Morning where you can enjoy Dutch coffee in the atmosphere of Washitsu "Coffee Shop Mitsuwa" 1912

While driving along the shores of Lake Hamana、An old-fashioned coffee shop famous for dutch coffeeCoffee Shop 30Morning with friends!

This is proud of the founding of the Daiso and its old history.、It is located in front of Washitsu Station.。Taisho Roman full of calm、It has a Showa retro atmosphere that feels nostalgic some place、Morning where you can enjoy Dutch coffee is popular、It will be a coffee shop that is always crowded with local regular customers!

Showcases line the entrance、Japanese sweets are also sold at stores!

The interior has a classical atmosphere、It is divided into counter seats and table seats in a calm space with warm lighting!

4The table seats for the people are partitioned by partitions.、Soft light shines through the stendras of the small window、I feel comfortable!

There is also a private room at the back、It seems to be used for tea ceremonies of neighboring madams、Suitable for small meetings!

Choose from three types of morning menus: sandwiches and toast.、It is a style that addes to the drink fee!

We love coffee shops with a Showa romantic and Showa retro atmosphere!
I've heard this morning rumor for a long time.、Sunny this morning、I received an invitation from a friend.、I will visit here while doing a tour drive around Lake Hamana!
There is no enemy to nagoya's morning culture.、As long as there are coffee shops and cafes that can be morning in Hamamatsu and Kosai!

"Sandwich Morning" drink fee +230 yen
(Ham sandwich + salad)

A well-balanced morning plate that is properly handmade is here!

Ham sandwiches、Fluffy thin bread with mustard + mayonnaise、A sandwich with a gentle taste with ham and lettuce is cut to a feeling of size that is easy to eat and is served!

Salad balls、There is a spaghetti salad at the bottom.、Potato salad or pumpkin salad、Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes蒡 beef, and carrots、Banana and pineapple are included as fruit、Why is kasatsu-toage sneaking inside?、It will be a unique platter!

"Dutch Coffee"

Dutch coffee is also a signboard menu here!
What is Dutch Coffee?、Not coffee in boiling water、coffee that is slowly extracted over time with water、It is also called "watered coffee"。"Dutch" means the country of the Netherlands.、17At the beginning of the 21st century、For the Dutch to extract delicious coffee from bitter Robusta coffee beans、Devised "watered coffee" to suppress the unique bitterness and miscellaneous taste of beans。It seems to be called "Dutch coffee" in connection with the deviser.。This Dutch coffee is also extracted in cold water for about 10 hours and slowly drained.、It is finished in a refreshing taste!

After enjoying the morning、Local morning vegetables and fruits、Flowers and houseplants、Stop by "Himawari Farm" where flower seedlings are sold and shop!
The round-the-mountain drive on the shore of Lake Hamana on a day blessed with good weather has a very good view、It is recommended because it feels good!

Coffee Shop 30
Address:5028 Washitsu, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:8:00-19:00(Morning time):8:00-11:00-
Closed on Mondays:Thursday、Second Wednesday
Parking lot:Shop yoko-yu

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