Eating in carefully selected "Toyohashi sushi mantarō" Mikawa Bay's sake hold general trendy sushi

Toyohashi Aichi University station in the residential area just a short distance close intersection angle "万太郎 sushi"At dinner!

Here is、Sushi made with yaeko's landlady opened 43 years ago, 9/1/1975 from now Takemoto, a. General、Currently, his son Daizo, who trained in Tokyo, joined the company and is run by three family members.、We are particular about seasonal near-sea natural fish and shellfish such as Mikawa Bay、It will be a shop that offers abundant neta stocked with fresh fish at a conscientious price every day with the owner's eyes!

Patisserie in the shopping center in Hamamatsu "Abondance"ofBernard HeberleAndHasegawa 豊佳 (Toyoka Hasegawa)Is it for your invite to shop here and his wife have frequently been haunted I heard was、Our couple will first visit!

Is your two-way、Produce of Toyohashi sweets shop here "Japanese and Western style confectionery Tsukasa 入河"The fifth andZenjiro BLD. (Zenjiro Matsuzaki)Sent from your presentation is from、General and mistress、Japanese son's warm personality and heartwarming hospitality、And、Fascinated by the tasty dishes utilizing fresh food more than anything else、Now it's a frequent regular!

On the signboard lit on the doorstep、Somewhere familiar distinctive typeface! From store to store、"...? "And reminiscent of a number of points and exhibition、In General "here、In the works of Shintaro ajioka? "And take the check and、See big answers!

General、Now nearly 30 years ago、We asked Shintaro Amioka, an artist from Toyohashi who represents Aichi, to design a new logo.、Noren on the signboard、Paper for souvenirs、It is said that you worked on business cards at once!

Shintaro Amioka and his husband、7In the relationship after I have been working with you for about 20 years、My favorite person who is going out with both public and I!

If you think that there is no taste oka smell in the atmosphere of the entire store、Without losing sight of it、It is also a happy night when I felt a strange connection、It will be the beginning of a fun and delicious time!

The inside of the store is a calm space、L-shaped counter 10 seats、Table 14 seats、1All 55 seats are available, including private rooms on the 2nd floor and away from the 2nd floor、Kaiseki course is also possible!

Thank you for this day.、Bernard'sMaserati With transfers in Ghibli、Toyoka and we said that you can enjoy drinking.、Don't hesitate to toast with draft beer!

It is said that cooking is always ordered a course to the general、First of all, let's have it from one dish dish!

"Cod white child ponzu"
Shirako's season has come to make you feel the arrival of winter!
Shirako with grated momji and ponzu is a favorite!

"Black bigai simmered in soy sauce"
Soft body、Simmered soy sauce cooked with a gentle taste!
The umami spreads throughout your mouth every time you chew!

"蛤's Tidal Juice"
What is a 蛤?、Enjoy the taste of the tide and the scent of three leaves!
The texture of the plump is unbearable!

The pattern of the shellfish is "cute like a face", and Bernard (laughs)

The simmering of the which can get as many as one tail per person while shaking small、The body that can be removed with chopsticks is fluffy、The sweetness of this and the juice gently soaks into the stomach、Soy sauce that is not too strong is cooked elegantly!

Switch to sake here、I have the recommended mr. Okura of the son!
It is called "god of sake making"、"Noguchi Naohiko Research Institute Yamadashi Junmai Sake Unfiltered Raw Sake" in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, where Mr. Naohiko Noguchi, a toji who becomes a living national treasure, was built!
Soft and fragrant、While the umami taste can be tasted with a tightness、The aftertaste is gentle and the pulling is refreshing and beautiful sake!

While the conversation with the stylish general is also bouncing、From here, it's a fast-tempo start!

Wasabi is using a splendid size hon-wasabi、Moderate punity and the fragrance that comes out of the nose play comfort!

A soy "lean"

Fatty "Medium Toro"

"Yariika" with a strong sweetness that is cut into muscles and melts in the mouth

"Sea bream" with tight body、It is shiobai with a good pickle!

The sake of the next、Yamagata Prefecture"Sakata ShuzoKamikimoto Super Spicy Complete Fermentation Junmai Ginjo"! Yeast ate all the sugars in the asses.、Complete fermentation without residual sugar、It is super dry with a clear while leaving the taste while being light! Only Kamikimoto、Good mood (laughs)

"Kombu" with a number of children spread without gaps is chari with flower bonito。

"Live shrimp" just taken out from the raw fish of the store

Plump and fragrant "Anako"

Hokkaido "Tsubugai" with a crunchy texture

"Red shellfish" with outstanding freshness with beautifully opened flowers

Enjoy the crunchy texture and shrimp flavor without leaving "live car shrimp head deep-fried"

The elegantly gentle "Syme mackerel" can enjoy the color of fat.。

Rich "sea urchin" wrapped in fresh nori

Stunning "Daitoro" that relaxes on the tongue

Homemade salmon roe made from muscles is pickled in large grains and is exquisitely pickled "salmon roe marinated in soy sauce small bowl"

"White red dashi soup" that soaks up to the core of the body

"Tamakoyaki" overflows with dashi with gentle sweetness

Finally, finish with a scroll and "Negi toro maki"

For dessert, a bite-sized "coffee jelly"、It was a luxurious dinner that satisfied my body and heart!

Finally, please take a commemorative photo with everyone.、When the general comes out of the board、A beautiful sound sounds like karankaran、It's rare today.、10I was surprised that I was calling "two-tooth high geta" which would be 10 cm!
"All the old sushi chefs wore it," says the general.。
Unchanged from the time of training、Even now, I was a really stylish general who carried out the old style!
Thanks to Bernard & Mr. and Mrs. Toyoka for introducing me and the new relationship with "Mantaro"!
The next time、It is a shop that I want to visit by all means with Mr. Amioka!

Sushi Mantaro
Address:111-2 Higashi-Obama, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、17:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

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