweet shallots、Guests can enjoy a taste of the ingredients of each.


'Hokkaido esashi from ezo abalone, France from Shantung, claims Royal tailoring'

What the Hokkaido esashi abalone with liver sauteed in brown butter、In the noiseless Mimolette、Bottom is Royal sauce。Will be in a kind of chanterelles from France, Chantre mushroom sauce。The abalone soft and savory、Using Hokkaido lactic butter flavor and finish, it is delicious!


"Assorted appetizers using fresh seasonal ingredients

Suzuki's sauce、Firefly squid and boiled dried mullet roe sauce、Smoked salmon with tomato basil sauce and fresh、Lemnard sauce, poached chicken breasts (cooked at low temperature)、Sauteed scallops with Burgundy sauce passerininnik、Pâté de campagne in the speciality、In addition、MizuguchiAs the chef's favorite dish、〆 Mackerel finished with Apple and herb sauce。Want to enjoy each.、It comes to here comes the appetizer platter、In terms of volume but we seem to。We hope that next time have with half as much total amount of advance (laughs)


"With the sauteed lobster with Hokkaido Abashiri they hairy Crab Bisque"

And slice potatoes round Hokkaido Abashiri they resemble scales, complemented by crisp surface。The pan-fried lobster、Plump and tender、As you enjoy the sweet。Older than the hairy crab you just have crab soup、Designed with rich Bisque!


"A5 grade Sendai beef roast France duck foie gras
Haruno vegetables、Potato puree & port wine.

Soft lean Sendai beef rump roast and、France-duck foie gras、Haruno vegetables、Served with a sweet potato puree。Plump sweet with port wine sauce.


"France roasted duck takikawa Hokkaido snow white CERI Valley duck foie gras Poele
Italy produced rice Ossobuco classic Orange sauce "

Cerivalley species、The breed is said to suit Japanese taste preferences, and breeding in the United Kingdom、For cooler climates、Hokkaido Japan cool is the best breeding ground。In the vast land of elmkep mountains located in Central Hokkaido, Japan、Near free-range environment、Was raised in the fresh air and mineral-rich underground water、Beautiful white featherSnow White CERI Valley。Small soft shell now snow white CERI Valley duck roast meat。France-duck foie gras、With Italy producing rice Ossobuco、Orange sauce.


"Cassis white Strawberry ice cream cheese mousse with raspberry sauce.

Used with plenty of Kumamoto Prefecture, rare and expensive white Strawberry dessert。Fruity、Enjoy the sweet sweet, fine acidity, such as conventional Strawberry。Good friendly and mellow cheese mousse and Cassis and sorbet。Stick-shaped meringue is lightly crispy and delicious。5,000CircleOf course I don't think so、Lanna, and brings out the goodness of the ingredients、Will say that one of the popular chef was filled with a reasonable price.




Mizuguchi Daisuke chef

Mizuguchi chef、Miho、Thank you very much! I will come again!

Bistro Dia bistrodia
Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku AOI 2-13-30 Amare AOI 1F TEL:052-934-1011
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30~ 14:00(LO12:30-、Dinner 18:00~23:00(LO22:00-
Closed on Mondays:On Sunday, on the third Monday

Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku AOI 2-13-30

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