With natural yuzu sushi 喜作 sushi predecessor inherit the flavor of heirloom and Tosa Ranch


257Pathway along Princess road three-way Hara vehicles school before entering and immediately produced climate of the TosaNatural yuzuWith theYuzu vinegarShari and used to enjoy sushi restaurant "喜作 sushi"Mr.。Shopkeepers in the predecessorUesugi operations 6Just from being born in Kochi Prefecture、Natural citrus booklets from Kochi aperture provides taste of Tosa using juice yuzu vinegar、On the way to eat is deeply ingrained in the hometown of its predecessor, Aki city, Kochi prefecture as a taste of the local、And the moment we carry in your mouth delicately with yuzu citrus flavor、That complement the seafood tastes delicious。2His son became the second generationUesugi, HiroakiJust taken over approximately five years ago from now、Continues to founding predecessor's skill and taste。


The L-shaped counter seating for 10 and、Guests can enjoy daily fresh ingredients in front of showcase。Dug kotatsu style of table living room are six seats x 2、In the back parlor 20 persons are private provides。Even to this day on a weekday lunch at tables and counter is already full、Many housewives in the neighborhood have been used。Lunch menu、Chirashi寿shiAndNigiri寿shiEgg tofu, salad, clam soup, and dessert for 2 species each 1,300 yen and affordable lunch sushi will be!


Egg tofuPuru have it and will be in you and your throat good tofu and the juice。


'Salad'Lettuce、Seaweed、Onion、Purple cabbage、Carrot、It is a good balance, such as the tomato salad。


'Nigiri寿shi' 1,300 yen

Bonito、Red meat of tuna、Tuna、Shrimp、Squid、Greater amberjack、Seven volumes of egg and tuna roll。Strong aroma of yuzu is not、Sweetness is relatively friendly sushi vinegar。Shari firm order、Larger story。


'Chirahi寿hi' 1,300 yenBecause it is so similar to grip、Anyone who wants to enjoy the Bowl here。


Clam juiceAromatic and taste of the clam flavor.


Mizu yokan

Dessert was fruit.、Mizuyokan handmade and Bavarian cream、Coffee jelly、Seasonal daily offers a variety is。As a sushi shop near his home、Anxious I understand I。In the evening、Especially without fixed routes、Of your choice and number of people、Is a kind of offers available to suit your age as well as the sushi variety.

喜作 sushi
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception town 1280-2 TEL:053-437-3007(Toll free:0120-09-6363-
Hours of operation:Fire-11 lunch:00-14:00、Dinner 17:00To 22:00( L.O.21:30) Closed:Monday

1280 -2 primary, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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