French press coffee and commitment curry of "IGUZIONE cafe IG Tze Ohnet Cafe"


Left curves too, right at the French press professional takamachi eleven crossing Princess road in the 300 m made coffee bar "IGUZIONE cafe iguzione Cafe"Mr.。In one corner of the shop car"Kensington MINI.Is placed、And while the original men's shirts that his son has been designed、Unleash the flavor of high-quality beans stuck to the French press method in fresh full-scale coffee shop。In the Cafe opening times、You can enjoy home-made cakes and a set、At lunchtime、Offers good curry owner Iguchi and his wife, along with "danishsand"。Parking in front of the shop spacious and equipped with 15。Where various genres of live events, gather regularly pleasant companions?、Chamaeleonidae residents Department of English or Arabic language classes as well.


Be able to quickly and entered the storeIguchi and his wifeFor your car"Kensington MINI.。In the open:、As was exhibited in vintage car sold、Please rim, now that it has been car exhibition。Has become a name "IGUZIONE iguzione"、Under the brand name shirts design your son、Enshū-textilesThe full order shirts hand-made with the finest fabrics that。Of course sold in stores。Now、There is a World Cup promotion month、Obtained by crossing the African son liked soccer uniforms are displayed.


The Cafe here.、Table 26 seats, we offer。In the over-the-counter、And many specialist books and magazines related to coffee or Café、It is in a quiet and peaceful。


Lunch Special "salad"Red leaf lettuce、Purple Onion、Cucumber、With the dressing, Zucchini。


Curry attention 900 yen

The most popular lunch menu。Drawer with sweetness, and sauteed onion.、Curry put the Masala and cooked a few days、And the flavor is less thick type、With as like the Curry Hotel Chic with nice spicy flavor。Garnish with vegetables in there、Eggplant、Tomato、Cabbage、Green beans、Curry to enjoy the texture, such as black beans, too!


Iguchi's own coffee brewed in a French press lunch meal, the owner, was poured into。During the oil contained in the beans and coffee taste、There are included together taste and aroma。In the drip deprived during the extraction of oil.、Can extract all of them seize the French press is the point。Coffee beans、Purchasing certain farm every single bean from a barista in Latin America sent directly to Buri attention is provided.


French press coffee "beans" in Mexico

World Cup Mexico game good luck with that praise beyond Mexico beans?! The French press、Unlike paper or cloth filters、Coffee took lightly strained by metal filters for、Changes the color and turbidity of liquids by the coffee powder。However,、Guests can enjoy a oily and mellow taste、Exactly whatSee all coffee flavor.Enjoy extraction method。Brewed in the scented goodness of freshly、Feels complex acid reminiscent of grapefruit and citrus fruits and flavors、Without hesitation and so you can enjoy, delicately sweet flavor with a nice bitter in taste。The coffee here is、Want to enjoy without sugar or milk in it?!

IGUZIONE cafe iguzione Cafe
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku takamachi 200-25 TEL:053-454-3131
Hours of operation:10:00 – 21:00 Occasionally parking:15Units
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Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku takamachi 200-25

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